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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, September 8th, 2005

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September 8th, 2005, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

When Michelle got back to her flat, she got Giggy's message and called him.

"Hey, babe, where were you?" Giggy asked.

"Sorry, I was otherwise occupied. I called as soon as I got your message. What's up?"

"Well, we're in Brisbane trying to complete a simple extraction. However, an extra car could be handy."

"Hmmm. It's going to take about eight hours to get up there, I think. I can probably be there about 10 tonight."

"Great. We're staying at the Brisbane Tower Hotel, room 18B. Give me a call when you get in."

"All right," Michelle said and hung up the phone. She gathered up some clothes and cleaned up a bit, then loaded up her Eurocar and headed north.

A few minutes later, Giggy's escort showed up. She was an attractive blond with soft, brown eyes.

"Hi, I'm Giggy. You've probably heard of me. That dress looks absolutely smashing on you. Is that the one I had them buy for you today? It really does highlight your radiant skin beautifully," Giggy said, escorting her into the suite.

"I'm just looking for someone to hang out here for a few days while we're visiting town. Maybe play some cards, have a nice dinner or two, and just be social," Giggy continued. "Of course, we'd need you not to mention this to anyone.

"So, what's you're name?"

"Candy," she replied, and looking sidelong at Buckwheat sprawled out on the bed napping, "What about him?"

"Don't worry. Nothing funny," Giggy replied. "Wouldn't want to in front of them anyhow, it's not really romantic, is it?" he continued a little quieter.

Rainbow came out of the other room and looked at Giggy and Candy with an eyebrow raised. "I'm going for a walk to take a look around. I'll be back in a bit."

When Rainbow got outside, he called Mr. Sama.

"Hello, how may I direct your call?" the receptionist asked when she answered the phone.

"I'd like to speak with Sama-san, if he is available," Rainbow replied.

"One moment, please. I'll see if he can take your call."

"This is Sama."

"Mr. Sama, I was just wondering if you had had an opportunity to contact our target and let him know that we were coming?" Rainbow asked.

"Due to the sensitive nature of our communications, we have not had an opportunity to relay such a message," Mr. Sama replied.

"Thank you and my apologies," Rainbow responded, closing the line.

He continued walking past the Pinnacle facility, and then turned and walked up the block to a coffee shop where he could watch the gate nearest Dr. Slusoa's home. He grabbed a newspaper off of one of the vacant tables, and walked up to the counter, taking a seat on a stool where he could watch across the street through the large front windows.

After a couple of minutes, one of the girls working in the shop walked up to him. "Can I help ya?" she asked.

"Yeah," Rainbow replied, looking up from the paper. "I'm visiting from out of town, and was wondering what there is to do around here."

"Well," she started with a smile, "that depends on what you want to do. You could go down to the beach, or if you prefer, hiking inland, if you like outdoorsy stuff. Or you could check out the zoo, the new 'Awakened Australia' exhibit is kinda cool. Or you could check out one of the museums it you like that sort of thing.

"However, whatever else you're gonna do, ya need to order something or I'm gonna have to ask you to leave."

"Oh, sorry. I'll have a soy-mocha, tall," Rainbow replied.

He watched the gate for another half hour, while slowly drinking his soy-caff, then put down his paper and left the shop, and walked back to the hotel.

When Rainbow arrived back at the hotel, he went out on the balcony with a complimentary note pad he picked up off the table in the room, and began counting cars that when through the one gate. Over the course of the next couple of hours, he inventoried several dozen vehicles that went through the gate in front of Dr. Slusoa's home - the only gate he could see from the hotel.

After a while, Buckwheat came out onto the balcony. "Have you solved Brisbane's traffic problems yet?" he asked.

"No," Rainbow replied, "but I know that personal vehicles, business vehicles, and personal vehicles being used as business vehicles get through that gate. Everyone stops at the gate briefly, nd then the gate opens and they go in. There's some kind of unmanned access point, but I'm not sure what you need to get past it."

"So, drive up and check," Buckwheat suggested.

"I'd really rather not drive up in my van and make a fool of myself.

"Why don't you go figure out the next door neighbor's address, and order a pizza. Then we can watch the delivery car when it comes up and see what happens," Rainbow suggested.

Buckwheat went downstairs and walked out to the pay phone on the corner, and called one of the pizza places that advertised free delivery.

"Hello, can I get your phone number?" the guy asked when he answered.

Buckwheat read him the phone number off the pay phone.

"Thank you. Could I get your address please?"

Buckwheat replied with his best guess on the address for the building next to Dr. Slusoa's.

"Thanks. Can I get a name, please?"

"Robert Paulson."

"Thank you Mr. Paulson. What can we get for you this evening?"

"I'd like a thin crust pepperoni and anchovies with extra cheese."

"All right, anything else?"

"Nope, that's it."

"All right. Your total this evening is 19.50."

Buckwheat slotted a credstick into the slot on the phone, making sure to use a stick that wasn't tied to his name.

"Thank you, sir. I received that payment. We'll be out in about 40-50 minutes."

Buckwheat hung up and went back upstairs. "It'll take 45 minutes," he said to the room in general, flopping down on the bed behind Candy and turning on the TV.

Looking back at Giggy, Candy asked, "But how am I supposed to tell people how wonderful you are if I'm not supposed to talk about anything about being here?"

Buckwheat rolled off the bed and went out onto the balcony with Rainbow, not even waiting for Giggy's response.

Buckwheat and Rainbow watched from the balcony for about 55 minutes before the pizza driver arrived. For several minutes, Buckwheat had been grumbling about him being late. Buckwheat and Rainbow watched while the driver did something, and waited.

"The gate usually opens quicker than this," Rainbow commented.

A couple of minutes later, a man walked up to the gate from inside the compound. He gestured briefly at the driver, and then the driver backed away and drove off.

About twenty minutes later, Buckwheat was downstairs at the pay phone again, having been badgered into complaining about the delay in delivery. He repeated the pay phone number to the guy who answered the phone when asked.

"Mr. Paulson, our driver tried to get through, but he didn't have the security code. We tried to call, but there was no answer, the driver tried to deliver anyway, but security said there wasn't any 'Paulson' at that address. If you could get me the current security code, I can get him right out."

"No, never mind. Don't even bother," Buckwheat said gruffly and hung up and walked back into the hotel.

"So, we need to get a passcode?" Giggy asked after Buckwheat relayed the phone conversation.

"Yeah," Buckwheat replied.

"So, why don't we just go over and ask for one?" Giggy asked.

"I don't think the security guy will just give out a security code," Rainbow said. "Then why bother to close the place up at all?"

"No, you're right," Giggy replied. "However, Dr. Slusoa wants us to pick him up, so if Buckwheat goes over, he has already seen that the astral security doesn't seem to be much, os he can slip in, find the good doctor, and ask for his access code. Then we drive in, pick him up, and we're out."

Buckwheat got comfortable in the recliner in the room, and projected. It only took him a few minutes to find Dr. Slusoa's home,a nd to find the one person in it. he watched for a few moments to make sure nothing looked amiss, then manifested and stepped into Dr. Slusoa's line of sight. Dr. Slusoa jumped at the sight.

"Who are you? How did you get in here?" Dr. Slusoa asked, somewhat nervous.

"Are you Dr. Leih Slusoa?"


"Sama sent us to get you," Buckwheat replied.

"Sama? Who's Sama?"

"We were led to believe that you were in search of a better dental plan," Buckwheat replied.

"Dental plan?" Dr. Slusoa asked. "Who are you with."

"Don't worry, this is just a bad dream. Probably too much coffee," Buckwheat replied, and returned to his body.

"Sama lied to us," he said as he sat up. The guy isn't expecting us. I don't think he's expecting anything.

Giggy and Rainbow jumped a there was a knock at the door. Giggy walked slowly over to it and peaked through the peep-hole. "It's Michelle," he said, opening the door.

"My room's just around the corner, I got here as quick as I could, you know the drive is, like, eight hours," Michelle said, stepping into the room. "Why are you looking at me like you were about to shoot me?"

"Michelle, this is Rainbow," Giggy said, indicating Rainbow. "Buckwheat was just over and found out that our target doesn't actually want to come quietly. You knocked at an inopportune moment."

"Well, what's the plan, then?" Michelle asked.

"First, we need to keep a watch on him, in case he is startled and tries to run," Rainbow suggested.

Buckwheat stepped out on the balcony, while Giggy said, "We need to figure out how to get through the gate. It can't be that hard, there aren't really any people watching them."

"Well, what kind of access to they have?" Michelle asked.

"Some kind of security code."

"Well, can we watch someone key in their code, and then key it in a couple of minutes later?" she asked.

"If he leaves the compound, I'll know," Buckwheat said returning to the room.

"Good," Rainbow said. "Can you get in and see someone enter their passcode?"

"That depends on how complicated the codes are, and who the code reader is set up... But, I can turn invisible, so they shouldn't notice me watching."

"Good," Michelle replied. "I think you should be able to ge a code, radio it to us, we'll go in in my car, and then we can take the guy to the other car and get him to Sydney. We probably need to move fast if you think he might be startled."

"Ok. I can turn invisible, but then one of you should walk out with me so that I don't have to open any doors and make anyone ask questions," Buckwheat volunteered. "Then I can go look at the pad and see if I can see a code."

Rainbow grabbed his remote control deck and started his van. "Everyone check your radios," he suggested. "If I can pick them all up on the van, I can keep everyone isolated so if they pick up our traffic, they only get part of it..."

"So, who's going out with me?" Buckwheat's voice asked from the middle of the room near where he was standing a moment ago.

"I'll come down with you," Rainbow offered. "Then you two can pick me up in your car out front," he continued to Michelle a he opened the door and gave Buckwheat a moment to get through.

Once they got outside, Rainbow said, to where he imagined Buckwheat to be walking off, "Radio when you get there."

A couple of minutes later, Buckwheat radioed in. "I'm here, and I have a car coming up." He lay down under the touch pad, but out of the way of the tires of the oncoming car, and watched in disappointment as the driver slid a card into a card reader and pulled it back out.

Once the car had pulled away from the pad, he radioed in again over the rattle and jingle of the gate closing. "It looks like resident's have passkeys of some kind. This isn't going to help us."

He watched from the sidewalk as a car pulled up to the gate from inside the compound. The gate quietly and automatically opened. The car didn't slow down until it had to turn and merge into traffic. Buckwheat called his spirit from watching for Dr. Slusoa to leave, and instructed it to alienate the driver of the car leaving the compound.

"Follow that ugly blue Saab. The driver should stop or wreck or something soon. Then you should be able to get in and get her passkey so we can get in," Buckwheat radioed.

He watched as Michelle's slate grey Eurocar calmly tooled by after the Saab, then resumed his watch on the gate. A few seconds later, the gate opened again as another car pulled up. Buckwheat walked through the gate before it could close, and sat down in the darkness.

A couple of minutes later, Giggy radioed Buckwheat. "How long should this take? We've been following this car, through several turns, and nothing seems to be happening."

Buckwheat concentrated for a moment. "No, it didn't work. Sorry, I wasn't paying attention. Anyhow, I'm inside now, maybe I can just get him out of his house and conceal him until the gate opens up. Come back and keep an eye on the gate until I call you, then come and pick us up."

"Ok, but don't get yourself too shot up with us on the wrong side of the fence..." Giggy replied.

Buckwheat walked over to the door to Dr. Slusoa's flat. "Watch for me to come out of this building. When I do, conceal me and whoever I'm with until we get into the car," Buckwheat instructed his spirit. He tried the door, and was surprised to find that it was open.

Buckwheat crept into the house and took a moment to orient himself. The home appeared slightly different in reality than it had from astral space. He slowly crept along the west wall until he got to the door he suspected was the door to the bedroom. Cautiously, he pushed the door open. In the irregular light of the trid, he saw Dr. Slusoa lying on the bed.

Deciding he may need something to knock Dr. Slusoa out if he began to struggle, Buckwheat made his way to the kitchen, and as quietly as possible got a heavy iron frying pan. He then snuck back to the bedroom, and as he stepped through the door, realized something had changed. he barely had time to dive out of the way as a chunk of the door frame beside him, showering him in wood splinters.

Buckwheat dropped the pan and dove for the floor, rolling back up as a second shot went through the doorway and into the wall beyond. Buckwheat came up and fired at the source of the gunshots with his taser, hitting Dr. Slusoa square in his bare chest.

Buckwheat jumped onto the bed, and carefully peered over the edge of the bed to see Dr. Slusoa lying unconscious on the floor. He scooped the doctor into a fireman's carry and made his way back toward the front door.

As Buckwheat entered the front room, he heard something and then saw a security guy in the room. Buckwheat dove through the front window as the guard took a shot at him.

Landing ion a bush in front of the home, Buckwheat felt his spirit envelop Dr. Slusoa and himself, as he picked up the doctor again and started toward the gate. He saw another two guards moving toward the broken window, and carefully made his way past them.

"Giggy, if you guys have a way past this gate, that would be cool, I seem to have unexpected company, and they probably don't want anyone coming by to open the gate for me," Buckwheat said over the radio.

"I'm right here," Giggy said, stepping out of the shadows next to the gate. "We'll have this open in a second. Rainbow, where's your cover?"

Giggy stepped up, and, as the first guard took a shot at him, swung his fast at the gate. The shot missed, fortunately, but the gate creaked and strained under the force of Giggy's blow.

Rainbow's van pulled up behind Giggy, and a sniper rifle popped out of the roof. Before the guards got another shot, the one who had been shooting at Giggy went down, his head being suddenly replaced with a fine red mist. Giggy took another swing at the gate, and bent it back far enough that Buckwheat could begin to slide the unconscious Dr. Slusoa through to Giggy.

"Giggy, here he is, take him and get in the van," Buckwheat said.

A second guard took a well-placed shot at Buckwheat, grazing his shoulder, despite the fact that he was invisible and concealed by the spirit.

"Drek," Buckwheat shouted, "Rainbow, deal with that. How the frag did he see me?"

Buckwheat squeezed himself through the damaged gate as Rainbow's turret took out the remaining two guards. Climbing in the van, he pulled the door shut, and dismissed his spirit and dropped the invisibility spell while Giggy strapped the unconscious body of Dr. Slusoa into the back seat.

"We're in, get us out of here," Buckwheat said over the radio, while looking to see if Giggy was hurt.

Once Buckwheat could see that Giggy was uninjured, he started healing himself as the van drove off down the street.

About an hour out of Brisbane, Rainbow pulled them over in a rest area. He got out of Michelle's Eurocar and walked over to the van.

"We got your stuff out of the room. It's mostly in Michelle's back seat," he said, opening the door, he looked at Dr. Slusoa, who looked back at him. "Giggy, why's he tied?"

"I don't want to take any chances with him trying anything," Giggy replied.

"Dr. Slusoa, do you want to come with us?" Rainbow asked, always to the point.

"Are... Are you from Renraku?" Dr. Slusoa stammered.

"No, we're from Sydney," Buckwheat replied.

"Look," Giggy stated, "he stays tied. If he behaves, he stays conscious, if not knock him out.

"We'll head back to Sydney and go to her place," Giggy continued, indicating Michelle, "She's got underground parking. When we get close to town, I'll call Sama, and set up an exchange. Until then, he stays under guard and we stay hidden."

Giggy waled over and took Rainbow's place in Michelle's car, and they quietly pulled out of the rest area.

Rainbow looked at Buckwheat, but Buckwheat only shrugged. Rainbow got in the driver's seat and jacked in. He closed the doors as the van started down the road, following the grey Eurocar.

About four hours after they got to Sydney, Giggy got the call from Sama. They went down to the Hippogryph. It was now about 11:00 in the morning, and the place was deserted. Sama had several drinks on a table in the main room.

Mr. Sama looked disapprovingly at Giggy when he unceremoniously carried Dr. Slusoa into the room. Giggy looked at him, shrugged, and put the doctor down and cut his ties.

"He's here, he's intact," Giggy said. "He gave us the impression that he didn't want to come."

"I see," Sama replied. "Bear in mind, not everyone who has contracted through me for services knows that they have contracted through me... Have a drink."

Giggy raised an eyebrow, but took one of the offered drinks. Buckwheat, Michelle, and Rainbow followed suit. Mr. Sama gestured and a young man came forward and took Dr. Slusoa out through the back hallway.

Once he had left, Mr. Sama passed a credstick to Giggy. "I'll be in touch with you again shortly," he said and he got up and walked out.

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