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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, February 6th, 2022

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

February 6th, 2022, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

Larger map and driving directions

Verika stabbed the blobby thing at her feet. Schmidt moved and hit a fungus. Locke healed Izelda. Izelda moved her fire and hit, waking another blob. A fungus flailed at Locke. A blob hit Izelda, but another missed.

Verika stabbed the slime at her feet. Schmidt hit a blob twice. Locke killed one blob and hit two others. Izelda moved her fire to the next thing and basked a blob. The blobs all moved closer to people. A fungus hit Izelda and another missed Locke. A blob also missed Locke.

Verika hit the slime again. Schmidt stepped up and hit a blob. Locke missed. Izelda moved her fire and destroyed a slime. A blob moved closer and missed Schmidt. A fungus hit Locke and another hit Izelda. A blob missed Locke.

Verika hit the slime again. Schmidt hit and killed a blob. Lock killed the two fungus and hit the other ooze. Izelda moved the fire, killing a fungus. An ooze moved and missed Locke.

Verika hit the slime yet again. Schmidt moved and hit an ooze. Locke hit twice. Izelda moved the fire and stepped toward the next thing. Two oozes missed Locke.

Verika hit the slime. Sdhmidt hit an ooze killing it. Locke stepped up and hit another. Izelda hit it and killed it. Oozes moved toward Izelda, Locke, and Schmidt.

Verika hit the slime again. Schmidt stepped up and hit twice. Locke stepped up and hit twice as well. Izelda stepped up and hit. the blob missed Locke.

Verika hit the slime. Schmidt hit and killed the blob. Locke healed Izelda. Izelda cured herself and moved.

Verika hit the slime yet again. Schmidt hit an empty section of golden carpet. A cloud was released and Locke and Schmidt started coughing. They moved back. Locke, while coughing, healed Izelda. Izelda healed herself again and got out of the room.

Verika hit the slime and this time her great axe dissolved. Schmidt lit a torch. Locke stepped up and healed Izelda. Izelda healed herself.

Verika roared and stormed out of the room. Sdhmidt hit the slime with his torch, killing it. Locke healed Izelda again. Izelda lit another torch.

Verika ranted off to the throne. Schmidt started scouring all of the room with his torch to make sure everything was burnt. Locke left the room. Izelda chucked her torch into an unburnt corner.

"I'll be right back," Verika growled getting on the throne and commanding it up. Schmidt finished scouring the room with fire while Izelda examined the double doors leading west. Locke checked the other hallways again, but there was nothing new.

Schmidt opened the double doors at the end of the room with the oozes to reveal a similarly sized room with hundreds of small sculptures of various kinds of hideous fungi on shelves, in nooks in the walls, on small ledges or tables all through the room there were a number of mushroom-looking stools spaced around the room to provide places to sit and gaze at the statues and figurines. Izelda detected that four of the sculptures were magic and collected those and put them in a sack.

Izelda touched one of the stools, and it grew much larger and started shrieking deafeningly. Izelda shouted back. Schmidt stepped up and hit the thing with his mace and Locke followed suit and it quit making noise and fell to the floor.

Schmidt hit another stool with his mace, but nothing happened. Then Izelda touched it and it grew and started shrieking as the other had. Schmidt and Locke both hit it, killing it. They fell into this pattern and repeated it until all the stools were destroyed.

Verika came back in with a falchion she had retrieved from their weapons cache back at camp upstairs. They moved west from this room down a corridor that led to a earth floored room with no places for light sources. They poked and prodded the floor for a while before Schmidt walked across it and found a secret door. Verika checked the door for any traps, assured the rest of the group that there were none, and then backed away and back down the hall to the room with the statues.

Schmidt and Izelda opened the door and started down the corridor on the other side. After everyone else was in the corridor, Verika joined them.

A distance down the corridor there was a niche about 4 feet off the ground, about a foot deep and about ten feet long on one side of the corridor. On the other side was an opening with a curtain on the other side. The hallway continued past both the curtain and the niche.

A feeble voice from the other side of the curtain asked, "Is anybody there?"

Izelda reached into the niche to grab four stones sitting on the ledge, and a blade sliced down from somewhere chopping off her right arm.

Locke healed Izelda, stopping the bleeding, but not restoring her arm.

"Hello?" the voice from the other side of the curtain asked again.

Locke stepped through the curtain. "Are you a cleric?" he asked noticing a magical glowing device in the middle of the floor on the far side of a throne he was currently behind. He detected evil and fell backwards into the curtain.

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