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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, February 24th, 2005

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February 24th, 2005, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

This week we started in the hotel room in Tokyo. Michelle and Giggy went about ordering 500 rats and 250 garter snakes, which Giggy quickly dubbed, "Aztec Jumping Snakes - very deadly - just discovered - very rare." The two were ordering these because they figured that they could go into the reception area of the lab disguised as delivery workers to deliver their order of rats and snakes (yes, that's Aztec Jumping Snakes - very deadly - just discovered - very rare). Then once they were in the reception area, cause a scuffle and spill the rats and the snakes (Aztec Jumping Snakes - very deadly - just discovered - very rare). The theory was that the chaos created by 500 juvenile rats and 250 Aztec Jumping Snakes - very deadly - just discovered - very rare would allow them to get past the receptionist and into the lab.

So, they got their rats and snakes shipped in overnight air and Michelle rented a meeting room in the convention center to keep them in. While they were waiting for the freight to arrive, Giggy went out and rented a delivery van and Michelle went out and shopped for cages and some magnetic latches so that they could release the latches on the cages on demand.

Once Michelle had tracked down the cages, she had Giggy come pick her up in the van so they could get the cages back to the hotel. Buckwheat and Michelle spent that evening rigging up magnetic latches for the cages. Then getting the cages situated on the cart so that they could be easily knocked over, but would be stable enough for wheeling around, while Giggy was out getting liquor, bottles, and rags for Molotov cocktails. Then when their rats and snakes showed up Giggy helped Michelle get everything caged up.

The next morning Giggy went and got a clipboard. He then got some junk forms from the concierge, then the invoices for their livestock, and a few other miscellaneous forms he was able to track down. Spilling coffee, some jelly doughnut jelly, some spaghetti sauce, and some curry on the forms, to make them look more used, he got his clipboard ready.

Meanwhile, Michelle went out and found some delivery worker's uniforms that were close enough to Giggy and Buckwheat's sizes. As their time approached, Michelle changed into a nice skirt suit and gave Giggy and Buckwheat their uniforms.

"What are you doing dressed like that?" Giggy asked.

"I'm going in there under the pretense of applying for a job," Michelle replied.

"Weren't we supposed to have a scuffle?"

"You two can probably scuffle just fine, and three people to deliver one cart of rats would seem weird."

After that, the boys went down to get the critters into the van, and the cocktails hidden on the cart where they wouldn't be obvious and also wouldn't get knocked over in the anticipated scuffle. They then changed into their delivery uniforms in the van. After a few minutes, Michelle joined them in the van, and they drove off toward the high-rise with the lab.

They dropped Michelle off a few blocks away, then took the scenic route to the building to give her enough time to reach the building and to allow them to approach the building from opposite directions.

When she reached the building, Michelle checked to see that her taser was still in her purse, along with a clean copy of her phony resume. She took the elevator up to the 73rd floor and then walked over to the lab.

Entering the lab, she spoke to the woman at the front desk for several minutes about hiring possibilities, ignoring all of the receptionist's attempts to direct her to their online hiring and recruiting resources.

Meanwhile, Giggy and Buckwheat were coming up in another elevator with their 500 rats and 250 Aztec Jumping Snakes - very deadly - just discovered - very rare. Reaching the door to the lab, Buckwheat opened it and stepped through so that Giggy could push the cart in. Gruffly ignoring the two women talking at the counter, Giggy announced loudly, "We got yer rats an' snakes here. Where you want 'em?"

Looking away from Michelle, the slightly puzzled receptionist replied, very calmly, "We have no use for those, you have the wrong location."

"Nope, this is it, right here on the invoice," Giggy continued, gesturing vaguely at the paperwork Buckwheat was flipping through. "If you don' wan' 'em, you're gonna have to deal with that separate. We just gotta know where you wan' 'em so we can drop 'em off an' get outa yer hair."

"Look, mister, I was talking to her and it was very rude of you to interrupt," Michelle said.

"You gonna let her talk to us like that, Bill?" Giggy responded, "We're union and we gotta get this done and get outa here and on to the next job."

Buckwheat took a couple of steps closer to Michelle, walking alongside the cart. "Nope," he said quietly.

Michelle pushed her way past him toward Giggy, and as she did, Buckwheat fell into the cages, knocking most of them over. As the cages started to fall, Giggy hit the switch on the cart handle to open the cage doors.

"Oh, drek, they're loose. Get up, Bill, those are Aztec Jumping Snakes - very deadly - very rare!" Giggy shouted.

Buckwheat jumped up quickly, and started running after the rats that were running past the receptionist's counter and down the hallway to his left.

Ignoring the rats loose in the reception area, Giggy pushed forward with the cart, following Buckwheat, and grabbing rats as he could and putting them in cages.

After a moment of stunned silence, Michelle looked at the rats and said, "Oh, my I'd better help put this right, and started chasing rats. Catching two by their tails, she walked past the receptionist and into the lab, taking the hallway straight ahead rather than following Buckwheat and Giggy.

As soon as Michelle walked past her, the receptionist got her wits back about her and followed Michelle. "Pardon me, Miss, but you can't come back here, Miss..."

As Buckwheat and Giggy got to the first corner in the hall, a man in a lab coat stepped out of a doorway in front of them. "What are you doing back here? You can't be back here without an escort!" he said.

"Look," Giggy started, "we got these rats and these Aztec Jumping Snakes that you guys ordered, but the secretary out front don't know where to put 'em, then the cages got knocked over and broke open, so now we got all these rats and all these very deadly Aztec Jumping Snakes loose all over the place and we need to get 'em rounded up, so, unless you want to do this all yourself Poindexter, just get outa our way."

Buckwheat grabbed another rat and dropped it into a cage.

Meanwhile, Michelle had worked her way around the hallway and was headed back toward Buckwheat and Giggy from the other direction, the receptionist still behind her telling her that she needed to leave. As Michelle had rounded the second corner, the receptionist stopped.

"Here are two more of your vermin," she called as she continued down the hall. "You really have them all over the place now."

Giggy looked up to see a door open behind Michelle, and as she got closer, she was hit from behind by something, which knocked her forward. Losing her balance, she dropped the rats. Giggy moved forward with the cart, pushing past the guy in the lab coat, followed closely by Buckwheat. Stepping next to Michelle, he Giggy grabbed the taser out of her open purse. As the mage in the hall took another shot at Michelle, Giggy took a shot at him. The spell took Michelle down, but the taser took out the mage.

"The fraggin' secretary's a mage too, Giggy," Buckwheat warned, and Giggy took off down the hall toward her, still pushing the cart with some cages on it. She levitated to try to get out of the way, but she wasn't fast enough, and the cart caught her in the shins, pushing her back and slamming her head into the brick wall of the building, where she fell unconscious.

Turning around, Giggy saw that Buckwheat had already opened the first door marked storage, and was going through the room quickly. "I don't see anything that looks like biological samples in here," he said when Giggy looked in.

The next door was locked, so Giggy broke it down with one swift punch to the center of the door. This room also did not appear to be equipped for storage of biological samples. The third door, once Giggy broke it open, was a door to a refrigeration room containing lots of beakers, vials, and dishes that looked right out of a mad scientist's lab in a cheesy trid show. Buckwheat and Giggy quickly piled everything into the center of the room and Giggy tried lighting anything he could on fire. When it did not take well, he grabbed one of the Molotov cocktails off of the cart and lit it, tossing it into the pile as Buckwheat got out of the room.

The next room was a freezer, and its door was unlocked. They did the same in here as they had with the previous room. Stepping out of the room, Giggy grabbed another cocktail off of the cart when he heard a gruff voice shout, "Halt!"

Without hesitation, Giggy tossed his just lit cocktail at the security guard at the same time Buckwheat dropped a power ball on them.

As Buckwheat took off down the hall away from the guards, without looking to see what condition they were in, Giggy grabbed a third cocktail, lit it and threw it into the pile of stuff in the freezer. He then grabbed his last cocktail and ran after Buckwheat.

Coming back around to the corner where Michelle had fallen, Giggy gave Buckwheat the Molotov and the lighter. Buckwheat lit the explosive and blindly threw it down the hallway to where the guards had been standing, while Giggy ducked in to grab Michelle and her purse.

Giggy and Buckwheat went back out into the main corridor of the building, and walked over to the nearest bank of elevators. Once in the elevator, Buckwheat was able to heal Michelle a little, so that they could at least walk out through the crowd in the more public areas on the first floor with less chance of getting noticed.

When they got to the van, Buckwheat was able to further heal Michelle, while she called Mr. Yakolo to have him put her in touch with the ship they were supposed to be heading back to Sydney on.

They ditched the van near the rental place, and hailed a cab to take them back to their hotel, and from there gathered up their supplies and took separate cabs in various steps to get to the dock where the ship was berthed.

So, I guess next time we get to get paid and head back to Sydney...

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