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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, March 6th, 2022

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March 6th, 2022, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Izelda offered some gems and gold she had with her to have the priest cast regeneration on her before she left, in addition to the two scrolls.

When Izelda got back, Elizabeth attempted to use the first regeneration scroll on Verika and was successful.

The next morning they went down the stairs to the first level of the temple. At the bottom of the stairs they discovered straw had been scattered about on the floor. It was obviously straw that had previously been used to cover a latrine area or been used in some animal's stall. It was very smelly and damp... and had lumps.

Verika first tried to light it on fire, and while she did get it to start, it just smoldered producing a great deal of foul smoke that was drawn up the staircase like a chimney, burning the eyes and lungs of her friends behind her.

Not wanting to step into the disgusting straw, Verika climbed onto Izelda who had taken squid form that morning.

The headed south at the first intersection, and a few feet down the corridor the straw stopped. They inspected the two store rooms and found that nothing appeared to have changed.

Once they were on cleared ground again, Verika had gotten back on the floor. After inspecting the two rooms, she ran ahead to keep out of the torchlight so she could see, hopefully before her companions alerted whatever was there of their presence.

Back at the first intersection, Verika took a right and headed down the slope. Izelda followed Verika into the darkness, and the two of them were brought up short when they were hit by spears thrown from a trap set in the floor.

Verika disarmed the trap and they proceeded more slowly, with Verika checking for additional traps. They confirmed that the store rooms on the other side were also undisturbed, but the scattered straw continued to the north on that side as well. They followed this corridor to the next intersection, and Verika took a right again. This corridor was clear of straw.

Entering a room to the east, Verika found a pressure plate as she stepped on another, dropping a grate across the entrance behind her. Verika marked several pressure plates while Izelda lifted the portcullis.

Izelda moved Locke into the room, then pulled herself in as Schmidt and Biff followed. Once Schmidt was in the room, Izelda let the grate back down.

While everyone else was coming in, Verika noticed movement at the end of the room. She snuck toward it and ducked to the right of a door as two goblins shot Locke. As the goblins realized there was a giant squid coming into the room they slammed the door beside Verika.

Locke moved toward the door and Verika stepped in front of it and managed to slip a jimmy through and drop a bar off the door on the other side. She then kicked the door open.

Two goblin dogs bit at Locke through the now open door. A volley of arrows came at the paladin and rogue, but missed. Locke hit a goblin dog, killing it, and stepped into the room. Izelda moved toward the door and reaching past the paladin with a long tentacle hit a dog through the door, killing it. Verika tumbled through the dogs and goblins, coming up behind them. Schmidt stepped into the room, hitting a goblin and killing it.

Two goblins with mancatchers stepped up and grabbed the paladin. A dog bit Izelda's tentacle. One goblin hit Verika while another missed. Locke stepped back, being injured by the mancatchers, hit one goblin then missed another. Izelda killed three goblins, but missed five others. Verika moved to block an exit door. Schmidt moved forward hitting and killing a goblin dog.

One of the goblins turned and cast a spell on Verika, but it failed. One goblin missed Schmidt, one missed Verika, three missed Locke, but a final one did get through the paladin's armor. Locke hit three, killing two of them. Izelda missed several, having a hard time seeing through the doorway. Verika moved forward, a goblin missing her, but she hit her target killing it. Schmidt took another step forward and killed two more.

Goblins moved away from Locke and Schmidt and ran through the door, Verika hitting one as it passed her. Locke moved forward and kicked the door. Izelda squeezed through the doorway and struck the door. Verika also stepped forward and hit the door. Schmidt heard the grate in the other room move back up and went out into the other room to see what was happening. And to watch for possible assailants coming up behind them.

Locke opened the door, realizing it wasn't locked or barred. A chunk of it fell off once it was no longer supported by the door frame. Izelda squeezed into the hallway behind the paladin. Verika smooshed past Izelda to the door at the end of the hall. Schmidt and Biff stood guard, ready to attack anything coming in through the opened grate.

Locke tried the door and found it to be locked. Izelda waited for Verika to get to the door. Verika failed to unlock the door, blaming it on being squashed by a giant fish. Schmidt continued watching carefully.

Suddenly the grate dropped. Schmidt couldn't see anything that set it off. Locke burst the locked door and moved into the room. It had been set up as a barracks with bunks around the edges and a table in the center. Izelda reached past Verika and felt around the room with her tentacles, finding a release for a secret door into the room where Schmidt was waiting. Verika looked around the bunk room for valuables. Schmidt closed the door to the room where they had fought the goblins.

Verika looked around the bunk room for other secret doors, then back in the room where the goblin and goblin dog corpses were. Locke went over and opened the door at the south end of the larger room to reveal a room that had been used as a latrine by the goblins and their pets.

Verika went out and jumped on all the plates while Schmidt went into the bunk room to look for a release for the grate. Schmidt found the release that would slide the grate back up. Verika confirmed that all the plates just lowered the grate.

They headed back out into the corridor and dropped the grate behind them.

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