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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, May 26th, 2005

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May 26th, 2005, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Getting into their hotel room, Buckwheat immediately fell asleep on one of the beds. Then, after watching a little morning television, Giggy went to sleep in the other bed. Meanwhile, Michelle got cleaned up and then grabbed something to eat. After an hour or so, she was convinced that nothing was going to happen in broad daylight, especially since there were still officers wandering around in the parking lot.

Returning to the hotel, she came into the room to find Giggy sleeping in the one bed and Buckwheat sleeping in the other. Beng a cheap hotel, there wasn't a couch or a roll-away, so, grumbling, she got into bed with Giggy.

About 8 hours later, Giggy woke up. Finding Michelle in bed with him, he rolled over and whispered into her ear, "You were wonderful."

Being a light sleeper, Michelle came to with a start. Pulling the covers tighter around her, she slid away from Giggy. "Don't even think it. Just because we shared the bed to sleep doesn't mean anything."

"You really need to loosen up," Giggy said. "I'm gonna take a shower, then find something to eat," he finished getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom.

After Giggy finished up, Michelle took another shower while Giggy went to find something to eat. When she got out of the shower, Michelle walked back down to where the trucks were. Seeing nothing amiss, and observing that the cops seem to have cleared out, she got a coffee and then returned to the hotel. Since they had a couple of hours before sunset, she decided to take a swim in the hotel pool to pass the time.

When Giggy returned, he woke Buckwheat. When he told Buckwheat that it was late afternoon and that they didn't have anything to do right then, Buckwheat covered his head with a pillow and went back to sleep.

A couple of hours later, Giggy was interrupted from his reruns of The Dukes of Hazard by his phone ringing. "This is Giggy," he answered, muting the trid.

"This is Sheena," the dwarf replied. "Where are you guys?"

"We're in the hotel. Michelle stopped by the trucks earlier and said that things looked fine, but that LoneStar seems to have cleared out."

"Good. We're probably getting ready to move shortly after midnight. You guys will probably want to get over there pretty soon as it is starting to get dark."

"OK. Will do."

Michelle came back into the room as Giggy was getting off the phone. "We need to get ready to get going," he said as she closed the door. Turning, he shook Buckwheat's foot. "We got work to do. Get up and get ready," Giggy said in response to the grumbling and groaning from under the pillow.

Once Buckwheat had gotten up and groomed himself sufficiently, they when and got something to eat, then shortly after dark, they returned to the trucks.

Giggy took a seat on the front bumper of one while Buckwheat crawled up onto its hood. Michelle grabbed one of Sheena's cheesy romance novels off the seat of her truck, and went and sat down on the loading dock a few meters from the two trucks and began reading. Giggy and Buckwheat talked to each other in low voices while watching for anything coming up to the trucks.

A couple of hours later, Michelle looked up from her book to see the tell-tale red dot of a laser sight panning across the parking lot from the roof of one of the nearby warehouses. She casually picked up her phone an called Giggy.

"This's Giggy"

"Don't look now, but there's someone with a laser sight up on the roof or that big warehouse over to the left of the the coffee shop," Michelle said.

Pulling the microphone of his phone away from his mouth, Giggy said, "Buckwheat, without being obvious, can you see what's up on top of that warehouse that's sort of behind me?"

Looking through astral space, Buckwheat reported, "There's someone up there, I think jut one person, and he's bored... Maybe even as bored as we are. I can go take a closer look if you want."

"Why don't you do that," Giggy replied, then pulling the phone back to his mouth, "Buckwheat's on it," and he hung up.

Buckwheat rolled off of the truck, dropping between the two trucks, and then got himself into a comfortable position above the fuel tanks between the truck and the trailer. Once there, he projected into astral space and made his way over to the guy on the roof. Manifesting his astral form, Buckwheat checked to see if there was any way he could pull the guy into astral space, or ground a spell into him.

Turning, the guy on the roof saw Buckwheat's manifest form, and jumped. Realizing what he was seeing, he quickly regained his composure and returned his attention onto the parking lot.

Not finding anything to connect with, Buckwheat returned to his body and summoned a city spirit. "Go alienate the man on that roof," he commanded the spirit when it arrived.

A few minutes later, the spirit came back. "OK, now what?" it asked Buckwheat.

Confused, Buckwheat took a quick look at the building, and seeing that the guy was still there, though he was sow somewhat irritated, he turned back to his spirit and told it to go scare the guy off.

A few minutes, later, after a couple of screams, and some noise from some kind of scuffle, the spirit returned. "OK, now what?" it asked Buckwheat.

"I'm not sure yet. I'll let you know when I'm ready," Buckwheat replied to it.

Buckwheat projected again and returned to the roof of the warehouse. The guy was nowhere to be found. When he returned to his body, Giggy was on the phone.

"Cool. No problem," Giggy finished and hung up. "Paul and Sheena are on their way and are going to load up the truck," he said, turning to Buckwheat. "how's the guy on the roof?"

"Well, he's not on the roof currently. Looks like he took off."

A couple of minutes later, the dwarves came around the corner of the warehouse with several workmen. One of the workmen went over and opened the big loading door on the warehouse behind the trucks, while Paul and Sheena opened their trailers. As Michelle watched, the workers started carrying boxes into the smaller truck, but between her and that her attention was riveted. Several workers were rolling out a massive missile on some kind of wheeled sling.

Getting up from between the trucks, Buckwheat started to walk around to stretch his legs. As he walked past the front of the trucks, he was suddenly aware that his spirit was gone. Looking through astral space quickly, he didn't see any evidence of what happened, but he knew that there had to be a mage around who was able to banish his spirit without any warning. Remaining as calm as he could, he began waling around the area, periodically looking into astral space for any threats. he walked across the parking lot, and then out into the street. As he was crossing the street, without any warning, a blue Americar came careening down the street, struck Buckwheat, sending him sliding down the street, and dove full-speed into the front of the coffee shop.

Turning to Paul, Michelle said, "You can't blame us for that," and took off running across the parking lot toward Buckwheat.

Meanwhile, Giggy looked around to see if there was any evidence that the car crashing into the coffee shop was a distraction (he had used distractions like that before), and seeing no one coming toward them or around the building, assumed that it was just a coincidence. With this knowledge, he, too took off across the parking lot.

Michelle got to Buckwheat, and seeing that he was pretty badly hurt, but was not bleeding and was also still somewhat conscious, she rolled her coat and put it under his head.

Giggy passed her as she was getting up, and tossed her his medkit. "Make sure you tell it he's a mage," Giggy said, going on toward the car.

As Giggy stepped through the front window of the coffee shop, he could get his first look into the car. There were four people in the car, all of whom seemed unconscious or dead, but nothing was burning. Three of the guys in the car had guns, so Giggy reached in and ejected the clips from the guns and pocketed them. He then zip-tied the passengers of the car and pulled the cable from the driver's datajack and threw it across the room.

Stepping away from the car, Giggy heard a groaning coming from under the car. Bending down, he saw that the guy working at the coffee shop had been pinned under the car in the accident. "Don't worry, I'll get help," Giggy said.

Looking outside, Giggy saw that the workers were starting to disperse from behind the trucks, so he walked over to the coffee shop's phone and dialed emergency assistance.

"Emergency assistance, how can I help you?" the operator's cherry voice came across the phone.

"There's been a car wreck. Someone drove an Americar into the coffee shop on Riverside, down by the warehouses. We need an ambulance."

"Are you injured?"


"Do you know how many people were injured?"

"There are five people injured."

"We have people on the way, They should be there shortly."

"Thanks," Giggy said, and hung up the phone before the operator could continue.

Having hung up the phone, Giggy ran back out into the street. He grabbed Buckwheat into a fireman's carry and started across the parking lot to the trucks. Michelle grabbed her jacket and followed him.

Reaching the trucks, Giggy put Buckwheat into the sleeper as gracefully as he could, then turned to Sheena, who was coming over. "If you're loaded, we probably want to be leaving now, because there's at least going to be an ambulance coming," Giggy said, glancing toward the wreck of the coffee shop.

"Well, we're ready to go if you can just step out of my way," Sheena replied.

They got started, and as the rear truck was pulling up the street to the highway, they saw an ambulance coming around the corner toward the wreck.

They got back into Sydney early that afternoon, and as Giggy was helping Buckwheat out of the truck, Sheena handed Michelle a credstick with their payment.

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