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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

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May 22nd, 2022, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

Larger map and driving directions

Elizabeth and Schmidt decided to head to Verbabonc to try to sell items they had and maybe pick up some magic items and replenish wands and staves. They headed out with two wagons. One Elizabeth was driving being drawn by one of the donkeys, the other Schmidt was driving being drawn by Biff.

After a few uneventful days they arrived in Homlet and Schmidt started looking around for a druid. Going past they realized that there was an old-growth grove in the middle of the town, with a narrow trail lined with blue stones leading into it.

Schmidt followed the path a short distance and it opened into a small glade. In the center of the glade was a large, flat stone standing about waist high with some flowers, nuts, and sticks arranged neatly on the top. The stone was surrounded by flowers.

Schmidt headed back out of the copse and across the street to the blacksmith's shop and asked how to get in touch with the druid. The smith responded that you need to make an appropriate offering and the druid will arrive.

Schmidt and Elizabeth returned to the clearing and Schmidt placed some fruit and nuts on the stone, as well as a nice bottle of wine from the temple. "We made an offering, hello," Schmidt called when nobody appeared within a few minutes.

Shortly after that a man stepped out of the bushes surrounding the glade. "That isn't much to support the poor of Homlet," he said examining the bottle of wine.

Elizabeth looked at him, then pulled out a handful of gold an placed it on the stone.

"How may I be of assistance," the man asked, smiling.

Schmidt pulled out his staff of the woodlands. "We need to get this recharged."

"Well," the druid said, taking the staff, "that is beyond my abilities, but I could get it to someone at the full moon seven days hence... If we had the funds to cover the expense and materials."

Elizabeth and Schmidt conferred on what funds they had and what they could part with, but after negotiating with the druid they eventually decided that they had other more pressing needs. "We may return for your services at a later time," Elizabeth said as they departed the grove.

They headed north from Homlet toward Verbabonc that afternoon. Two days later they were heading up through a cut on a steep hill when a rock came flying down from the top of the cleft and hit Biff.

Another three came down, one on Biff, one on Elizabeth, and one missing Schmidt. Elizabeth cast spiritual weapon seeing the giants on the lip of the notch and hit the nearest. Biff ran forward moving himself and his wagon closer to the top of the hill. Schmidt pulled out his crossbow of speed and shot the one that was throwing rocks at Biff, hitting him, but the string on the bow broke.

One of the giants ran toward Schmidt and Biff, but missed Schmidt. Another moved toward Schmidt. The third attacked Elizabeth's spiritual weapon. Elizabeth's weapon hit while she tried to calm the donkey pulling her wagon. Schmidt dropped the crossbow and drew his axe while stepping forward. He hit the giant twice. Biff, lashed into the wagon, just tried to defend himself.

One of the giants tried to run down the side of the cut toward Elizabeth and the donkey, but fell. Another swung at Schmidt twice, hitting once. The third moved to Biff and missed him twice. Elizabeth's weapon hit. The donkey trample the giant in front of it, getting the wagon stuck. Schmidt hit the giant three times, killing it. Biff took a step forward and hit the giant tripping it.

The giant in the front stood and missed Biff. The other tried to get out from under the wagon and failed. Elizabeth's weapon missed, but her swing with her own weapon hit. Schmidt sprang off the wagon and hit the giant in the front. Biff hit and tripped the giant again.

The giant tried to stand, but Biff and Schmidt both hit it. It hit Biff from the ground. The other giant hit the donkey, knocking it out. Elizabeth's weapon hit, but she missed. Schmidt killed the giant up front.

The giant pulled himself out from under the wagon and Elizabeth missed while he was standing. He hit Elizabeth. Elizabeth's weapon missed as did Elizabeth. Schmidt moved toward the remaining giant quick-drawing a dagger and throwing it in the giant's back.

The giant hit Elizabeth twice, dropping her. Schmidt sprang forward, hitting the giant.

The giant missed Schmidt twice. Schmidt hit it and killed it.

Schmidt grabbed Elizabeth's healing wand and, seeing that Elizabeth was beyond the abilities of the wand, healed the donkey.

Schmidt got both wagons up to the top of the hill, then started working out the problem. Eventually he let the donkey go and lashed the two wagons together. Then by casting anthaul and sharing longstrider to Biff, he figured he could get Elizabeth to Verbabonc and to a temple of Serenrae in time to be raised.

Nine days later Schmidt was in Verbabonc negotiating with Carissa, a priestess of Serenrae in the temple there to raise Elizabeth. Once the spell was cast, he needed to sell enough stuff to be able to pay for a restoration to get Elizabeth back to her pre-death state.

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