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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, August 25th, 2005

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August 25th, 2005, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

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The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Giggy received a call from Sama's secretary just after 9 in the morning. He rolled over and answered his flip-phone. "Yeah?"

"Good morning, sir, Sama-san asked me to have you meet him this Thursday evening at 10:00pm for cocktails and discussion. It would be most appreciated if you and your associates could meet him," the overly excited young lady beamed over the phone.

"Yeah, all right. We'll be there," Giggy replied and hung up.

After getting cleaned up, Giggy called Michelle. When she didn't answer, he left her a message. he had better luck calling Buckwheat, who agreed to show up.

Rainbow received a call from a mechanic friend of his.

"Hey, I heard you were looking for some work," he said when Rainbow answered the phone.

"Yeah, you got something?"

"I don't have all the details, but I heard that there's a group in need of a driver..."

"I could certainly fit that bill," Rainbow replied. "What's the job?"

"I don't have any details on the job, but let me pass your information back up the line, and see if we get a bite."

"All right. Call me if you get any more information."

A couple of hours later, Rainbow's mechanic called back. "There's a meeting at the Hippogryph Club on the tenth floor of the Hilton downtown Thursday at 10pm."

"Ok," Rainbow replied. "How will I know who to talk to?"

"They said they'd recognize you."

Thursday at 6, after spending 3 hours scrubbing the grout in his apartment after losing another argument about cleaning with Ming, Giggy showed up at the Hippogryph for a nice dinner, then some drinks and carousing before meeting Mr. Sama at 10. The crowd in the Hippogryph that night was the normal selecting of well-to-do and pretending to be well-to-do.

When Buckwheat arrived at 9:30, the floor was pretty packed, but he had no problem finding Giggy's table, and he pulled up a seat and sat down.

"Try some of these wings, they're incredible," Giggy said, gesturing to a place of the table in from of him.

A few minutes later, Rainbow was stopped by Rodriguez at the door. Rainbow looked him up and down, and when Rodriguez gestured to Rainbow's pistol, Rainbow handed it over without question.

Walking into the club, he maneuvered his way through the crowd to the bar and ordered a drink. As he stod at the end of the bar surveying the room for any place to sit down, a small girl came up and tugged gently on his sleeve.

Rainbow followed the girl along the edge of the dance floor and into the back hallway. She stopped in front of a non-descript door and turned around t face him. "Sama-san will see you shortly," she said gesturing to the door.

"Should I wait here or inside?" Rainbow asked.

"You can have a seat inside, sir," the little girl replied, turning to walk away.

Rainbow let himself in and took a seat at the table. He looked up when, a couple of minutes later, Giggy and Buckwheat stepped into the room.

"Sama-san," Rainbow said, standing and extending his hand across the table to Giggy.

"No, I'm not Sama," Giggy replied. "I'm Giggy, this is Buckwheat," Giggy continued, taking Rainbow's hand.

At the end of the table, Mr. Sama cleared his throat. As always, he had entered unnoticed. Everyone took a seat as Mr. Sama started.

"We need someone to collect another colleague," Mr. Sama started, immediately getting down to business. "This should be somewhat simpler than the last time you did this for us," he continued, looking at Buckwheat and Giggy.

"Where is your colleague?" Rainbow asked.

"He has just been transferred to Brisbane."

"Does he want to be ... collected?" Giggy asked, "In fact, does he even know he is being collected?"

"He is expecting to be picked up. Sometime between now and Tuesday."

"Will he be expecting us?" Giggy asked.

"I do not know if I will have an opportunity to communicate with him again before the deadline."

"What else can you tell us about him?" Rainbow asked.

"I assume this means that you are all interested?" Mr. Sama asked in response. Following a round of nods around the table, he continued, "Dr. Lieh Slusoa is a researcher with Pinacle Research Associates and has just transferred to their Brisbane facility. This facility is a walled campus in the heart of downtown. The information on the campus and on Dr. Slusoa is on this chip."

Sama passed a datachip to Giggy. Giggy looked at it and tapped it on the table top a couple of times.

"What kind of resistance do you expect?" Rainbow asked.

"This is a low security facility."

"Ok, so what does it pay?"

"Deliver Dr. Slusoa to me on or before next Tuesday, and I'll give you 120k."

After a moment of silence around the table, Mr. Sama asked, "Do you have any other questions?"

"Yes, how do we let you know when we've got him?" Rainbow asked.

"Giggy has a valid contact number. If there's nothing else, I'll let you get to it..."

"There is one other thing, if I could speak to you alone," Giggy said as Mr. Sama got up from the table.

Buckwheat and Rainbow stepped out into the hall, and Giggy asked, "Have you had a chance to get anything off of that datachip I gave you?"

"I gave it to someone to look at, but have not heard anything yet. Don't worry, if there was anything worth while, I'll let you know," Mr. Sama replied with a professional smile.

"Thank you," Giggy said, following his companions into the hall.

"So, you drive, hunh," Buckwheat was saying as Giggy joined them.

"Good," Giggy said joining the conversation, "you can drive us up to Brisbane in the morning. I trust you have something that will seat us and Dr. Slusoa..."

"Yeah, we'll be fine. I can pick you up... where?" Rainbow asked.

Giggy gave him the address of a truck stop near where he lived, and the three agreed to meet there the next morning.

The drive to Brisbane was uneventful, and they pulled into a Motel 6 adjacent to the first truck stop on the southern edge of Brisbane, where Giggy had arranged for three rooms for the night.

The next day they drove into town, and Rainbow took them past the complex. About a block away, Giggy had Rainbow drop him off, and he walked back to one of the hi-rise business hotels near the Pinacle complex. Walking up to the counter, Giggy sweet-talked the desk girl into a room with a balcony on the north side of the building, where he would be able to see the complex. On his way up to his room, he called Buckwheat to tell him which room he was in. A short time later, Buckwheat and Rainbow came in and went straight up to Giggy's suite.

Giggy and Rainbow stepped out onto the balcony and looked at the complex a couple of blocks away. It definitely didn't look that secure from this vantage point.

Stepping back into the room, Giggy announced that he was going to call an escort, to cover the story he gave at the front desk. Meanwhile, Rainbow started searching, to the degree he could, the matrix for information on Dr. Slusoa, in particular looking to see if he could find the Doctor's Brisbane phone number.

Buckwheat stretched out in the easy chair in the corner, and slipped into astral space, to take a look at the security on the compound. He spiraled in on the location, and did not see any obvious magical barriers. He proceeded in to observe a reasonably busy industrial complex, but stopped when he encountered a large astral barrier in one of the buildings. While he was staring at it, a spirit showed up. Since it didn't do anything, Buckwheat just ignored it. He proceeded on to the residential part of the complex, and after snooping around for a while, decided he had found Dr. Slusoa's flat. Snooping around the empty dwelling astrally, he did not find anything out of the ordinary, but the spirit was still following him.

Finally, he turned to look at it, only to discover that it was three spirits staying very close together. He looked at the three of them and they just looked back at him. With barely any effort, Buckwheat banished the largest of the spirits, but the two smaller ones disappeared.

He returned to the astral barrier where the three spirits had first shown up, and after a few seconds was struck by something from behind. Turning, he saw another mage approaching him and preparing to strike again. With some effort, Buckwheat was able to force the other mage out of astral space, and return to his inspection of the wall.

Moments later, he returned to his slightly bloodied body, to see Rainbow standing over him with a look of concern.

"Just get me a wet cloth so I can wipe up my face," Buckwheat said.

After taking a minute to clean up, Buckwheat explained what he had found. The barrier seemed to surround a space about 1 meter wide, and several meters tall and long. He hadn't found a way through the barrier, before he felt he had to go...

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