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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, May 1st, 2022

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May 1st, 2022, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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The room behind the concealed door was piled with lavish pillows, the walls hung with curtains and tapestries in warm, inviting reds and oranges. Verika immediately attacked the pillows, taking some back into the larger room and throwing them on the fires. Elizabeth looked around for any magical items but didn't find any.

Elizabeth found a hallway hidden behind some of the curtains. Verika ran down the hall to the end, then started searching it for secret doors or passages. Finding none, she returned to where Elizabeth was sitting on a few remaining cushions waiting.

Verika checked the door in the corner of the cushion room for traps, then carefully opened it, staying to the side of the door in case she was attacked from the other side.

When there was no attack, she snuck in and searched the short hallway for secret passages. She then checked the door at the end of the hall for traps, then carefully opened that one.

This revealed another well-appointed room. While Verika attacked another cushion, Elizabeth checked the walls for secret doors.

The girls then checked through a partially opened door in one corner, finding someone's personal chambers. Verika checked a chest in the room for traps, then returned with Elizabeth to the larger room.

They checked the middle door for traps, then opened it. Despite her care, Verika was still taken by surprise by the orc on the other side of the door attacking her.

Verika attempted to grapple the orc, but got hit again for her efforts. The Orc hit Verica twice more, took a step back and screamed. Elizabeth shouted for Shchmidt. Schmidt heard the ruckus and he and Biff headed that direction.

A bugbear came into the small room behind the orc and missed Verika. Verika called the orc a coward for stepping away from her and stabbed him. Schmidt ran toward the battle. The orc cast. Elizabeth healed Verika.

Two bugbears missed Verika. Another bugbear bullrushed his companion and Verika, attempting to push them back into the larger room. Verika hit one of the bugbears as she was shoved. Verika yelled at the orc again and then missed one of the bugbears. Schmidt and Biff continued toward the combat. The orc cast again. Elizabeth grabbed Verika and dragged her back.

The bugbears moved forward, one missing Verika, but another hitting her. Verika dropped. Schmidt arrived, hitting a bugbear twice and killing it.Biff stepped in and hit a bugbear. Locke moved in and laid hands on Verika. The orc moved up and hit Schmidt. Elizabeth healed Verika.

A bugbear moved out of the door and Schmidt and Biff killed it. Verika stood and yelled at the orc again. Schmidt hit the orc several times. Biff hit the orc and tripped him. Locke moved and missed. The orc cast and Schmidt hit him. Elizabeth healed Verika again.

Another bugbear moved in and missed Biff. The orc missed Schmidt. Verika laughed at the orc. Schmidt hit the orc several times. Biff hit the bugbear and killed it. The orc hit Schmidt twice then fell over dead. Elizabeth healed Verika again.

They took inventory of themselves and their injuries, and Elizabeth and Locke healed the group. Then Verika unlocked the third door, then kicked it open.

"Where's bother Revlin?" the man seated at a table at the far end of the room asked.

"In a fire," Verika responded, "or at least most of him is."

"You shall know the glory of the fire," the man said, standing and casting flamestrike on the group.

Verika and Schmidt closed on him, and he hit Verika as she passed. Then Verika hit him. Elizabeth cast spiritual weapon. Schmidt hit the man, and he hit Schmidt. Elizabeth's spiritual weapon hit then missed. Verika hit, missed, then hit again. Schmidt hit several times, killing the man.

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