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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, January 20th, 2005

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January 20th, 2005, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

(and now for something completely different...)

Quicksilver got a call from a young blond woman.

"Hello, I am trying to reach a gentleman who goes by the name 'Quicksilver,'" she said when he answered.

"Just a sec," Quicksilver replied, continuing a moment later, "Yeah, this is quicksilver. How can I help you?"

"We have been advised that you you and some associates may be able to help my boss with some work he needs done, would you and your associates be able to meet with him this week?"

"I'll have to check. Can I call you back?" he asked.

"Certainly. You can reach us at SEA-15-R-29546."

"Thanks. I'll be in touch shortly," Quicksilver responded before hanging up.

Giggy answered his phone, "Hey, you reached me," when it rang.

"Giggy, this is Quicksilver."

"Hey, man, how's it goin'? Been a long time since I've heard from you."

"Yeah. Been out of town, then had surgery, you know how it goes. Anyhow, I just got a call from a chick in Seattle who wants to know if her boss can meet us. Are you available this week?"

"Sure," Giggy replied. "Give Buckwheat a ring, he's probably up for it, but don't bother with Raven... He's gonna be in the hospital for a while."

"All right, thanks. I'll get back to you when I know more."

Quicksilver called Buckwheat, "Hey, are you free this week? I might have something lined up."

"Sure, whatever," Buckwheat replied.

"I'll call you back when I've got details, then."

Quicksilver called the number he had been given.

"Hello, BlackDwarf Productions, this is Camilla," the woman answered.

"Hi, yeah, I just got a call that you might have some work..."

"Yes, we do, could you give me your name, please?" Camilla asked.


"Yes. Can you tell me your current location Mr. Quicksilver."

"Well, I'm mobile right now, coming up on the corner of Park and Elizabeth," Quicksilver replied.

"Um... Could you please be a little more vague?"

"Oh, sure. Is Sydney, Australia better?"

"Thank you. Yes... Razor, one of our managers would like to speak with you in Sydney while he is there this week. When would you be available?"

"Whenever, really."

"Does Wednesday evening, possibly for dinner work for you?" she asked.

"Sure. Where?"

"One moment... I can get you reservations for 7:15 at Le Molique. How many in your party?"

"Three of us."

"All right, then. I have dinner reservations for four at 7:15 at Le Molique," Camilla said.

"And what name are the reservations under?"

"Oh, yes, the name is Andrew Smith."

"Thank you," Quicksilver said as he hung up. He quickly called Buckwheat and Giggy to let them know when the meet was, and they agreed to meet at Giggy's place ahead of time and ride to the meet together.

While they were waiting, Giggy went down to the hotel where he had put up the Chinese girls and spoke to them some more. He had picked up a book of Chinese phrases and had been practicing with them. Though some things were still complicated to translate, he was able to find out that they had been brought to Sydney against their will, though they were not necessarily anxious to return home right now. Giggy also found that the Japanese man had left in the middle of the night the night before, and no one knew where he had gone.

Wednesday evening, around 6:00 Buckwheat and Quicksilver got to Giggy's place. "Don't mind the mess, there shouldn't be anything in it that can hurt you. Besides, chicks dig it," Giggy explained when Buckwheat wrinkled his nose as the mess.

They got into the car and drove over to the restaurant, arriving, reasonably well dressed (Quicksilver in a suit and tie, Buckwheat and Giggy in nice shirts and slacks), at about 7:00. Walking through the large glass revolving door, and then through a vine-covered Romanesque archway, they checked their coats (and Giggy's holdout pistol) at the hat check.

Quicksilver approached the maitre de, "We have reservations for Andrew Smith."

"Yes," he said, looking down his nose at the three of them. "Jacques will show you to your table."

They were shown to a table in a small vine-covered alcove, and Jacques recited the long list of the evenings specials. "We'll have the appetizer special, and a nice bottle of Merlot," Quicksilver said when Jacques finished the list.

As Jacques stepped away, a black dwarf stepped smoothly into the booth.

"Hey there, I'm Razor," the dwarf said as he scanned the table with his silvered cyber-eyes.

"You must be Quicksilver. Heard a lot about you. And you would be Giggy. You know you could go a long way with looks like that if you had the right manager." he continued looking around the table.

"And you, I don't know about you," he said looking at Buckwheat. "Did you already order wine?"

"Yes," Quicksilver replied.

"Which one?"

"The Merlot."

"On, no, no no no. I'll have to change that. Be right back," and he stepped out of the alcove without even sitting down.

A few minutes later, Razor returned. "Now, to business."

"Yeah, we heard you were looking for some talent. But we hope you don't need too subtle, 'cause we're usually not that subtle," Quicksilver said.

Razor raised an eyebrow. "Hmmm. Well, here's the scene. A colleague of mine is looking for someone who can break into a residence, and replace some possessions without damaging the property, or hurting anyone."

"What about damaging other things?" Giggy asked.

"That depends. Damage to the neighbors, the local security, or the neighborhood would be frowned upon. On the other hand, damaging the neighbors, the local security, or the neighborhood should not be necessary. This should be pretty easy."

"Well, I think we're up for hearing more, if it's that easy," Quicksilver replied.

"All right. We can pay you 30k. Again, this should be easy. The biggest catch is that it's in Seattle. We need someone who can enter the house, replace the contents of three drawers of women's underwear - without damaging anything else, and replace it with 5k worth of new underwear, purchased at your discretion. Keep it interesting."

"You're not paying us much. You paying for the underwear?" Buckwheat asked.

"Glad you brought that up. Here's a credstick for just that purpose," Razor said passing a credstick over to Buckwheat.

"The house," he continued, "is at 74 Lemonwood Ln. in in the Silverwood community in the Beacon Hill neighborhood in Seattle. I've got some info on the house and the neighborhood here on this chip," which he passed to Quicksilver, "which includes floor plans and which drawers contents need to be replaced."

"The other important detail is that this has to happen between midnight Friday night and 2am Sunday morning next weekend - that's a week and a half from now, not the day after tomorrow. During this time period, the residents will be out of town, and this will minimize the risk of damage to them or to the property. The security system will be disabled on the home at this time as well."

"I assume you can tell us a little more about the underwear we need to get, I assume, for example, that it needs to fit someone in particular..." Giggy said.

"Yes. More information is on the chip you have there. The size is 46FF-22-35. And, like I mentioned before, make it interesting. Interesting is the important factor, but it needs to be wearable, not necessarily practical, but wearable. And, I will need receipts for that."

The next morning, Quicksilver called his travel agent and got a ticket on a sub-orbital to Seattle for that afternoon. Meanwhile, Giggy was calling a smuggler he knows about getting one of Quicksilver's bikes up to Seattle, as well as passage for himself and Buckwheat, as neither of them had a passport.

When Quicksilver got to Seattle, he called his friend Ingvar in Sydney to find someone in Seattle who he might be able to lease some camera time on an advertising drone that can see the neighborhood. Ingvar put Quicksilver in touch with Jimmy, who runs mobile advertising systems in several cities on the North American continent, and Jimmy and Quicksilver were able to work out a deal where Quicksilver was able to get several minutes an hour of footage from various drones as they could see the neighborhood in question.

While waiting for his first downloads to be available, Quicksilver started the shopping. He went down to the local Victoria's Secret, and was greeted promptly by the impish salesgirl.

"Hello, how can I help you today, sir?" she asked.

"Hi, I'm looking for something special."

"Did you have anything in mind?"

"Well, I'm not sure yet."

"Oh, well, that's fine. Can you tell me, does she have a favorite color?" she asked, and when Quicksilver did not respond immediately, she continued with, "Or, maybe do you have a favorite color?"

"Well, maybe something pink? And I was looking for something kind of fancy."

"Well, how about one of these, our frilled seamless separates? What is her size?"


She raised her eyebrows slightly, "Hmmm, that makes it a little more difficult, as we don't stock a lot in that size. We do have the frilled seamless separates in that size, but only in the red with black trim. We also have the all under which provides support without covering much of anything. That is available in blue or black in that size. We also have the guilty lace. This one is very intimate. It's made of a spandex/polyester blend that is very soft and nearly transparent, though very comfortable. It is available in navy, powder blue, or rose in her size."

"OK. I'll take one of each. And can you get me some of those black tasseled red bustiers like you have over there in her size? And just have it delivered to my hotel room."

"That's wonderful. I'm sure she'll really enjoy these. Do you have an account with us?"

"No, I'll just put it on this," and Quicksilver handed her the credstick.

Meanwhile, back in Sydney, Giggy called a stripper ex-girlfriend of his. "Hey, babe, I was wondering, do you know where the trolls shop for their outfits? You know, places where trolls get their underthings... I'm lookin' for something for someone."

"Well, that depends on what you are looking for. There's a number of places like M&S, Victoria's Secret, Fredrick's of Hollywood, and Anna's that are in almost every mall, they carry some troll stuff, though if you go someplace really nice, they are unlikely to have any troll sizes in stock. On the other hand, if you're looking for something more interesting, you could try ErotiCity, Johnnie's Closet, or Zodee. Then, of course, if you walk through the right parts of town, you can find all kinds of places that will have the more entertaining kinds of things..."

"Thanks. I owe you one. Should I make it up to you when I get back to town?"

"Sure, sounds great. Give me a call."

Back in Seattle, Quicksilver, having received his first delivery, went over the video he had gotten so far. He was able to tell that every car entering the Silverwood was stopped at the gate, whether they were coming in through the north gate or the west gate. However, with his limited footage, he was unable to pick up any specifics about the authorization procedure. However, he did notice that a section of the south fence was not complete, but a stream was left running along the property boundary.

In Sydney, Giggy got a call back from his smuggler friend. "I've got a transport for you. She's leaving Saturday morning, and has five stops before she gets in to Seattle late Sunday. However, there's a catch."

"What's the catch?" Giggy asked.

"She's coming in to Seattle Local, not Sea-Tac on a flight down from Anchorage. Seattle Local is under 24 hour surveillance to try to cut down on smuggling. The surveillance is not really intense, but several flights have been busted recently. Marla can get you to Seattle, but getting off her plane will be your problem."

"Ok. I think we can work something out. Where do we meet Marla?"

"She's leaving from the North Slope air strip in Wollongong, and the first stop is Brisbane. She'll be flying the only C-5r out there."

"All right. Thanks."

Back in Seattle, Quicksilver was back to shopping. This time he went to find something more interesting, interesting, after all, was what Razor had requested. He ended up at "I Can't Believe It's Not Leather," a small boutique in Tukwila. After browsing the selection, he chose a Little Bo Peep outfit in very high quality blue synthleather, and several bras, corsets, short-shorts, and boustiers.

Buckwheat and Giggy arrived in Wollongong at 6:00 am Saturday morning to meet up with Marla. She met them out at the gate to the tarmac as they rode up on Quicksilver's Blitzen. Short for a troll, Marla only stood 2.2 meters tall, but she made up for it in mass.

"Yup, you're cute enough. You must be Giggy," she said looking down at the two of them.

"Yeah, and this is a friend of mine, and this here is the cargo we need to get up north," Giggy replied.

"Money first. 7k get you on the plane. Chances are that that gets you to your destination, but if trouble comes up, things might happen. Really hate to do it to people, but if the heat is on, whatever is in the hold that might be questionable might have to get shoved. Got it?"

"Yeah, that's understood. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. I don't think either of us would particularly enjoy being dropped off over the north Pacific, but transportation can be risky," Giggy said, handing Marla a credstick.

She walked across the tarmac with them to her plane, and watched as they drove the Biltzen into the cargo hold and back between assorted crates. Then she followed them up and flipped a switch to close the hatch. Walking forward through the hold to the stairs up to the upper deck, she said, "Marco, get us started, everything's closed up here," obviously talking over an internal radio. Turning back to Giggy and Buckwheat she continued, "Anywhere we stop, we may or may not be boarded and inspected. The cargo we can deal with, but you two had better get real good at making yourselves scarce if there's anyone else on board. Got it?"

"Yeah, got it," Buckwheat replied.

"Now, get yourselves tied down. There's some cargo jockey harnesses on the wall there. we don't want you to banging up those pretty faces when we bank off the end of this runway, do we?" And with that, she climbed up the stairs and disappeared.

Shortly after they took off from Brisbane a few hours later, an elf came down into the hold. "I'm Marco, Marla sent me down to let you two know that when we land in Dong Hoi you two had better be topside so nobody sees you."

The Dong Hoi stop, as well as the other three stops on their flight went uneventfully, and eventually they landed in Seattle. On the way out Marco stopped to talk to Buckwheat and Giggy. "I'm headed in to the get the customs guy. I might forget to close the rear hatch for a couple of minutes on my way across the Tarmac."

"Gotta be careful about that. You never know what might come on the plane or get off of it if that happens," Giggy replied.

"Yeah, in the future I'll definitely have to be more careful. Remember, there's almost definitely at least one camera watching the tarmac, so it is unlikely that anything could be stolen from the plane while the hatch is open," Marco said as he continued past them to the hatch that was opening as he walked down it.

"Well, I guess that's our cue, hunh?" Giggy asked.

"Yep, get on behind me so I can drop you off somewhere to rent a car," Buckwheat said as he got on the Blitzen and started it, flipping the switch Quicksilver had shown him to turn on the sound dampener.

As Giggy climbed on the bike, Buckwheat summoned a spirit, and asked it to conceal the two of them on the bike. Under the concealment they rode down the ramp, getting off of it just as the hatch on the plane began to close. They rode over to the gate, and sat waiting under the sign that said: "Caution, JET WASH." After a few minutes an automated luggage cart came up to the gate, and as the gate opened, Buckwheat coaxed the bike through it and past the oblivious drone. Driving through the parking area toward the highway access, Buckwheat stopped under a bunch of trees to let Giggy get off.

While Giggy walked back into the terminal to talk to a rental agency about getting a rental car, Buckwheat rode on under the concealment of the spirit to a nearby gas station, where he could get directions to the hotel where Quicksilver had gotten a suite.

The next morning Quicksilver got Giggy and Buckwheat up to speed on what he had found out, and let them see what he had purchased so far. They went through much of the footage, but Quicksilver was not able to learn much more about the neighborhood, though he was able to confirm most of the information about the neighborhood that Razor had provided on the chip.

That evening, Buckwheat and Quicksilver went over where they could park and watch the north entrance to Silverwood. After watching for a while, Quicksilver spotted a very average looking car coming out of the gate. They followed this car which eventually went into a parking garage in downtown Seattle. They followed into the garage and then watched the three kids get out to the vehicle and cross a bridge into a movie theater. Walking up to the car, Buckwheat checked and confirmed that the doors were locked. He summoned a spirit and explained to it that he wanted it to push the unlock button on the armrest. With the doors unlocked by the spirit, Quicksilver opened the door and found the service access datajack. Jacking in, he started the car and gave the autopilot an anonymous "go home when the doors are closed" command.

After the car pulled out of its parking space, Buckwheat and Quicksilver got back on the Blitzen and exited the garage. Heading back to Silverwood, the two waited for the car to arrive. The car got to the gate, and after a couple of minutes, but much longer than it took for an occupied car, the gate opened and the car drove through.

Meanwhile, Giggy went shopping. He started by going downtown to see what was available. It didn't take long to find the less-than-reputable portion of downtown Seattle, and then he went walking to find a shop that looked like they carried assorted "gear."

Walking in, Giggy was assaulted by the odor of new leather, vinyl, and rubber. After he had been walking around for a while, a barefoot young elf with spiked blond hair that had been dyed black about a month ago and far too many piercings, wearing a pair of painted-on leather pants with holes over the thighs and a leather cross harness under a spider-web mesh T-shirt walked up to him.

"Hey, man, help you find what you need?" the leatherbyoy asked in a breathy voice.

"I'm lookin' for something special."

"Ohhh, aren't we all?" the boy replied, pursing his black painted lips and half closing his red and black painted eyes.

"I'm looking for something with lights," Giggy said.

"Hmmm, you've come to the right place. What size are you?"

"Oh, it's not for me... but her size is 46FF-22-35."

"Ooooh. Very nice. Lucky you... Let me see what we have, if you'll come around back here." After a brief pause, while he flipped through a couple of racks, he continued, "Looks like we have two that are close to that size. They'll both need to be taken in at the waist a little to fit nicely, but that should be pretty easy.

"We've got this one, which has the rainbow LEDs along every seam. Very chic. Covers from ankle to throat. The color on the LEDs is body temperature controlled - violet and blue where the underlying temperature is cooler, to orange and red where it's warmer. Real nice when you're playing with ice or wax... and the leather is treated to be very easy to clean and is highly stain resistant.

"The other one here is purely tasteless filth. The lights are in the form of arrows, and when it is closed, they come on... motion arrows pointing toward the most interesting points, see. Yes, and when the lights are on, the sound chip is activated. The one we have in right now is I'm too Sexy, but the chip can be replaced with any recording you have available. As you can see, the rise on the hip is very high, the sides are open, and it sits low on the breast, with a very open cleavage. Again, this is our specially treated stain resistant leather."

"Yeah, I'll take that one, when can you get it adjusted?" Giggy asked.

"Oh, Should have it done tomorrow," the boy said, folding the outfit over his arm.

"Great. Now what would you recommend?"

"Well, hmmm, if you come over here," he said, leading Giggy across the parlor, "do you think she might also be interested in one of these?" He indicated a series of black leather and chain pieces with various spikes and studs.

Grabbing a piece off of the rack, he laid it out on a stack of folded leather pants. "Maybe this one?" It was just a top, with a very brief leather undersupport, and several lengths of chain composing what passed for the cups.

"Ok, and lets add one of these," Giggy said, selecting a piece that resembled a fairly conservative one-piece bathing suit, except for the large stainless steel spikes around either breast and around the waist.

Turning around, Giggy spotted something else. "Lets add one of these," he said grabbing a pair of velcro chaps in chinchilla fur.

"Awesome. Let me get the right sizes on those," the boy said, looking through the racks. "I'll put these up on the counter for you, so we don't lose anything. I'll be right back."

While he was waiting, Giggy spotted something else that needed to be put in someone's underwear drawer - inflatable sheep. Grabbing a couple of boxes, Giggy walked up to the counter, where the boy was straightening his earlier selections. "Now, what's your largest wearable, um..." Giggy said, making an obscene gesture.

"Dildo? You want a strap-on?" the boy asked.

"Yeah. But it has to be wearable."

"Hmff. Right here," the boy said, bending down to reach under the counter. "It's called the Ladykiller. Weighs almost 3 kilos, and would put any troll to shame. Though the manufacturer claims it's anatomically correct, it's bigger than my arm..."

"All right, so, with that, what else would you recommend?" Giggy asked.

"With that? Lube buddy, you'll want lots and lots of lube."

"Ok, how about an economy size bottle, and lets go ahead and get the outfit with the rainbow lights," Giggy said. "And when would you be able to deliver this, with the alterations done?"

"Uhhh, le'me check," the boy said, pulling a notebook out from under the register. "Looks like I should be able to have it to you by Wednesday evening."

"Oh, and one last thing. How about a complete set of body paints?"

"Uhh... Sure. Right here. Anything else I can get for you?"

"No, that sounds good. And, can you gift wrap it?"

"Sure. Each item separate, or should they all be wrapped together?"

"Each separate, and here's an extra hundred for your troubles," Giggy replied, paying and giving the kid a tip.

The next evening, Buckwheat and Quicksilver went back out to watch the north gate of Silverwood. This time Quicksilver picked a bright pink Saab to follow. This went down to Safeco Field. As the driver started to get out of his car, Buckwheat hit him with a sleep spell. Unfortunately, the spell was mostly ineffective, but the guy felt something and closed the door without getting out of the car.

"Well, that didn't work," Buckwheat mumbled.

"Can't you do something like that with a spirit, but make him not care about us and make him hidden? Didn't you do that once before?" Quicksilver asked.

"Yeah," Buckwheat said nodding his head and summoning a city spirit.

Buckwheat had the spirit alienate the driver, then Quicksilver snuck up to the car. "Where's the guy?" he asked Buckwheat.

"Still in the driver's seat."

"Ok, let me know if he gets out or anything," Quicksilver said opening the door.

Once the door was open, Quicksilver jacked in to the service port and gave the car the same instruction he had used last night - go home when the door is shut.

The car politely obliged and Quicksilver got on the bike with Buckwheat and followed it. "Watch your spirit to see if it does anything," Quicksilver said while driving back to Silverwood.

When they got there, they watched as the pink Saab pulled up to the gate. It went through the same procedure as they had witnessed the previous night, and after a couple of minutes, the gate opened. However, as the car started to pull forward, Buckwheat saw something happen in astral space. Suddenly there was another spirit of some sort there. Quickly, Buckwheat dismissed his spirit and told Quicksilver to drive.

A few minutes later, they got back to the hotel suite and Buckwheat explained that there were wards across that gate, which probably meant along other parts of the perimeter as well. It looked like it summoned a spirit when his spirit crossed the ward, but since he had immediately dismissed his spirit, he was not sure what would happen if it had been left alone...

The next day, Buckwheat got online and visited to finish off their credstick. He finished off the cred with 28 nice white bras, and 49 pair of nice white cotton panties, then a few nice, tasteful satin and polyester matching bra and panty sets, and a dozen chemise.

With the shopping done, they returned to examining the property. Giggy and Buckwheat went to a nearby park that evening, and while Giggy watched over his body, Buckwheat astrally projected and examined the perimeter. Though he was not able to see wards around the entire perimeter, he assumed that they existed along the whole perimeter. It also appeared that they were only triggered by something crossing over while in astral space, such as an astral mage or an invisible or hidden spirit. He was able to confirm that there were wards along the west fence, the north wall, the west gate, the southwest wall, and the stream bed along the south boundary, but though he had seen it go off the previous night, he was unable to see a ward along the north gate, nor did he see on along the east wall. Buckwheat also noticed that there was something different built into the walls and fences, about every 22 meters.

After Buckwheat returned to his body, Giggy went over and walked along a couple of blocks of the north wall. When Buckwheat picked him up a few minutes later in the car, Giggy was able to confirm that about every 22 meters along the wall there were some kind of dual camera.

Figuring that they had as much information as they were going to get, they decided that they would come in Friday just after midnight, and get it done. To do this, Giggy went out to get three large duffel bags, and Quicksilver went out to get a two passenger sidecar for the Blitzen.

While Quicksilver was getting the sidecar fitted to his bike, Giggy and Buckwheat got all the goodies transferred from assorted bags, boxes and packages into the three duffel bags.

Friday night at about midnight, the three of them got onto the Blitzen. Buckwheat riding behind Quicksilver, and Giggy and the duffel bags in the sidecar. They drove through Beacon Hill calmly, and Quicksilver turned so that he could drive just south of Silverwood. When they got even with Silverwood, Quicksilver, cut quietly across someone's yard, and dove into the stream beyond. They came out of the stream on an access road that went along the inside of the Silverwood perimeter wall, and turning right headed for the east wall. About 100 meters up the east wall was a gate through the fence of the back yard of 74 Lemonwood Ln.

Giggy got out of the sidecar and opened the gate to let Quicksilver drive through. Giggy carefully closed the gate, but did not latch it.

The three of them went up to the back of the garage, and Giggy tried the door, which was locked. They then went over to the back porch, carefully avoiding a couple of pits in the ground. The sliding glass door into the kitchen was unlocked, and Quicksilver opened it quietly. In the dark house, Buckwheat put his hand on Quicksilver's shoulder as they followed Giggy through the kitchen and into the foyer.

From the foyer, Giggy went up the stairs, startling the cat.

At the top of the stairs, Giggy asked, "Quicksilver which way?"

"Second door on the left, here," Quicksilver said, stepping ahead of Giggy and opening the door to a room crammed with boxes, piled on dusty boxes, with sagging bookshelves between a stack of boxes and a dresser just inside the door, which, itself was under more teetering boxes.

"Here, let me. I'm more flexible than either of you," Giggy said, as Quicksilver moved out of his way. He pulled out the second drawer, and twisted around passing the drawer out over his body without ever letting go of it or letting it tip. Once the drawer was out, Quicksilver took it and unceremoniously dumped it onto the floor in the hallway. They then put Giggy's gift wrapped purchases neatly into this drawer, and as Quicksilver was putting the old contents of the drawer into the now empty duffel, he found something that was obviously not underwear. It was about 3cm in diameter and blunt at one end, with some kind of decoration at the other.

"What's this?" he asked, handing it to Giggy.

Giggy took it and stepped into the windowless bathroom. Turning on the light, he could see that it was a short scepter made of ivory with gold inlay. At the base of the ornamental scroll work head was a ring of Egyptian hieroglyphs. "Well, it's not underwear, so we'd better put it back in the drawer," he said turning off the light and handing it back to Quicksilver, who put it back in the drawer and then closed the drawer carefully.

"Now where?" Giggy asked.

"Around the head of the stairs to that far door," Quicksilver replied. "That's the master bedroom. The other are two drawers in there."

They crept around the corner, Buckwheat's hand once again on Quicksilver's shoulder, the disadvantage of lack of low light and thermographic vision becoming apparent.

They opened the door and Giggy said, "It's the top two drawers on this side, right?" as he walked passed the bed to the long, low dresser.

"Yeah, those two," Quicksilver responded.

"I'll get the lights," Buckwheat said.

"No, we don't want anyone outside to see. Can't you do something magical to let you see better in here?" Giggy said.

Buckwheat thought for a moment, then tried seeing the room in astral space. Though he could see Giggy and Quicksilver doing something, he could not see what they were working with.

They put Buckwheat's purchases in the top drawer, and then dumped out the second drawer. Giggy heard something besides cloth hit the floor this time. "There's something else in there."

Quicksilver, who had put his purchases into this drawer, turned, after sliding the drawer into place. "Well, were we supposed to replace the contents of the drawers or the underwear?" he asked.

"Just the underwear, I think," Giggy replied.

"Ok, so what is the other stuff?"

"Looks like three books."

"Well, lets put those under everything else in the drawer, leave them on the bottom like they were when we opened the drawer."

With the other stuff gathered up, the three returned to the stairs. On the way down, buckwheat noticed something something in the living room, off to the right of the bottom of the stairs. Sticking his head into the room, he noticed that several items in various places in the room had astral signatures. "Guys, lets not stick around any longer than we have to," he said.

Walking into the kitchen, Giggy noticed the beams of flashlights playing through the condensation in the air. "Keep quite, that's probably security."

As quietly as possible, Giggy, quicksilver, and Buckwheat got back onto the bike and got the duffels into the sidecar with Giggy. While they were doing this, they could hear snippets of radio conversation from the guards.

"You sure they didn't get all the way up to the north corner?"

"Definitely nothing to the west of the stream."

"Can you double check that?"

And so-on, until finally they heard: "No they definitely end here, through this gate."

As the gate opened, Quicksilver started the bike and hitting the throttle, it bounded forward across the lawn toward the gate.

"Holy drek!" the guard shouted as he dove out of the way.

Quicksilver sped past the two guards. One was on the ground, but the other grabbed his sidearm and fired a burst at the speeding bike. His gel rounds hit Buckwheat, bruising his side. Giggy turned as much as he could in the crowded side car and fired a burst of his own gel round back at the security guys.

Quicksilver spun around the corner, then dove across the stream again as soon as he reached it. Across the yard at high speed and then flashing lights from Lone Star patrol cars in both directions. Across the street and through some bushes, firing a shot from the bike's autocanon into the privacy fence along the alleyway so they could drive through. Hard left in the alleyway and then half a block and out onto the street. sirens and lights to the right, so keep going straight. Two blocks later cut right, rocking the bike on the sidecar, then a mile and a half of winding road and onto 320, then into real traffic on 405, even though it's only about 12:45 in the morning. Then slowing down they head back to the hotel.

In the morning, Quicksilver called James. "Hey, thanks for the video dumps. I slotted that cred yesterday for the last of them, so you should see that now. I'm not going to need anything more of that, but I did have another question for you."

"All right, what's up?"

"Could you put me in touch with someone with an incinerator that is running right now?"

"Yeah. Head down to Riverfront. About two miles north of the Archology. Rothman systems. Ask for Randall. Tell him what you want burnt, and he'll tell you the price."

"All right. Thanks."

They went down and gave Randall the three duffels. Randall took one look at them and said, "Those are brand spanking new, ain't hardly seen the light of day. I don't even want to think about what might be in them, but there's enough that it will take several hours to get them in in between other stuff that's comin' in, but hand 'em over and we'll get 'em done."

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