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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, July 31st, 2022

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

July 31st, 2022, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Locke ran down the hill toward the nearest of what appeared, in the dark, to be zombies, casting resistance on himself. Elizabeth moved among several and channeled energy, killing three. Leve cast resistance and moved to get ahead of the things. Schmidt cast gravity bow. the creatures moved toward the carivan, except a couple that turned toward Elizabeth and Leve. Two of the things missed Locke.

Locke stepped up and attacked. Elizabeth moved and channeled again. Leve turned and saw a ghost hovering over one of the posts and shouted, pointing it out to his companions. He moved back up the hill and took a mutagen. Schmidt moved back and drew a potion. Verika ran up the hill. Two ghouls missed Locke, but a third hit. Four more missed Locke. Three others missed Leve. The ghost flew toward Leve.

Locke hit and killed three of the things. Elizabeth channeled again. Leve moved. Spanky threw poo. Schmidt enlarged himself and moved toward the combat. Verika attacked the post the ghost had appeared above and hit with a resounding clang, as of steel hitting iron. The ghouls moved, some continuing toward the carivan, others closing on Locke and Leve. Two missed Locke. The ghost turned and clawed Elizabeth.

Locke used a smite on the ghost and cast fire of entanglement, moving toward it, ignoring the ghouls. Elizabeth stepped back and threw a ball lightning from her ring, hitting the ghost twice. Leve charged, hitting and killing a ghoul. Schmidt stepped and shot the ghost three times. Verika climbed the post and stole the feather from the top. The ghost gazed at Elizabeth and missed Locke and Leve with its claws.

Locke missed the ghost once and hit it on a second swing. Elizabeth stepped back and healed herself. Leve killed a ghoul and moved toward the ghost. Verika jumped toward the next post but failed, falling to the ground. Schmidt stepped forward and shot, hitting the ghost twice. The ghost hit Locke and gazed at him. Nine ghouls missed Locke.

Locke hit the ghost twice. Elizabeth channeled, killing four ghouls. Leve charged and killed a ghoul. Spanky threw poo and missed. Schmidt shot, hitting the ghost twice and missing once, killing it. Verika ran toward the caravan. A ghoul missed Verika as she ran passed. Two ghouls missed Leve.

Locke ran up to the ghost. Elizabeth moved. Leve stepped back and cast burning hands. Spanky threw poo. Schmidt moved, shot, and hit. Verika continued running. Four other caravan guards attacked the closest ghouls, one hitting. Ghouls hit three of them, paralyzing them. Several ghouls moved away from Leve. Several ghouls moved toward Elizabeth, hitting her once.

Locke returned to Elizabeth, hitting and killing the ghoul that attacked her. Elizabeth ran for the caravan. Leve charged again, hitting and killing a ghoul. Schmidt hit twice, killing another ghoul. Verika looked up, backed away, and hit another ghoul, killing it. Teh ghouls moved, mising Locke and Verika.

Locke ran toward a group of ghouls. Elizabeth continued moving toward the caravan. Leve moved and killed a ghoul. Schmidt moved, shot, and killed a ghoul. Verika hit another and killed it. Two of the remaining ghouls took out another caravan guard. Four others missed Leve and Verika.

Locke ran up. Elizabeth ran away. Leve moved around a ghoul and hit another and killed it. Schmidt hit twice. Verika ran past a ghoul toward one threatening Elizabeth and bull rushed it. Both the ghoul she ran past the the one she tried to tackle hit her. Three ghouls missed Leve. Two ghouls missed Locke, but a third hit. Two ghouls missed Verika, but a third hit her as well.

Locke great cleaved, killing six ghouls. Elizabeth healed herself. Leve moved up, hit and killed a ghoul. Schmidt shot three times, killing two ghouls. Verika moved. Ghouls moved after Verika, one starting to climb a wagon.

Locke moved down the hill toward the caravan. Elizabeth moved. Leve stabilized a guard and moved toward the nearest remaining ghoul. Schmidt moved and shot. Verika charged a ghoul and killed it, then was sicked by its ichor. Despite her being sickened, five ghouls missed Verika, but a sixth hit her.

Locke charged in and killed a ghoul. Elizabeth healed the one guard who was still alive. Leve charged in and killed a ghoul. Verika killed a ghoul. Schmidt killed the remaining ghouls.

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