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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, September 25th, 2022

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September 25th, 2022, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

Larger map and driving directions

Having gotten a distance away from the caravan, Elizabeth realized that she would need to wait until nightfall to use her ring of shooting stars. That was far enough off that this battle would be decided long before that. Verika hid on top of a wagon. Leve cast bane weapon, shot and missed. His horse moved past the troll things. Locke missed twice and moved away from the troll things. Schmidt shot four times, missing once and stepped up. The troll things threw rocks at Leve and Locke, missing.

Elizabeth moved stealthily toward the wagons. Leve cast entropic shield on his horse and the horse moved toward the troll things. Locke withdrew from the things, one of them swinging at him and missing. Schmidt hit, missed twice, and hit again. Two troll things missed Leve with Rocks, another two missed Locke with rocks, and a final one hit Verika and the corner of a wagon with a rock.

Elizabeth ran to the wagon. Verika crawled in through the damaged corner and tried to pull out a crate. Leve summoned a swarm and moved his horse. Locke healed himself. Schmidt barkskinned Biff and moved up. A troll thing missed Biff with a rock. Another missed Locke, and two others missed Leve.

Elizabeth healed Verika. Verika climbed up front with the driver. Leve moved his horse up, but missed with his attack. Locke healed himself and moved in again. The troll things missed Leve twice and Locke four times, then Schmidt once.

Elizabeth climbed onto the wagon. Verika waited. Leve grabbed Schmidt's bow and cast bane weapon. The swarm hit one of the troll things. Locke moved in and missed. The closer troll things backed off while those further back moved up.

Elizabeth waited. Verika jumped off the wagon onto one of the donkeys then onto the ground. Leve enlarged Schmidt. Locke moved up and was hit by one of the troll things, but hit and killed another. Schmidt hit, missed twice, and hit. One troll thing missed Locke twice before hitting him. Another ran up and hit Locke.

Elizabeth crawled up with the driver. Verika rolled over to avoid being hit by the moving wagon, then got up and walked along side it. Leve cast burning hands as his horse moved up. Locke withdrew. Schmidt shot, hitting three times then switched weapons. The troll things moved up and roared, creating confusion.

Elizabeth laughed at Verika, who walked up to the next wagon. Leve summoned a new mount as the old one, in its confusion attacked itself. The swarm hit another troll thing. Locke hit himself. Schmidt moved up and hit Locke. A troll thing missed Locke. Another hit Schmidt. Two others missed Leve.

Elizabeth hung out with the driver of the rear wagon. Verika caught up to the second wagon and called up to the driver, "What's in here?" He replied, "Fabric." Leve warded Schmidt. Locke healed himself and backed off further. Schmidt hit a troll thing three times. Biff moved past to try to provide flanking. The troll things all ran off after Leve on his horse. One hit Schmidt and grabbed him on the way by.

Elizabeth waited more. Verika asked, "Are all these wagons full of cloth?" Leve turned and rode by the troll things, lobbing another stun grenade. Spanky threw poo again, missing. Locke, still confused, moved off to the north. Schmidt escaped the grapple and started to move off when he was hit by another of the troll things. The trolls moved, one of them grabbing Leve.

Elizabeth continued to ride on the rear wagon. Verika tried to estimate how long until they would be safely away from the troll things. Leve tossed another stun grenade and ran. Locke moved off and healed himself. Schmidt ran off with Biff. The troll things threw rocks, one hitting the paladin.

Elizabeth got off the wagon and moved back toward the paladin. Verika asked the teamster, "Do you know how to ride a horse? We need to ditch the wagons and move faster or you're all going to die!" Leve rode over to Locke and healed him. Locke laid hands on himself and moved further off. Schmidt switched weapons again and shot a flaming arrow at the troll things. The troll things started to move off.

Elizabeth healed Schmidt. Verika waited with the wagons. Leve moved and healed Schmidt. Locke healed himself and moved toward the wagons.

Elizabeth healed Schmidt again, and he shot at the troll things, hitting twice. Leve healed Schmidt. Locke turned back toward the troll things and moved in, missing. Schmidt hit, Locke hit, and Schmidt hit again.

Elizabeth healed Verika back at the wagons and Leve healed Schmidt. Schmidt shot, hitting one. Locke missed. The troll things threw rocks again, missing Leve but hitting Locke.

Leve healed Locke. Schmidt hit, Locke missed.

Elizabeth, back on the wagon, tried to hide. Verika tried to separate a horse from the wagon. Leve healed himself and rode up to get Verika.

Leve rode back with Verika, and Verika shot one of the troll things. Schmidt missed. Locke missed.

Schmidt hit, Locke hit, Verika missed. The troll things turned again and threw more rocks.

Verika missed, Locke hit, Schmidt hit three times. The troll things threw more rocks, missing Leve and Locke.

Verika, Leve, and Locke all missed, but Schmidt hit twice again. The troll things missed Schmidt and Biff.

Verika and Leve missed, then Shchmidt hit and Locke killed one. The remaining troll thing charged Leve.

Verika missed. Locke missed. Leve moved his horse and hit. Schmidt killed it from behind.

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