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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, July 3rd, 2022

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July 3rd, 2022, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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The rest of the way back to Verbabonk was relatively uneventful. Before they entered the city, Verika disguised herself as a male orc. Verika and Elizabeth followed Locke and Schmidt to the magic shop, picking pockets occasionally on the way to see who could find a platinum piece first.

While Schmidt and Locke negotiated the return of items and the prices on others, Verika and Elizabeth started checking with churches. Verika was looking for holy oil so she could make holy fire.

Eventually they caught up with each other. Locke had found work to pass some time while Schmidt was waiting several days to have items reenchanted.

They headed north out of Verbabonk looking for some rock trolls that had been bothering merchants on one road and had stolen a chest belonging to a princess.

On their way out, they discussed whether they wanted to set up camp to see if the trolls would come after them or go hunt the trolls in their lair. They decided to act like they were setting camp, with Elizabeth as bait and Locke, Schmidt and Verika in hiding. Verika disguised herself as a young troll to add to the confusion.

Being the only one who could clearly see in the dark, Verika was the first to spot two trolls coming slowly down the hill. Confident that she had not been seen, she indicated to Locke and Schmidt where she saw the trolls. Schmidt moved cautiously and delayed his attack until a troll reached him. Locke stepped out of hiding and called fire to his weapon and a smite on the nearest troll. Verika moved closer to the trolls, staying hidden. Elizabeth called shooting stars from her ring on the troll closest to Schmidt and moved toward him. Schmidt cast. The two trolls charged Locke, missing him.

Schmidt cast barkskin. Locke stepped forward and cast fire of enganglement then hit the troll twice, dropping it. Verika moved to the standing troll and stabbed it. Elizabeth stepped back and called more shooting stars from her ring. One troll charged Elizabeth, hitting her, but Locke drew the damage to himself. The other troll stood and Locke hit it. Schmidt saw two more trolls coming into the combat.

Schmidt cast cat's grace on himself and stepped up. Biff moved and bit one of the trolls. Locke charged and hit the entangled troll. Verika tried to light the fallen troll on fire unsuccessfully. Elizabeth hid. One troll missed Locke twice, hitting him on a third swing. The other troll stepped in and missed Locke.

Schmidt stepped up again and cast haste on everyone. Locke hit twice. Verika performed a coup de grace on the fallen troll. Elizabeth cast a ball lighting from her ring, hitting a troll and dropping it. Two trolls attacked Locke, one of them hitting him once.

Schmidt cast leadblades and moved up. Biff moved in. Schmidt hit a troll, Biff missed. Locke hit three times. Verika drew her new axe, stepped in, and hit a troll. Elizabeth healed Locke. The two distant trolls ran up, one hitting Elizabeth, the other missing Schmidt.

Schmidt hit a troll four times and rended it, dropping it to the ground. Locke stepped up and hit a troll three times. Verika committed a coup de grace on the fallen troll. Elizabeth stepped in healing Locke. One troll missed Locke twice, the other missed Schmidt twice.

Schmidt again hit four times and rended a troll. Locke hit three times dropping the troll. Verika stepped in and performed a coup de grace on the fallen troll. Elizabeth healed herself. The remaining troll missed Schmidt.

Again Schmidt hit four times and rended. Locke coup de graceed one troll. Verika coup de graceed the other.

Verika thoroughly checked the bodies for any valuables. Then Schmidt followed their tracks back up the hill away from the road to a cave where the trolls had been holed up and had hoarded their takings.

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