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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, October 9th, 2022

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October 9th, 2022, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Verika started looting. Not finding much of worth, she declaired, "We need to find their den."

Schmidt looked around for tracks, finding a trail in the bushes along the river heading north. It hugged an outcroping and then ducked into a gulch where there was a cave entrance partially hidden behind willow trees.

Verika started in, moving cautiously. She found a trap that would dump them into a pit and then close behind them. She was able to jump over and jam some planks into it so the rock couldn't rotate. Leve and Schmidt looked at Verika's makeshift doorstop, and jumped over the pit in turns. Biff ran back to the entrance and took a running jump over the trap.

Verika again scouted ahead, finding a split in the cavern. To one side she could smell a stench of rotting flesh and uncleaned bodies. In the other direction the smell was of feces and waste. But from the direction of the smell of waste came some quiet yipping, maybe of a puppy. She started in that direction.

Suddenly two huge dogs jumped out and bit her, one tripping her in the process. Verika shouted. Leve called a mount and rode toward the shout. Schmidt and Biff ran after Leve and the horse. Verika stood and was bitten twice, but she managed to hit one with her axe.

The dogs bit twice, one tripping Verika again. Leve rode up and dismounted, stepping between the dogs and his wounded comrade. Schmidt and Biff charged. Verika ran past and got bitten again.

Two dogs bit at Leve, missing, one stepped around and bit Verika. Leve attacked a dog, reducing it to a pile of goo. The horse turned and was bitten. Schmidt attacked several times, reducing a second dog to a pile of goo. Verika walked further into the cave, looking for traps.

Leve took a sample of the goo and then moved after Verika. Schmidt ran into the other branch of the cave, grabbing rotting blankets off of the first pile he came to, releasing more foul odor of stale sweat into the air. Verika moved up to a couple of wagons that the dogs had apparently been guarding. Examining a box on the ground beside the first.

Leve caught up with Verika. Schmidt started back to the piles of dog goo with his blankets. Verika picked the lock on the first box and opened it, revealing several gemstones.

Leve went on to the second wagon, and started examining a strongbox in that wagon. Schmidt endeavored to pile goo onto his blankets. Verika moved over to Leve and checked the strongbox for traps.

Leve opened the box and found a tiara and a jeweled belt. Schmidt started dragging the corpse toward the exit. Verika checked for traps inside the strongbox, setting one off, then opened the false bottom, revealing a wand and potions. Schmidt continued to drag the corpse toward the door. Verika walked over to a large pile of fancy clothing, but Leve stopped her; There was a magical mirror sticking its corner out of the clothes.

Leve called his mount back to the wagons, and started harnessing it to one. Schmidt decided that the wagons would make moving the goo-corpses easier, so he dropped the one he was dragging and started back toward the wagons - and Leve and Verika. Verika moved the small box to the second wagon.

One of the piles of goo suddenly jumped up as a dog again, attacking Biff. Biff bit it, killing it again. Another got up and stepped toward Biff, but missed when it bit. Leve started going through the clothing. Schmidt sprung in and attacked the dog next to Biff. Verika came back to the first wagon.

The standing dog missed Schmidt. Leve healed Verika. Schmidt turned this second dog to a pile of goo for the second time. Verika waited on the wagon.

The first dog got up and Biff hit it. Leve ran up to the dogs. Schmidt waited. Verika lied in the wagon, looking for hidden compartments.

The other dog got up. Leve acid splashed the dogs and Schmidt severed one dog's head. Verika got out of the wagon and checked the pile of goods behind it, finding high quality furs overflowing a crate.

A dog hit the horse, and the horse fell. Leve acid splashed the dog and moved. The dog pit at Leve as he passed. Schmidt stepped in and severed that dog's head. Verika tried healing the horse, but really isn't qualified for such actions.

Another dog missed Leve. Leve attacked and hit. Schmidt moved in. Verika tried healing the horse again.

The dog bit at Leve. Now that Schmidt was adjacent, Leve acid splashed the dog and Schmidt removed its head.

They covered the mirror carefully with a gown in the pile of clothing. As Verika and Schmidt loaded clothes into one wagon and furs into the other, Leve examined the mirror carefully, being cautious not to look into it. He discovered that it was a mirror of life stealing with one person trapped in it - a female elf.

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