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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, August 28th, 2022

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August 28th, 2022, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Izelda was wandering through the wilderness at night, crossing a rolling plain. She wasn't tired yet, so she hadn't looked for a place to sleep. To the north, she saw some flashing lights on the horizon which distracted her from following a moth. She ran through the night toward where the lights were. Or at least toward where she thought the lights were. As morning broke, she came across a place where a caravan had made camp along side a road running generally east-west. To the north, across the road, were a row of poles at the top of a ridge, with signs of combat between the road and the poles.

Izelda climbed the hill to the poles and looked at each in turn. One had marks about four feet off the ground where straight, narrow streaks were clean of dust and growth. Other than that they seemed to be the same.

Verika came out of the underground tomb and started running after the caravan. Elizabeth started to run after her.

From her position between the western-most pair of poles, Izelda saw the motion on the northern horizon. She transformed into a bird and flew to investigate. Moving things were more interesting that stationary poles.

As Izelda got closer she recognized Verika and Elizabeth, then Schmidt, Leve, and Locke following further behind.

Izelda landed on Elizabeth's shoulder and started to chirp all about everything she had seen in the last couple months. Verika looked back to see why Elizabeth had stopped. "I think Izelda is back," Elizabeth offered in way of explanation, giving the bird a sidelong look.

Verika told the bird on Elizabeth's shoulder all about the insulting rod they had found while digging it out of her pack. As she grabbed it, it shocked her causing her to drop it on the ground.

Izelda grabbed the rod from the ground and had about the same experience the Elizabeth, Leve, and Locke had had with it. She put it back in Verika's pack after getting it to explain to her that it could take magical energies sent at it and turn them back to something else - and that it could make everyone huge. The same information that Elizabeth and Leve had already gotten from it.

Izelda traveled with them for the next couple days, trying to identify the rod each morning, but not getting any more useful information from it.

Then one evening the caravan master told them they would be setting camp just across the river they were coming up on. Izelda flew ahead to look for a good place to start making camp and she spotted a couple of troll-things hiding in the willows along the road as it approached the river. She spiraled down to get a better look and one of them threw a rock, hitting her. Izelda flew to Verika, who was a little ahead of the carivan.

There was movement from the multi-headed trolls and Izelda was hit with magic missiles. Verika signaled the caravan to stop and moved ahead stealthily. Schmidt moved up and cast barkskin on himself. Two other caravan guards ran at an angle to the north, another at an angle to the south in an effort to flank whatever was coming. As Verika rounded a corner a troll thing clawed at her and missed.

Elizabeth moved up. Izelda flew back to Verika again and cast. Verika looked into the bushes and saw several of the troll things. Schmidt drew a wand and moved up. The guards saw the size of the troll things and moved back toward the wagons, shouting for them to turn around. One of the troll things hit Verika.

Izelda moved around the troll things and further up. Elizabeth called to Schmidt and tried to look closely at the troll things from a distance. Verika stepped to the side, drew her axe, and missed. Schmidt enlarged himself, extending the spell. Two guards shot back at the troll things and missed. Two troll things hit Izelda with rocks. Another hit Verika three times.

Elizabeth moved up toward Verika. Izelda flew away and cast. One of the troll things had climbed up the bank of the river and was running toward the caravan. Verika strategically withdrew from the troll things. Schmidt cast gravity bow and moved back. Two guards shot and missed. The troll things moved up.

Elizabeth ran away, back toward the caravan. Izelda cast and flew down, healing herself. The one troll thing that was off to the side moved toward Schmidt. Schmidt shot three times, only hitting once. The guards had reached the wagons of the caravan which the teamsters were working on turning around. One of the guards hit with his shot, the other two missed. Verika ran toward the caravan, shouting for them to move off faster. A troll ran up after her.

Elizabeth ran toward the wagons. Izelda healed herself again. Verika jumped on one of the donkeys pulling one of the wagons. Schmidt withdrew. The last guard on the ground withdrew. The trolls gibbered and bellowed causing confusion and headaches.

Elizabeth clambered to the front of the wagon and healed Verika. Izelda flew up and transformed into a giant squid. The one troll-thing stepped to the side. Verika argued with the teamster about dropping the wagons and riding off on the donkeys. Schmidt cast again and moved up. The other trolls stepped aside from where Schmidt was approaching.

Elizabeth healed Verika again. Izelda dove down, attacking one of the troll things several times and grabbing it. The troll thing off to the size shot an acid ray at Izelda. Verika climbed back onto the wagon and started looking into the crates of goods. Schmidt moved up twenty feet. One of the troll things attacked Izelda with claws and teeth, grabbing her.

Elizabeth healed Verika again. Izelda attacked the troll thing that had a hold of her and killed it. Verika looked in another box, "Is it all cloth?" she asked no one in particular. Schmidt moved. The one troll thing off by herself cast at Schmidt. Schmidt hit the dead thing Izelda was holding off the ground.

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