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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, March 27th, 2022

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March 27th, 2022, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

Larger map and driving directions

Elizabeth wrote down the graffiti, figuring that the gelatinous cubes would likely clean it if they ever got here. Besides, it was easier to refer to it if she had it with her, rather than it being on some floor well away from wherever they were when they decided they needed it.

They headed back they way they had come and across a wide hallway to a door that the footprints seemed to be going through. This lead to a corridor that was cleaner than what they had been in. At the other end was a door which Verika opened only to be swung at by a bugbear.

"That was rude," Verika complained, then flipped passed the bugbears to get to the other side. Schmidt sprung forward and hit one. Locke stepped up and killed two. A bugbear stepped forward and missed Schmidt. The one next to Verika cast. Verika knew something was happening, but she shrugged it off. Elizabeth stepped forward and cast on Locke.

Verika hit, missed, and hit again. Schmidt moved up and killed a bugbear. Locke moved and cast on the leader, but the leader saved. The leader disappeared. Elizabeth moved up and cast faerie fire from her ring on where she though the leader would have moved to, but nothing lit up.

Verika ran maniacally around the room, running into the invisible bugbear sorceress. Schmidt moved and hit what Verika had run into. Locke smote the caster, moved, cast fire of entanglement, and missed the invisible caster, but the caster was still wrapped in flames. The bugbear cast burning hands, but had minimal effect. Elizabeth started looting the corpses.

Verika hit twice, then missed. Schmidt hit twice, killing the caster.

They explored further, turning back and heading down the hallway the footprints had come out of. At a U-turn, Verika found a secret door.

Through the secret door was an angled hallway with two doors off of it, both doors led to a large room with old broken shelves and several new bunks and a table.

The hallway continued on past the doors, but they turned back and went back through the secret door and down to where that hallway met up with the hall from the portcullis room. Then back to a side-hall leading to an octagonal room. They looked through the debris on the floor here, then Verika grabbed Elizabeth.

"That broken throne may be another passage to somewhere," Verika explained. "I can use the skull to figure it out."

Elizabeth looked at the half-orc suspiciously, then dug the skull in its box to the top of her pack, to keep it hidden from the rest of the group. Verika sat on the throne and reached into Elizabeth's pack, opened the box and put her hand on the skull.

Everyone in the room sensed this and turned. Verika had, again, become revolting to behold. "Well," she declared with everyone looking at her, "that didn't do anything."

Verika removed her hand from the skull and closed the box in Elizabeth's pack.

They then proceeded through hidden corridors to the "Chamber of High Augury." They checked all the drawers in the room again, then continued down the hallway. Where it branched and they could go forward to the left or back to the right. Verika looked to the right and could see the door which struck her with lighting to the side of the end of the corridor. "There's just the crypt to the right," Verika said over her shoulder and proceeded forward.

A short distance down the hall there was another passage to the right which forked then led to a room scattered with debris. They sifted through the debris for some time, finding a few pieces of value.

The continued on, checking out a couple other rooms before reaching the processional hall. Instead of following the inlaid triangles to the earth room, they headed the other direction. At the south end of the corridor, where it joined another coming from the other side of the earth room, there were stairs down.

After some discussion, they decided to take the stairs. The stairs went down some distance, the same steep steps with only a small tread, but twenty feet wide. As they reached the bottom they could see the glow of the runes in the sealed and chained doors before their torchlight illuminated them.

They all really wanted to get away from the doors, but Locke stood his ground, drew his mace, and started swinging at the doors. Verika, Elizabeth, and Schmidt made their way back to the top of the stairs. "Don't bother, you can't get through," Elizabeth shouted back down when they reached the top. "Let's just finish up up here, and find another way down."

There was a loud cracking sound, like thunder overhead, a flash of light, and the doors split. Then a quiet cackling could be heard that seemed to permeate everywhere.

Verika ran down the stairs and over the chains still holding the doors together. She no longer felt she needed to stay away from them. She immediately knew where she was - the large octagonal room with glowing gray mist on the floor.

She ran down the stairs, avoided the brazier at the edge of the pit, which was now overflowing with a pile of bones, and over to a secret door on the far side of the room. She opened it and stepped in, around a corner, and down more stairs. Locke tried to keep up with Verika.

"Verika," Locke asked, "where are we going?"

Verika looked around the corner down more stairs to another odd shaped room with a highly polished floor.

They walked back up to the large glowing room where everyone else was gathered.

"There were the crystal daggers in here that we couldn't take out," Locke said. "Maybe we can just destroy them here." He started digging through the pile of bones to where Izelda had tipped the altar into the pit. Finding one dagger, he raised his mace and struck it. A whirlwind appeared out of nowhere and deposited Locke twenty feet away in the pile of bones. After several attempts Locke was able to shatter both daggers and the bowl they were with.

They tried the doors opposite where they had come in, revealing an odd grey-glowing hallway. Verika stepped in and was immediately suffocating and pushed back into the large room, flung through the air nearly half way across the room to land in the odd bronze sculpture.

Locke and Schmidt looked through the doors and could see a windlass mounted in the wall on the far side of a wide hallway. "Maybe that crank will turn it off," Schmidt said, "if you can get to it."

Verika took out some rope and tied a grappling hook to the end. She went to the doorway and threw the hook around a corner of the wall about ten feet away. She and Locke pulled back solidly on the line to set it, then Verika tried crossing again, using the rope for leverage. She made it almost to the corner before she was thrown back into the room that time.

They decided to head out the east doors instead, and Locke wiggled the line until he and Schmidt could retrieve Verika's hook without going into the hallway themselves.

They exited the east door and crossed a wide hallway to a matching set of double doors. Verika opened them and they proceeded down a broad processional hallway with hideous murals painted on the walls. Verika opened the double doors at the end without hesitation revealing a large room with many columns, brass pipes hanging from the ceiling, and pits in the floor filled with glowing embers.

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