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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, September 11th, 2022

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

September 11th, 2022, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Izelda flew off with the body she was holding. Elizabeth healed Verika again. The one troll thing cast at Schmidt again. Locke moved back from the wagons toward the threat, now that the wagons were heading away from the fight. Verika dug through a box of silks. Leve cast entropic shield and followed Locke. Schmidt sprung forward and hit one of the troll things. The wagons continued to move away from the combat. The troll things moved after the wagons, ignoring Schmidt.

Elizabeth sternly told Verika not to try to steal from their employers. The one troll thing attacked Schmidt, missing three times. Locke cast sanctify armor. Verika stealthily re-rolled a bolt of silk. Leve took a good look at these multi headed things, trying to figure out what they are. Schmidt hit twice and missed twice. The troll things not engaged with Schmidt moved after the caravan.

Elizabeth tried to drag Verika away from the silk she was playing with. The troll thing with Schmidt stepped back and cast. Locke moved, called holy power to his mace, and cast resistance on himself. Verika tried to unroll another bolt of silk. Leve summoned a mount and rode into the group of troll things. Schmidt hit twice and missed twice, but was able to rend. Troll things moved up, one missing Leve.

Elizabeth talked Verika into going after the troll-thing's lair. The troll thing with Schmidt stepped back again and cast. Locke ran up and shouted, "It is unlawful to impede travel upon the king's roads, but if you surrender now, we'll let you live." Verika started moving off to the northwest stealthily. Leve placed a judgement, moved back, and cast. Spanky threw poo and missed. Schmidt called Biff back. The troll things missed Leve three times, then roared again, leaving Leve confused.

Elizabeth jumped out after Verika. The troll thing facing Schmidt enlarged herself. Locke moved and one of the troll things hit him. He hit it back twice. Verika moved on stealthily. Leve used a mutagen of strength and stepped up. Schmidt moved and cast barkskin on Locke. The troll things missed several times, then one bit Locke, grabbing him. Another hit Leve with a claw and another clawed Locke.

Elizabeth snuck after Verika. Locke attempted to reverse the grab and failed. The troll thing with Schmidt stepped up and missed. Verika started sneaking back to the wagons, realizing that in the middle of combat she was unlikely to find the troll things' lair. Leve tried reducing one of the troll things, but failed. Schmidt drew a wand and cast haste. The troll thing swallowed Locke. Another hit Leve.

The one troll thing grabbed Schmidt. Elizabeth moved with Verika back to the trailing wagon. Locke laid hands on himself from within the troll thing, then attempted to escape. Verika grabbed Elizabeth. Leve cast friendship on one of the troll things, but it failed. Schmidt escaped the grapple and withdrew. The troll things moved after their prey.

Elizabeth ran up to the next wagon. The one troll thing by Schmidt babbled something incoherent. Locke attacked with his mace from within the troll thing's mouth, hitting twice. Verika ran after Elizabeth. leve attacked his own horse due to his confusion. Schmidt cast ice storm from a wand. Locke got swallowed again.

Elizabeth moved away from the wagons. The one troll thing moved toward the wagons, away from Schmidt. Locke failed to escape, but healed himself. Verika veered back toward the fight. Leve rode through the group of troll things throwing a daze bomb at the one that had swallowed Locke. Schmidt cast another ice storm. The troll thing moved, some after Leve, others after the wagons.

Elizabeth ran again. The troll thing that had grabbed Schmidt moved toward the wagons. Locke escaped and hit the troll thing again from within its mouth. Verika tried healing herself. Leve rode through the troll things again, in a different direction, enlarging Locke as he moved past. Schmidt cast a third ice storm. The troll things moved again, some turning to follow Leve, others still after the wagons.

Elizabeth ran. Locke hit the troll think that had him twice more, killing it. Then hit the next one twice, killing it. Verika swung back up on a wagon. Leve rode by dazing one troll thing and killing another. Schmidt shot four times, hitting once. The several remaining troll things all attacked Locke, only hitting once.

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