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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, March 20th, 2022

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March 20th, 2022, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

Larger map and driving directions

Verika crept along a hallway, carefully inspecting everything as she went. In a branch to the right, there were a couple doors. The one to the right intact but open, the one to the left partially broken and closed. Through the closed door was a room with a smelly fountain in the corner.

The group called her back. "We want to go up there to the left," Schmidt explained.

Down the passage he indicated, Verika found an oddly smooth stone wall across the corridor at an angle. She checked it for traps and, finding none, went back and got the rest of the group.

Locke came up and bashed the wall with his mace. After a few solid hits, the wall finally cracked and came down. Beyond it was a diamond shaped room housing two gelatinous cubes.

After some discussion, they slowly lured the slow-moving cubes out, around the corner, and to the hallway scattered with straw. Once the cubes were entering the hall, the group headed back around the other direction. However, when they got to the third intersection, instead of heading back east toward where the cubes were, they headed west. They checked through several rooms and then north in what they believed to be the westernmost hallway, Locke and Schmidt discussing that they should be reaching the grand banquet hall shortly. Verika, scouting ahead, was suddenly hit in the chest by a bugbear's club.

Locke moved up, passing Verika. The Bugbears moved for better positioning and Verika missed the one passing her. However, one of them hit Verika again. Verika stabbed one with her dagger, but missed a second one before stepping forward. Schmidt moved up and hit one. Elizabeth moved up and cast.

Locke stepped forward killing one, hitting a second, and killing a third. The injured bugbear withdrew. Verika ran passed the bugbear and asked, "Do you know Charles?" Schmidt ran forward and threw his spear at the bugbear, but the spear hit Schmidt in the back. Elizabeth stayed where she was.

Locke ran up. The bugbear ran away. Verika ran and grappled with the bugbear. Schmidt attacked, but his sword was replaced with the spear. However, he killed the bugbear.

Locke laid hands on Schmidt, removing the curse, then broke the spear. digging through the piles of bones and broken furniture in the room they found a magic axe. Verika was upset that it was not a great axe, as she was missing hers.

They went around the corner into the kitchen and confirmed that it was empty. Then Schmidt encouraged them to head back down the hall to the room they had let the gelatinous cubes out of. Verika headed down the hall some distance ahead of the rest so that her vision wasn't clouded by their annoying light. As she rounded what she believed to the the correct corner, she heard a shout behind her and ran back. An axe blade had swung out of the wall and just missed Schmidt and Biff.

Verika disabled the mechanism and removed the blade. They then proceeded back to where Verika had turned around. Verika stopped them at the door and whispered, "Hobgoblins."

Schmidt moved through several and hit one. Elizabeth stepped forward and cast. Verika moved around one and hit it, killing it. Locke stepped up and killed another.

They proceeded around and through several rooms and empty corridors, Verika noticing tracks in the dust in several areas. In particular tracks going back and forth around one corner, but Schmidt pointed them down a corridor heading the other direction.

They returned to the hall of bones, and Verika moved into it by short distances while the others stayed at the end, periodically kicking skulls one direction or another until she reached the middle of the hall. "There's nothing happening," she reported, though the rest could see her just fine.

Verika searched around for the small secret door she had found previously, and started shoving bones into the shaft on the other side of the door.

Schmidt and Elizabeth ran forward to slow Verika as she nearly threw possible valuables down the shaft. They found several items amid the mess, and as Verika cleared more and more away, they uncovered a message in blood that Elizabeth wrote down.

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