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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, November 6th, 2022

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November 6th, 2022, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Verika and Izelda spend part of the day setting up some fights at one of the local taverns. Once Izelda was engaged in that, Verika snuck off to look for other targets for burglary.

Verika found a largish house on a manicured lawn at the edge of town and was able to learn that an elderly orc woman lived there. She had been rescued by adventurers from the town many years ago and had settled here.

Elizabeth and Nanu helped Izelda negotiate with the tavern owner on prices and split of the take. Admission would be 2 silver per person, and the house was taking 80% - as well as all food and drink sales. Verika would work the crowd for bets, expecting to know which fights Izelda was throwing.

When the fights started, Verika scoped out several people in the crowd, but decided against picking pockets during the fights.

Verika snuck around to the back of the building during the fights, finding shuttered windows on the ground floor. One looked into a larder. There were bins and jugs, crates and kegs on the floor and stacked on shelves that she could see through the slats on the shutters. The next room all she could see were the tops and ends of books on a desk or shelf inside the shuttered window. She decided that would be a better target and slipped open the shutters and window. She snuck over and spiked the door shut from the inside to prevent anyone coming in and interrupting her.

Meanwhile, Izelda was wrestling some local in the ring. At the end of the fight the tavern owner grabbed her and pulled her aside. "No more throwing a match. Especially without letting me know in advance," the owner growled to her. Izelda feigned innocence.

Verika found a lock box under the desk in the room. She tried to pick the lock and was rewarded by being stabbed in the finger with a needle. It didn't seem to do much damage, but she couldn't get the box unlocked.

Verika snuck back into the tavern and on her way to find Elizabeth walked past the tavern owner lifting his keys. She got Elixabeth's bag of holding and went back out.

Returning to the back room from the alley, she found the key for the lockbox and opened it, revealing neatly stacked gold coins. She transferred the coins into the bag of holding and secreted it away on a nearby roof.

After the next fight, the tavern owner asked Izelda who was collecting wagers, as he hadn't seen any all night. Izelda informed him that Verika was taking care of that before realizing that she couldn't see Verika in the room. The owner told Izelda to get Verika.

Verika looked around a little, then just asked Elizabeth to find Verika. Elizabeth headed out of the building to look around as Izelda got back in the ring. Leve stopped Nanu from climbing in the ring to fight Izelda, knowing what was likely to happen.

Verika was in the alleyway climbing into the larder when Elizabeth caught up to her. "What are you doing back here?" Elizabeth asked.

"Finding cool stuff," Verika replied.

Elizabeth explained that Verika was supposed to be inside taking wagers and making sure they were making money.

Izelda was stopped by the tavern owner after throwing another fight and told to stay out of the ring. "As a human, right?" Izelda asked. "How about this?" and transformed into a giant squid.

Leve promptly stepped up and started challenging anyone or everyone to fight the squid, alone or in groups.

Verika told Elizabeth to tell Izelda to meet up where they had agreed, and closed up the shutters and headed off down the alley.

Elizabeth went back inside and told the tavern owner that she didn't know where Verika had gotten off to.

Verika headed off to the house she had scoped out earlier and first went to one of the side windows that she thought would be a good entry point. She then changed her mind and headed to the back.

She picked the lock on the back door and let herself in quietly. Verika snuck through several rooms on the ground floor looking around, the only sound being when she startled a cat. Then suddenly she was hit with a sword.

She tried grappling her assailant but missed and was hit again. She tried punching, missed, and was hit again. She tumbled past the attacker and ran, the attacker taking chase and hitting again. She ran up the stairs, around onto a balcony, leapt across to the other side before her pursuer caught her, then leapt down onto the stairs and made her way back out again, grabbing a small statue on the way out.

At the tavern, the night finished off with level collecting some coin from people who wanted to fight the squid, but not a lot.

After the fights, the owner demanded to see Verika. Izelda tried to assuage him, ending in a walk through the facility and Izelda reimbursing the owner for the stolen gold.

They headed out of town that night, Izelda guiding them to where she and Verika had agreed to meet on the road back to Verbabonk.

The next morning Leve dug an orc skull out of the bottom of his pack and cast speak with dead. The skull is one they had found shortly after entering the temple, in a room full of assorted bones and signs of battle.

They learned that the person, when live, did not know the key that is a sphere, nor the key for good to wield. When asked about Mithrik's whelp, he told them that Mithrik was childless.

After that Schmidt and Leve headed back toward Verbabonk while Izelda transformed into a Roc and flew Verika, Elizabeth, and Nanu more directly toward the temple.

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