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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, August 14th, 2022

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August 14th, 2022, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Verika checked the fallen guards to see if they were all killed. Elizabeth followed her along correcting her.

Verika then went up the hill and tried to cut the poles, but couldn't. So she settled for just stealing the feathers from the top of each.

In the morning, they dug up each of the graves to make sure there was nothing in them. They did find one magical rod.

The rod insulted Locke when he picked it up. Startled, he dropped it.

When Elizabeth picked up the rod, it insulted her as well, but they realized that only the person holding the rod could hear what it said. She yelled at it, then demanded that it tell her what it could do. It told her that it collected magical energies and could direct them back out in a different form, and that it can make everyone huge.

As they were finishing up refilling the graves, Verika noticed a cairn some distance further off to the north. Elizabeth was still trying to convince them that they should destroy the magic rod since it was rude to everyone. It had even shocked Verika when she picked it up. but Verika was running off toward the stone pile, so they all followed her, Elizabeth sliding the rod into her pack.

Verika disappeared into the ground in front of the cairn. When the rest of the group arrived, they could see where she had gone down a slope into a cave opening.

Locke and Elizabeth followed to find Verika looking for doors at the end of a well-worked passage. Elizabeth found it right away. It opened onto a thirty foot square room.

Elizabeth and Verika went in looking for traps, revealing another secret door. That led to a long corridor with a trap Elizabeth found about fifty feet on. Verika disabled the trap and they continued on to where the the corridor split left and right. They turned right and came to a larger room with two sarcophagi in it.

They examined the one nearest the door when the lid came off, slamming into the paladin.

A skeletal thing with a giant tongue stood in the sarcophagus and tried to claw the paladin, missing, but its lick with its disgusting tongue hit, paralyzing Locke. Elizabeth stepped up and channeled energy. Schmidt sprang in and hit the thing. Verika moved, flanking the creature, but missed.

The skeleton moved toward Elizabeth, missing with its claws, but paralyzing her with a lick. Another was coming out of the other sarcophagus, and more were coming down the hall behind Leve. Schmidt controlled undead, commanding two to attack each other. Verika hit one then missed.

The two that were commanded to attack each other did so, one landing two blows against its companion. Another attacked Verika, hitting with one claw and a lick, but Verika was not paralyzed. Schmidt sprang in and attacked, hitting one. Verika hit the one that just licked her.

Two of the skeletons continued to attack each other, one hitting. Schmidt cast cat's grace. Biff hit one from behind. Verika looked in the coffin for loot.

The two continued attacking each other. Leve hit one. Schmidt sprang in and hit again. Biff missed. Verika continued looking through the coffins.

One hit Schmidt. One of the ones attacking each other killed its opponent. Schmidt sent the other to the far room. Verika started down a hallway at the far end of the room.

Locke recovered from paralysis and hit one twice. Schmidt hit the other twice.

Lock hit, missed, and then got a critical, killing it. Schmidt killed the second one. Leve followed the other down the corridor and killed it.

Verika found another coffin in another chamber and opened it. The body in it did not move. She started collecting valuables from the dust.

When the others arrived, she handed over many of the item she had found. Leve looked in the coffin, and verified that this appeared to be the body of the ghost they had killed the night before.

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