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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, September 22nd, 2005

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September 22nd, 2005, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

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The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Giggy returned home after an evening, night, and, well, a fair chunk of a morning of carousing to find that his front door was unlocked. he pulled his holdout pistol out of his jacket pocket, and took a deep, slow breath.

Cautiously, he opened the door and looked across the living room. The room was immaculate, just like Ming liked it. He stepped into the room and looked around. Except for the fact that the trid in the corner was quietly playing static to itself, nothing seemed out of place, but, with his hyper-sensitive nose, he could smell that someone with a cigar and someone else who smelled of machine oil had been here.

"Ming," Giggy called, "I'm home."

There was no response. He didn't even hear a rustle of clothing or a creak of floorboard of someone moving. It wasn't like Ming to leave the door unlocked...

He stepped into the kitchen to find the room in shambles. One cupboard door had been torn off of its hinges, there were dishes thrown about, and the refrigerator door was hanging open. Giggy closed the refrigerator and looked around the room to see if there was anything else that would tell him what had happened.

Coming to no conclusions, other than the obvious fact that there was a struggle, Giggy went into his room. It didn't look like whoever was here had even come into this room. he checked his drawers and found that all of his guns were still there. He carefully strapped them all on.

Fully armed, and swapping his holdout pistol for something somewhat heavier, he stepped into Ming's room. Except for a spilled glass on her dresser, the room was clean. Giggy got down on his knees and sniffed the carpet near the door. There had definitely been three people here besides Ming and himself.

Giggy checked the back door to find that it wa still locked, then stepped into the bathroom. Scrawled on the mirror in red lipstick was a phone number.

Giggy walked over to the phone in the living room and checked to see that it did not appear to be tampered with. He dialed the number from the bathroom and waited as the phone rang.

"Assurance Answering Service, may I take your message please?" a young man's friendly voice chirped when the line was answered.

"Who are you working for?" Giggy asked, obviously furious.

"Sir, I work for Assurance Answering Service. We're a friendly, high quality answering service for clients who need a friendly voice to handle their calls even when they're away from their phones."

"No, who's your client?"

"I'm sorry sir, that information is not available," the young man replied, still nauseatingly chipper.

"Look, tell me who hired you or I'm coming down there and I'll rip out your pretty little voice box, tear off your balls and shove them down your throat!" Giggy roared, obviously having lost his temper.

"Sir," a still friendly, but clearly slightly shaken, voice replied, "that information is not available... I can take a message for you."

"You got something to write on?"

"I... um... no, this is recorded."

"All right, then. Look, you drek covered fragging pieces of filth. You have 72 hours to return Ming, intact and unharmed, or I'm gonna hunt down every last one of you. Do you remember that facility you had out north of Sydney? Did you hear about downtown Wolongong? Don't think I'm bluffing or joking around with this. Call me within 72 hours to let me know when and where I can pick up Ming," Giggy said, leaving his wrist phone number.

He hung up the phone and walked into the kitchen. he opened the 'fridge and looked for something in a sealed bottle to drink and took a minute to catch his breath. Once he felt he had calmed down a little, he went back to the phone and called his landlord.

"Jerry, this is Hank in 2241. I just called to give you my 30 days notice. I'll probably be out by tomorrow, and the condition the place is in, don't worry about the security deposit. I'm slotting my last month's rent now, so don't worry about that either. I don't have a forwarding address yet, I'll get in touch when I do. Thanks."

Giggy walked out to the garage and looked at his collection of motorcycles. He spent a couple of hours slaving their autopilots together, and then, strapping on his big, white helmet, got on one and pulled out of the garage, the others all following obediently.

Once out on the street, Giggy got off the bike and walked back to the house. He carefully placed his magnesium flares around the place, chaining them together, and then lit the first one and stepped out the front door. He walked out and got on his bike and drove down to a cheap hotel well away from his burning home.

Once he got into his room, and threw his duffel bag of clothes on the spare bed, he went back out side and picked one bike and unchained it from the other autopilots, and rode off to get a new wrist phone. As soon as the new phone was ready to go, Giggy called the Hippogryph.

"Hey, this is Giggy. Just wanted to let you know my new phone number. If you could let Sama know, and maybe call a couple of my associates and pass it on, that would be great."

Giggy returned to his room and lay down on the bed to wait for a call about Ming.

Buckwheat's phone rang, waking him up. He staggered over and answered it groggily. "Buckwheat-san?"

"Yes, what does Sama want?"

"No, we just want to let you know Giggy-san has a new phone number. This is where you will now be able to reach him. Thank you."

Sama's secretary hung up and Buckwheat went into the bathroom to try to wake up a little before calling Giggy to see what was up. Meanwhile, Mr. Sama's secretary called Rainbow and then Michelle to give them Giggy's new number.

After taking a leak and splashing some water on his face, Buckwheat tried to call Giggy, but Giggy's line was busy.

Having received a call from Sama's secretary, Michelle immediately called Giggy.

"You changed our phone number. What's up?" she asked when Giggy answered.

"Yeah, someone broke into my place and took Ming. I think it was the Triad, trying to get back at us for what we did to that place north of town when we got Raven back... So, would you be interested in some work? I can pay you, but I'm not sure that all it will involve yet. I need to figure out if they'll give her back or not, and then where they're keeping her."

"I'll help where I can, but I'm not sure what all I can do."

"All right, well, I'll give you a call when I have an idea of what to do next."

Giggy hung up, and his old phone rang. He quickly flipped it up to answer, expecting it to be someone from the triad.

"Hey, Gig, what ya doin' Friday night?" the woman on the other end of the line asked as soon as Giggy answered.

"Sorry babe, this Friday isn't good. I'll have to take a rain check."

"Come on, you can break your other plans, I'm only in town for three days."

"Yeah, but things are really complicated right now, and I wouldn't want to get you involved, it could be dangerous, and I wouldn't want you getting hurt. Give me a call next time you're in town and I promise we'll do something. Here's my new number."

Hanging up, Giggy switched to his new phone and called a local florist, and had them deliver really nice bouquets to each of the many girls he had in his contact list, with a note informing them of his new phone number.

After waiting a few minutes, Buckwheat tried to call Giggy again, but the phone was still busy.

Giggy called Lois, a cop he knew, to see if she had heard anything about his home.

"Lt. Sype, how can I help you?" she asked when she answered the phone.

"Lois, this is Giggy."

"Hey, Giggy, how's it been? I haven't heard from you in almost a year. Can I call you back later? It's kinda busy here..."

"Actually, this was about it being kinda busy there."


"Yeah. You know how you guys have surveillance cameras and drones around various parts of town?"

"Giggy, that would be a violation of citizen's rights, wouldn't it?"

"Maybe. Do you have any that watch my place - or anywhere close to my place?" Giggy asked.

"Look. If you need something altered or erased, I can't do that for you. You might want t track down a decker and see if she could get in."

"No, Lois, I don't want anything erased. Someone broke in and took Ming. Since this in in your territory, I was wondering if you could get me any photos or tapes that show anyone entering or leaving my place between 7 last night and 10 this morning."

"I'll see if I can get in there, but if I can, you'll owe me."

"Lois, your beautiful! Here's my new number so you can call me if you find anything."

Buckwheat was getting ready to try calling Giggy again, when suddenly he felt all the hair on the back of his neck stand up. He quickly stood up from the couch where he had been lounging watching the trid, and looked around. he didn't see or smell anything in his apartment. Just as he was beginning to perceive astrally, he doubled over in pain. It felt as though his chest exploded from inside. Collapsing to the floor, he reached over for his phone on the coffee table, and tried to call Giggy, but again, the line was busy.

Buckwheat staggered into the bathroom and threw up blood. Once the wave of nausea had passed, he staggered into his medicine lodge and curled up on a fur rug, still clutching the phone.

Giggy called Rainbow after he got off the phone with Lois.

"Dude! You got a new phone?" Rainbow asked when Giggy called.

"Yeah. I think the Triad kidnaped Ming," Giggy replied. "They trashed my place, so I moved, but I'm not sure where to yet..."

"So, where are you staying?"

"For now, in a low-key hotel," Giggy responded. "However, I'd be interested in hiring you to help me get Ming back and get her away somewhere. Your van, at least, would be really useful."

"Sure, man, if you're footing the bill, I'm in. I have no love for the Triad."

Just after Giggy got off the phone with Rainbow, his old phone rang again.

"Yes," Giggy said.

"We received your message. We have retrieved some of our stolen property. We do not take well to your empty threats."

"I assure you, my threats are not empty. You have the evidence to back that up."

"Your mage friend is dead. We wish to discuss the return of our other stolen property. Failure to do so would be a bad career decision."

"Look, I don't know what property you are talking about, nor what you are hoping to get out of me, but your threats are not worth much either. I've interacted with your guys in the past, and know how little threat they really are. When are you going to return Ming?"

"This conversation is over," the other guy said, hanging up.

Giggy called the Hippogryph again.

"Is Sama available?"

"No, he's not in currently."

"Can you get an urgent message to him?"

"We can certainly pass on a message."

"Great. Just tell him to call Giggy, and tell him it's pretty damn urgent."

"All right. Anything else?"

"That's it for now."

After hanging up, Giggy called Buckwheat.

"Hello," Buckwheat answered weakly.

"Man, you look like drek! But at least you're alive!" Giggy exclaimed as the image from Buckwheat's vid-phone resolved, showing a black eye and evidence that he had been bleeding from his mouth and nose.

"I think I feel worse," Buckwheat replied, trying not to look at the image of Giggy which was making him nauseous again.

"Look, I'm coming over there to get you. Wash your face and grab anything you need for a couple of days, or anything you can't bear to lose. I'll be there in twenty," and Giggy hung up.

Buckwheat staggered back into the bathroom and got a wash cloth and cleaned the blood off of his face, then threw a change of clothes and his gun and taser into a gym bag, and laid his assault rifle over the top of it. Then went and sat down in the medicine lodge again.

Giggy hung up and took off for Buckwheat's. When he got there, he found Buckwheat still somewhat dazed and sitting on the floor in the middle of his room.

"You ready to go?" Giggy asked.

"I need to take this..." Buckwheat said, gesturing at the room.

Giggy looked around and then looked back at Buckwheat. "All of it?" he asked.

"Pretty much," Buckwheat replied.

Giggy, seeing that Buckwheat was serious, looked around and found a large duffel bag with a shoulder strap. When he came back to the room, Buckwheat had started piling things up. With occasional moments of panic from Buckwheat, they finally got the stuff Buckwheat said was necessary packed into two large duffel bags, and with Giggy carrying those, Buckwheat grabbed his gym bag and his assault rifle, and they managed to get piled on Giggy's bike and ride to the hotel.

Once back, Buckwheat checked into his own room and lay down and finally tried to heal himself.

Meanwhile, Giggy called Claudia, a friend he had in a biker gang.

"Hey sweet-cheeks! How's it hanging?" she greeted him.

"Things are bad. I really can't talk about it on the phone. Where can I meet you?"

"We're out on the Southern Freeway. Catch up if you can..."

"See you in a bit, then," Giggy said and hung up.

He stepped over to Buckwheat's room to let him know that he was taking off for a while before leaving. As he started off on his bike, Sama called back.

"Hey, boss. I guess things aren't quite as bad as I thought they were when I last called you," Giggy explained. "It looks like the Triad are after Buckwheat and I for something, but I'm not sure exactly what. However, if they're after us, they may also be after you, so I wanted to let you know."

"Thanks for the call," Sama replied.

"No problem, boss. Call me if you need anything."

It took a while for Giggy to find Claudia and her gang, but the large fire in one of the rest areas tipped him off. Getting off his bike and taking off his large, white helmet, he walked up to the group around the fire.

Claudia jogged up to him and greeted him with a kiss and a hot dog. "So, Giggy, what's the problem?" she asked.

"I know this is a long shot, but what do you know of Triad activity in the city?"

"Well, there's a hell of a lot of it. Most of what we run into is assorted drug stuff, and even most of that is really second hand by the time we're running into it."

"Do you know of any safe houses or anything like that? They took Ming, and I'm trying to find out where they might be holding her until they can get her out of the country."

"Well, the only thing I know of for sure is a whore house on the corner of 108th and the Old Harbor Road," Claudia replied.

"Well, thanks. If you think of anything else, or if you want to go in and tear up some triad mooks, give me a ring," Giggy said and turned to leave.

On the way back, Giggy got a call from Lois. "Meet me at the SoyShak on Bridgeton Road off the Princess highway. I have something for you," she said when Giggy answered.

"OK. I can be there in about 10 minutes. When can you get there?" Giggy asked.

"I'll be waiting for you."

"Cool. I love you!"

"I've got four photos for you. But you didn't get them from me," Lois said when Giggy sat down at her table with his soy-caff. She slid a sealed envelope over to him.

Giggy took the envelope and turned it over.

"Call me some time when you've got some free time," she said getting up to leave the table.

Giggy waited until she was gone before he opened the envelope. The first photo was a picture of a green Volkswagen SUV parking, then two shots of three men getting out of the car. None of their faces were in focus, but their hair and skin tone indicted that they were probably Asian. The fourth was a picture of the three men leading Ming to the car.

Giggy put the photos back in the envelope and finished his soy-caff. Once done, he returned to the hotel and called Michelle and Rainbow and asked them to come over.

When Rainbow and Michelle arrived, Giggy told them what had happened, and what information he had gotten so far. They decided that Michelle and Rainbow would visit the brothel and see what they might be able to scrounge up. After some discussion, it was decided that Michelle would go in first and see what she could see. They all agreed that they would keep their radios open so that if anything happened, backup could come in without anyone having to be able to actively make a call.

Michelle drove to the location and parked her Eurocar out front. She walked in through the frond door, and the front room was a Chinese apothecary. She looked around briefly and then walked to the counter in the back of the room.

"Can I help you find something, my sweet?" the wrinkled old Chinese man asked from his stool behind the counter.

"I was looking for some comforting companionship for the evening and understood that you could provide the best," Michelle said.

"Oh," the old man replied, "you're looking for something to while away the hours?"

"More someone to relieve tension after a hard day at the office," Michelle countered, sliding a small certified credstick over to him.

"Ahh, yes," he replied, smiling. "I'd recommend you check the first door on the left through the curtain here."

Michelle stepped through the curtain and the first door on the left pushed open easily when she tried. The room beyond seemed large, but the dim, reddish lighting, the smoke in the air, and the many silk, satin, and beaded curtains made it very difficult to really see how big it was, or to keep her bearings.

A short, slightly heavy woman sitting behind at table near the door said, "Hi, Sweetie, is there anything in particular I can help you find this fine evening? We have quite a refined selection..."

Michelle looked at her, thinking the shorter woman was definitely wearing too much makeup, and replied, "Well, I have rather particular tastes."

"Sweetie, everyone has rather particular tastes. Would you like to start with a drink, and I will walk you through. You can see if you see anyone who... tickles your fancy," she finished with a smile and a wink.

Michelle accepted the drink and allowed herself to be shown around the room. "Do you have any... Chinese girls?" she finally asked.

"Oh, when you can be honest with yourself and honest with us, you can make yourself so much happier," the shorter woman beamed, taking Michelle's hand in both of hers. "Here are Li and Mae," she said, looking up to see that Michelle looked slightly disappointed, not realizing that Michelle had half hoped to get introduced to Ming.

"Oh, well," the shorter woman continued, leading Michelle further into the maze of curtains, smoke, mirrors, and beads. "How about Sheila?"

Michelle did her best to look very interested as she was introduced to another Asian woman, this time not expecting it to be Ming. Sheila took Michelle over to a small couch as the shorter woman returned to the front door.

"Can we go somewhere a little more... private?" Michelle asked.

"Sure. Don't worry, just let me take care of everything," Sheila said, and led Michelle to a stairway in the corner, and up to a private room.

A few minutes later, Rainbow walked into the smoky back room. he was greeted by the short woman with too much makeup and led through the maze as well. Eventually, he went up stairs with Mae.

Once he and Mae got to her private room, Rainbow asked her if she would be interested in leaving with him.

"For the evening?" she asked. "I'd have to know what to wear."

"No, I mean leaving, leaving. For good. I could take you away from all this and we could go some place nice."

"I don't know. It pretty nice here."

"Do you know if there would be someone else that might want to go? Maybe someone who just got here?"

"I don't think so, why don't you come lie here with me and we'll just forget all about whatever is bothering you for a while," Mae suggested.

"No, I don't think so. I'm just so lonely. I really want someone to talk to. Where are you from?"


"Did you know a girl named Ming?"

"Yes, she works in the meat packing plant in Guanzhou where I used to work. But I got to come here, this is a lot nicer. Why?"

"I had a girlfriend named Ming."

"I'm sure she was nice, but you can forget about that. Just relax and I'll clear your mind of troubling things like ex-girlfriends and meat packing plants," Mae whispered, leaning in to kiss the back or Rainbow's neck. Rainbow brushed her away from his neck.

"Is there someone else I can talk to?" Rainbow asked.

"Yeah, sure," Mae replied, dejected, though in a way she was relieved to be rid of this guy, "I'll be back in a sec..."

Meanwhile, Michelle was lying on a soft bed getting her shoulders rubbed by Sheila. Michelle rolled over and pulled Sheila into a close hug, kissing her cheek then her ear. Then she whispered, "do you know if anyone new has been brought in here today?"

Sheila pushed away forcefully, braking Michelle's embrace, and turned to face away from her. "What are you looking for?"

"Hey, it's all right, I'm just looking for a good time. I was just curious, that's all."

"Well, I don't know anything about anyone new," Sheila replied, still keeping a distance between herself and Michelle.

"There, now," Michelle comforted, "that wasn't that bad. Now, come on, you have a client waiting for you, remember?"

As Sheila leaned back over her, Michelle let herself be lowered onto the bed again, and gracefully switched off her radio.

"Dammit, Michelle," Giggy grumbled from his bike down the block where he had been listening in in case anyone seemed to need help.

Meanwhile, Mae returned to her room with Li. Li stepped into the room and smiled at Rainbow, who was still sitting on the edge of the bed, looking slightly depressed.

"What is the matter, now, sir?" Li asked when Mae has closed the door and left. She climbed on the bed behind Rainbow and started rubbing his shoulders through his shirt. "You are very tense, you need to relax," Li continued when Rainbow didn't immediately respond.

"I know just the thing for that," she whispered, leaning forward and licking the edge of his ear gently.

As with Mae, Rainbow brushed her away. Then he turned to her and asked, "Would you like to leave with me?"

"Sure. Where are we going to go? It's 350 per hour."

"No, I mean leave with me and go away from all this."

"Oh, I don't think that would be a good idea. Why don't you put silly thoughts like that out of your mind and let me make your more comfortable. Just lay back and I'll take all of your worries away.

"Just relax and let me take over and I'll put a great big smile on that grumpy face and make you the happiest man in Sydney."

"I'd be happy if you just left with me," Rainbow replied.

"Look, Sweetie, what did you really come here for? I can show you the time of your life - in fact, so could Mae - but If you want therapy, you need to go see a bartender or something..."

"I think I just want to be alone now. Excuse me. Sorry to bother you," Rainbow said and got up and walked out of the room.

Neither of those girls was Giggy's friend Ming. When he got out of the room, he deliberately went the wrong way down the dimly lit, smoke filled corridor. The hallway was pretty quiet, but as he got around the corner, he still failed to hear the guy walk up behind him. The first clue he had was a firm grim of a large hand on his shoulder.

"Where're you headed?" the man attached to the arm asked.

"I was just going out," Rainbow responded.

"Exit's over here," the guy said turning rainbow around and escorting him down the hall, down the stairs, and through the maze of the first floor to the door.

"I'm not ready to go out yet," Rainbow said diminutively as the guy reached for the door. "Do you mind if I just sit here for a bit?"

"Marge," the guy said, addressing the woman with too much makeup, "do we mind?"

Marge looked at him, slightly puzzled, but after a second she said, "Nah, he can sit here for a while, he paid for it after all..."

Rainbow sat in a chair behind a couple of curtains for a while, watching what he could see of the room. He didn't see Ming, but after a while, Michelle walked through the room and, smiling to Marge, went out through the door.

Once outside, Michelle turned her radio back on. "Hey, Giggy. Where are you?"

"It's about time," Giggy responded. "Head east on the Old Harbor Road for about 5 blocks. You'll see a small park with a bunch of fir trees in it on the left side of the road. I'll watch for you to pull up."

As Michelle was driving away, Rainbow came out of the building. He radioed Giggy and got the same directions. Once Michelle and Rainbow had arrived, Giggy showed them back into a secluded spot in the bushes. "Look, this is gonna sound weird," Giggy started, "but I want to sniff you two and see if either of you interacted with the guys that took Ming."

They both agreed, but, after checking them both out, the closest thing Giggy found is that they guy who grabbed Rainbow's shoulder had a similar machine oil smell to the guy who was in his house, but nothing else.

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