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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, April 10th, 2022

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April 10th, 2022, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Verika checked the space inside the doors for traps. Locke stepped in past her, walked up and struck the gong. Verika stepped back out of the room and the door slammed in front of her. Verika thrust the door open again and everyone stepped through - and the door slammed shut behind them.

Verika opened the door again then moved over to climb up the gong. The door slammed shut behind them. Then from the mists someone spoke, "Hello, my children."

Locke looked at the man. "I see you're evil. You can give up, or I can smite you."

"There is no need to jump to conclusions. I am brother Revlin. First we must make first sacrifices."

"What do you sacrifice," Locke asked, simultaneously calling fire to his weapon.

Suddenly, Locke couldn't move. Verika started swinging the gong she was hanging from. Schmidt opened the door and cast resist fire on himself. Elizabeth grabbed a lump of coal off of one of the tables and suggested to Verika that she come down. Then a section of the room was cloaked in darkness.

Verika slid down the gong. Locke was still unable to move. Sdhmidt cast resist fire on Biff and moved to Locke. Elizabeth moved and cast guidance on Locke. Revlin stepped to the side but missed Locke.

Verika leapt to the floor. Locke still couldn't move. Schmidt moved and hit Revlin.

Verika provided cover for Elizabeth. Locke moved and hit Revlin. Schmidt hit and killed Revlin.

Verika looked for anything of value on the body. Locke struck the gong again. Schmidt placed a lump of coal on one of the fires and the gong rang. Locke and Verika dragged the body to the large fire at the end of the hall. There appeared to be things dancing in the fire as they threw the body in.

Locke poked one of the skulls on the large altar. A voice rang out through the room, "Who dares defile the sacred elemental fire?!" as a sheet of flame surrounded the altar.

"Hello, we just did." Verika replied, backing away.

Locke swept the skulls off the altar and the sheet of flame leapt out again and the voice repeated itself.

The doors they entered through burst open and two bugbears and a human came in.

Elizabeth ran from the doors, the human close on her heals. Both bugbears swung at Schmidt, missing. Schmidt hit one solidly, killing him. Biff attacked the other, tripping him.

The bugbear tried to roll away, but failed. Verika ran to Elizabeth. Elizabeth ran to Locke. The human hit Verika with a flaming sword. Locke ran to Verika's side, smiting her attacker. Biff grabbed the bugbear, shaking and killing it. Schmidt moved toward Verika and Locke and hit the human.

Verika hit twice, then missed. Elizabeth moved and watched the doors. The fighter stepped to the side, swinging at Verika twice but only hitting once. Locke moved and cast fire of judgement, but then missed the attacker. Schmidt stepped over, hit the fighter, then missed twice. Biff hit him and killed him.

Locke laid hands on Verika to heal her, then walked over to kick one of the many cauldrons. It burst into flame and something started shimmering into form above it.

Verika ran over to the tables by the gong to get a lump of coal. Elizabeth cast guidance on Locke and stepped over to Biff. A salamander appeared over the cauldron. Schmidt sprang over the low copper table and against the wall and hit the salamander. Biff hit it as well. Locke hit then missed.

Verika moved and threw her lump of coal, hitting the salamander and killing it.

Schmidt cast leadblades and Locke cast bull's strength, then kicked another cauldron. Again it exploded in flame.

Verika, Schmidt, Locke, and Biff took positions around the cauldron as another salamander appeared. Elizabeth stayed away and watched the doors.

Schmidt hit the salamander. Biff missed. Locke kicked the next cauldron and it exploded in flame. Verika hit. The salamander hit Schmidt. Elizabeth continued to watch. Shcmidt hit twice, missed, and hit twice more. Biff hit. Schmidt hit it again and killed it.

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