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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, February 20th, 2022

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February 20th, 2022, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Verika stepped into the hallway behind Schmidt. Elizabeth came up behind her, but stayed in the dirt room. Verika came up to Izelda and then stuck her head through the curtain.

"I hear you there," the voice said, "Come around where I can see you."

"You come here," Verika replied, stepping back into the hall, "we're dealing with blood."

Verika looked at the trap and tried to disable it, setting it off again resulting in losing one of her arms. Izelda immediately healed Verika, then turned and stepped through the curtain and grabbed Locke.

"Come around, come around," the voice implored.

Izelda dropped the paladin and stepped forward. She heard some scratching on the throne and peaked around.

A small, emaciated looking woman lounged on the throne, her immense belly looking out of place with the rest of her sunken features. "You'll never get my treasures!" the crone shrieked.

"I don't want your treasures," Izelda replied, confused.

"Here, you can have this," she continued, sliding a bowl, then a shield, then a rock across the floor to the throne.

Verika stepped into the room and smacked Izelda as the hag began to fidget with the arm of the throne. Izelda grabbed Locke and returned through the curtain.

"We're leaving," Verika decreed. "Anyone not on the elevator when I get there can stay." And she took off down the hallway back toward the odd throne where they came in, pulling out the skull as she ran.

The rest of the group followed suit, Schmidt in the lead. When he got into the disturbing entrance chamber, he saw Verika's hideous visage as she took a seat on the throne. He paused a moment before he realized it was really Verika and Elizabeth ran past him to climb up with her best friend.

Everyone crammed onto the throne and Verika commanded it to go up. When they reached the main temple a moment later Izelda took the skull away and put it in the box it had been in when they got it, and hid it in her pack.

They returned to their camp, as it were, and Verika and Izelda proceeded to get very drunk while Elizabeth and Schmidt tried to get them to rest so the could heal. Elizabeth claimed the severed limbs and cast Gentle Repose on them so they would not rot, believing that it would be easier to heal the arms back onto the patients rather than try to grow new ones. However, her prayers revealed that she was not yet strong enough to regenerate their lost limbs.

After a couple days of fighting Verika and Izelda back onto their sick beds, Schmidt and Elizabeth decided they were as healed as they could get without the ability to regenerate their arms. There were arguments as to whether they wanted to go back into the temple or head back to Homlet to see if they could get Verika and Izelda's arms regenerated. Eventually they decided to head the other direction to Sobamwych and see if they would have any luck there. They loaded up a wagon with stuff to sell, but then decided that rather than go through Nulb and risk a fight or getting arrested again, they took a game trail through the marsh and left the wagon behind at the temple.

After most of a day in the swamp they got to the road and headed southeast. A couple days later they arrived at the tiny village of Sobamwych. It wasn't much more than an inn and a roadside shrine. The innkeeper explained to them that what they had available was the limited fare on the menu, a couple of swords, and a variety of fresh produce, but that depended on what was brought in from day to day or what they had as extra in the inn's garden.

Verika and Schmidt were furious. There was some discussion of walking on to Dyvvrs or heading back to their ships and sailing to Dyvvrs, or possibly even heading north to Verbabonk again.

Eventually they settled on Izelda taking elemental form and flying to Dyvvrs to talk to the priest who had joined her and Elizabeth at their bonfires while they were in the city recently and see what, if anything, he could do to help.

Izelda grabbed a bunch of valuables - a few magic items they weren't using, some weapons, some jewelry and gemstones, and a bunch of coins, and took off. She found the priest and was able to negotiate a substantial donation to the church in exchange for two scrolls of regeneration.

A few days after arriving in Dyvvrs, Izelda took elemental form again and flew back to meet everyone at the temple.

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