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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, June 19th, 2022

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June 19th, 2022, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Elizabeth and Schmidt got back to the temple and Schmidt gave Verika the great axe they had gotten for her. Verika immediately wanted to travel back to Verbabonk and get the money back as it rubbed her wrong to have paid for the axe, even if Schmidt did get a great deal. But first Verika and Schmidt decided to go back to the pool room and see if the pool still hypnotized people to jump in.

They headed down and through the maze of corridors to the room, and just before Verika opened the door, she was attacked by the water in the altar basin.

Verika turned around and hit it twice. Then it hit her again. Schmidt moved up to attack. Biff leapt in and tripped the water. Schmidt hit it as well.

Verika hit once, then missed. The elemental rose again and Verika, Biff, and Schmidt all hit it, killing it.

Verika was soaked through.

Verika searched the rest of the main room for anything else that was going to attack them. Schmidt cast resist energy on Verika so she could deal with the acid in the pool in the next chamber.

They opened the doors and again heard the voice begging them to release it before the kraken arrived, but not before Verika tied a stout rope around her waist and tied the other end around Biff.

Verika started searching the room for anything other than the person at the bottom of the pool when she had a sudden compulsion to jump in and rescue the person at the bottom.

She tried grabbing the person, then tried swinging her axe at the person before figuring out that it was just an illusion. Biff started pulling Verika out, and Verika grabbed for the person one last time.

As Verika got out of the pool, she untied the rope and jumped back in.

Schmit ran back up and got Locke and Elizabeth from camp. On the way down, he cast guidance on Locke so he was unlikely to be charmed. Locke dove in the pool and forcibly dragged Verika out.

The next day Schmidt, Verika, and Elizabeth came back down and stayed outside the room while Elizabeth cast create water on the pool for several minutes. Each time she did, the pool frothed and roiled. After several minutes the pool was finally still and the dome over it shattered and collapsed.

Verika searched through the shards for a considerable time, finding some that were of value and finding a scroll which they took up to camp before opening.

The next day Verika and Schmidt headed out to go back to Verbabonk. A few days later between Nulb and Homlet, as they were leaving a marshy area they saw a giant slug eating someone's cow. They tried to avoid it, but the slug saw them and spit acid on Schmidt. Schmidt cast resist energy on himself. Verika failed to activate the wand to heal Schmidt.

Verika failed to heal Schmidt with the wand again. The slug missed Schmidt. Schmidt cast resist energy on Verika and moved to cover.

Verika followed Schmidt to hide in some scrub. The slug moved and missed Schmidt. Schmidt used an enlarge potion.

Verika hid and then slowly moved around behind the slug. The slug missed Schmidt. Schmidt cast leadblades.

Verika snuck the rest of the way behind the slug, but missed when she attacked. The slug hit Verika, licking her with its raspy tongue. Schmidt hit the slug four times and rended with his axe and shield.

Verika hit the slug, killing it.

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