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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, July 17th, 2022

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July 17th, 2022, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Back in town, Verika decided that she would read the book they hadn't identified. But before she could she was distracted by a plan to steal weapons from the armory and headed out to see what she could find. She managed to get herself invisible and sneak in when a guard opened the door. She similarly snuck out when another guard came in later.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group agreed to pay to have the book identified, though Shcmidt objected to having to have payment on hand with the local church of Iomedae for resurrection, remove curse, and restoration prior to the tradesman agreeing to begin identifying the object.

While waiting for Leve and Schmidt's shields to receive additional enchantments, they decided to hire on with a caravan headed west. Four days into the journey one of the wagons broke an axle. The leader wanted to get the axle repaired and move on before nightfall, but as two of the teamsters started work it became evident that they would be stuck longer than that. As such, four were sent on ahead to fetch additional water, while the rest of the members of the caravan took to setting camp and repairing the wagon.

Verika headed north to look at a row of poles running parallel to the road at the top of a ridge about a hundred yards off. The poles were about ten feet tall, and each had a feather attached to the top, which was fluttering in the wind. Verika climbed the pole and stood atop it.

Verika returned to the half set-up camp and convinced Biff to come with her. Locke and Leve followed. Just over the crest of the hill were rows of graves. They had been there for years, but could be clearly seen from the top of the poles since the ground was slightly sunken over each.

Verika started digging up the grave in the second row, directly in line with the column she had climbed. Getting the idea, Biff started digging with her.

Eventually they got down to the remains of a wooden coffin. Though the coffin smelled of a rotting body, there was nothing in it. The smell was so bad that Verika lost her lunch.

They moved on to another, a couple poles over and a row further from the road. When they got down to the rotten coffin, it was the same thing. By this time, darkness was falling and Schmidt and Elizabeth had joined them. Schmidt cast cat's grace on Biff, expecting to find something in these graves.

Locke called holy power to his mace and cast bull's strength. Elizabeth waited. Leve took a mutagen and started down toward the nearest undisturbed grave. Schmidt delayed his action, waiting to see what would come from the graves. Verika ran up to the crest of the hill toward the poles.

Locke jumped down into the grave Biff was digging and hit the ground. Elizabeth moved toward Locke. Leve moved toward Locke and Elizabeth. Schmidt watched the other graves. Verika watched the grave they had previously dug up for movement.

Locke dug around at the bottom of the grave with his mace. Elizabeth kept an eye on the bits of coffin at the bottom of the hole. Leve crested the hill and looked back at the graves. Schmidt continued to watch the graves. Verika climbed up one of the poles again.

Locke climbed out of the grave and hit the ground again. Elizabeth watched and moved to the next grave. Schmidt dug at another grave with a stick. Verika looked down the hill toward the camp, saw something coming out of the ground and moving away from her. She roared as she jumped down from the pole.

Locke moved over the crest of the hill. Elizabeth moved after Locke. Leve charged down the hill, hitting one of the things. Spanky threw poo at it. It exploded, covering Leve in foul-smelling black ichor. Verika moved and drew her axe. Schmidt moved to the top of the hill, Biff following. Schmidt cast barkskin on Biff.

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