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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, October 6th, 2005

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October 6th, 2005, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Giggy got a call from Samantha, his tailor.

"Hey. How's it goin' babe?" he asked when he saw her face on the flip-screen.

"It's going well at this end. How are you holding up?" she asked in reply.

"I'm doin' all right."

"Well, I thought you'd want to know that I heard something that concerns you through the rumor mill.

"This morning I had a guy in to get fitted for a new suit, and he got a phone call while we were marking for adjustments," Samantha started.

"I assume the call was interesting?" Giggy asked.

"Quite," she replied. "What I heard was, 'Yeah, we got Giggy's girl,' and, 'no, I think the north facility will be fine.' I figured you'd want to know about anyone who had 'Giggy's girl...'"

"Yeah, sure do. He said, 'North facility?'"

"Yeah, that's what I heard."

"Great. Thanks for the information," Giggy affirmed. "Do you know who this guy was?"

"No," Samantha replied. "They manage all their contacts through an agency. However, he was rather distinctive - a taller Chinese guy with only three fingers on his right hand."

"Hmm. Well thanks. When all this blows over, I'll have to take you out for dinner."

"Sounds great."

Giggy hung up the phone and let Michelle and Rainbow know what he had found out. "We'd better get back to the hotel and figure out what to do next," he said, starting across the park toward his motorcycle.

While Buckwheat was resting back at the hotel, he got a call from Joe, a guy who ran a magical supply shop near Buckwheat's home.

"Hey, man, how's it going?" he asked when Buckwheat answered the phone.

"Been better," Buckwheat replied.

"Yeah, you look like crap, man.

"Anyhow, I just got word that your body is finally worth something, man," Joe continued.

"What?" Buckwheat asked.

"I just heard that someone paid big bucks for a 'confirmed viable tissue sample of one Buckwheat, notorious in the Sydney area.' I think that would be you, wouldn't it?"

"Could be. How'd you find out?"

"Just hearsay, ya know. But I thought you might want to know so you could try to take precautions - if they haven't already gotten to you..."

"Thanks for the info, man. I'll have to keep my guard up."

While driving over to the hotel, Rainbow called Jake, a street doc who he thought was likely to have some information on anyone who operated an unregistered para-military organization.

"Hey, Jake, what's up?"

"Not much Rainbow. However, I got something you might be interested in. One set of slightly used nearly complete bone lacing. I'll make you a great deal on it, as a frequent customer!"

"No, thanks, man, I think I'll have to pass for now... I'm saving up for stuff for the car, you know."

"This could be the deal of a lifetime... Think about it and call me back, but don't wait too long or it'll pass you by," Jake replied.

"All right, I'll think about it," Rainbow lied. "But the reason I called was that I was wondering if you knew of any Triad hideouts called the 'North Facility?'"

"Still painfully to the point, I see," Jake replied. "However, and I'm only telling you this because you have been such a good customer in the past, and, of course, you never heard this from me, but I'm led to believe that they have a place up in Castlecrag. That's at least north of here."

"Hmm. I'll have to look into that. Thanks," Rainbow replied and hung up.

Meanwhile, having gotten off the phone with Joe, Buckwheat called DocWagon to get set up with a care contract.

When Rainbow got back to the hotel, he called his mechanic buddy, John.

"Hey John, how's it going? I was wondering if you knew of any Chinese guys with green Volkswagen SUVs?" Rainbow asked when he got John on the line.

"Yeah, a couple of them. Why?"

"Well, my buddy's friend was kidnaped and taken away in a green Volkswagen SUV driven by a Chinese guy. Do you know of one who lives up in or near Castlecrag?"

"One of them does, just off the Eastern Valley Highway toward Middle Harbor."

"Thanks for the info. I'll make it up to you soon as I can," Rainbow said, completing the call and heading into the hotel. He let everyone know what he had found out, and proposed that they head up to Castlecrag to see if they could spot anything.

After Giggy and Michelle cajoled Buckwheat into going with them, they all piled into Rainbow's van and headed north. They drove around the neighborhood for a while before Giggy spotted a green Volkswagen SUV parked in a garage they were passing.

"Stop," Giggy called. "Go back there," he continued, pointing to the garage.

A few doors up, Rainbow pulled into a driveway.

"What are you doing?" Michelle asked.

Rainbow shushed her and got out of the van. They watched as he walked up to the front door and rang the bell. When there was no answer, he returned to the van, got in, and backed out of the driveway. He drove back the way they had come, and turned onto a side street just before the house Giggy had pointed out. He then turned into the first driveway and got out of the van again.

Giggy turned and got the license plate from the Volkswagen, which he could see from this driveway.

Rainbow again walked up to the front door and rang the bell. A moment later, a voice came over the intercom, "Yes, who is it?"

"Hello," Rainbow responded, "Is Mr. Wilson available?"

"This is Dennis," the voice replied.

"Hi, I'm from Ultra-Vac, and was wondering if you would be interested in one of our vacuum cleaner demonstrations?"

"Sorry, we're not interested," the voice replied, and the intercom was shut off.

"I got the number," Giggy informed him when he returned to the van. "Now, lets check to see what cigar stores there are around here."

"Why do you want a cigar?" Michelle asked.

"I don't particularly, but I'm fairly sure that we have found the location, I just want to confirm it. One of the guys who took Ming smoked cigars. I could smell it all over the apartment."

They proceeded to a nearby cigar shop, and Giggy and Michelle got out of the van.

"Can I help you?" the bespectacled proprietor asked after Giggy and Michelle had walked around for a moment.

"Yes," Giggy replied, "I'm looking for a good cigar for my boss. He's rather selective and I want to get him something I know he'll like. Do you mind if I smell them?"

"As you wish. The distinctive odor of many cigars is one of their more desirable features."

Giggy went through the cigars, and eventually found two that were very close matches.

"I was wondering if you could help me out here?" Giggy asked, slipping the shopkeeper a 5 nuyen note after the shop keeper had explained the two cigars, and Giggy and Michelle had chosen one. "You see, I wouldn't want to give them to him personally in the office, and I can't have them delivered to his office, either of those would look suspicious."

"Certainly, we can have them delivered for you," the shop keeper replied. "What's the address?"

"Well, that's where we were hoping you could help us out," Giggy replied. "I know he shops here, I was hoping you'd have the delivery address, and then I could just take them right over to him without bothering you with it..."

"I'm sorry, sir, but I can't give out customer information," the shop keeper said, having pocketed Giggy's 5.

"All right, then, could you please mark them to be delivered next Tuesday?"

"No problem. I'll mark your order right now."

Michelle and Giggy walked out of the store and Michelle called Rainbow to let him know that they were done. A couple of minutes later, Rainbow's van swung into the parking lot of the little strip-mall where Michelle and Giggy were waiting.

Once they were in the van, Giggy called Lois. "Lois, it's Giggy. I was wondering if you could run a plate number for me."

"That depends. Is it one I ran recently?" Lois asked.

"Could be," Giggy replied and gave her the plate number from the Volkswagen.

"I'll check to see if this is in our paperwork. However, you should know that there is clear footage on that surveillance of an individual with a big, white helmet driving away from your apartment just before it burnt down... Some one leading three motorcycles."

"Well, Lois, darling. That won't have to be available to the investigation, will it?" Giggy asked.

"I'll have to see what I can do. I do have a lot of information to go through here to try to figure out what happened."

"Thanks, Lois, you're a sweetheart."

Now we'll just have to see what happens next week...

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