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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, October 13th, 2005

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October 13th, 2005, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

As they were driving back to the hotel to drop Buckwheat off, they began discussing a plan. Rainbow suggested that they sneak up to the house, and break down the door and go in guns blazing. Michelle, of course, would prefer that they do something less violent. By the time they got to the hotel and dropped Buckwheat off, they decided that they would go in in haz-mat suits to perform a radon check on the building.

While they were at the hotel, Rainbow deployed his roto-drone and sent it over to watch the house.

As they were pulling out of the hotel parking lot to get supplies, Giggy got a call from Lois.

"Hey, what did you find out?" he asked.

"Well, that plate is the same one we ran from the surveillance post near your home," Lois replied.

"OK, we were sort of operating on that assumption. Who is it registered to?"

"It's registered to Little China Holding Company, Ltd., which appears to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamatetsu."

"Hunh... Do you have an address?" Giggy asked.

"Yeah. 27922 East Harbor Way. That doesn't really help, though, considering that's a ten story office complex," Lois answered.

"Thanks, gorgeous. I owe you one."

Giggy hung up and they went back to planning. They stopped at the nearest stuffer shack and picked up three hooded painter's hooded cover-alls, goggles, and respirators. On the way back to the neighborhood on Castlecrag in Rainbow's van, they all got changed, so that when they pulled into the driveway they were ready to go.

When they pulled up, the front rooms of the house were all dark, but the two lights on either side of the front porch were lit, providing a pool of light on the front walk and part of the front yard.

Rainbow had seen through his drone that the Volkswagen had not left, though the garage doors had closed. He pulled up into the left half of the driveway, behind where the SUV was parked in the garage, in hopes of making a motorized getaway more difficult.

As the three of them got out of the car, Giggy heard someone coming around the side of the building. Following his signal, Michelle turned toward the man as he rounded the shrubs at the corner of the building.

"Hi, we're from Mitchell & Smith Resources, we're here checking on Radon leaks reported in this area. Are you the owner here?" Michelle asked.

"This is private property. I don't care who you are, get back in your little van and leave," the man replied brusquely.

"Sir, we have been contracted to check every home on this block, and we need to know how many people are in this home, and how many are present now," Michelle responded calmly. "Radon is a serious issue, and you should be concerned about your family's health."

"I'm only gonna tell you one more time to leave now."

"I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but we do require access to this house immediately. If you could give us just a moment of your time, this can be done very quickly, then we'll be out of your way," Michelle continued.

"I'm picking up something here," Giggy mumbled through his respirator, waving his pocket secretary out in front of him toward the garage door in a great impression of a Starfleet officer with a tri-corder.

As Giggy was speaking, Rainbow saw the guy drawing a gun from under his coat, and not wasting any time, popped his turret with the sniper rifle and blew the guy away. Seeing this, Giggy ran for the front door, followed closely by Michelle, while Rainbow moved the van to hide the body from view of the street.

Reaching the front porch, Giggy saw a camera watching the front door and pulled the cord from it, while Michelle took aim and shot out the camera she saw on the front wall.

Rainbow ducked around the corner of the garage where the man had come from to see if there were any more back there, and Giggy looked through the window beside the front door. He could see someone moving further back in the building, and ducked for cover from the window.

Michelle heard something above her and looked up just in time to see the muzzle flash from a shot that thankfully missed her and Giggy. Giggy took aim at the gunshot and fired, followed quickly by Michelle. Another shot from the upstairs window which grazed Giggy's shoulder, and a surprise return shot from Rainbow's van, and the gun dropped onto the lawn.

"Thanks," Giggy said over the radio.

"No problem," Rainbow replied.

That done, Rainbow continued running toward the back of the building.

"The drone sees two people running away across the back yard," Rainbow radioed. "I can drop a missile on them and take them out."

"No!" Giggy replied, "find out who they are first!"


Giggy turned to see that there were people running toward the front door, and took a shot through the glass. Michelle followed quickly, and one of their assailants dropped. however, this gave the tenants an opportunity to return fire, and one of them hit Michelle pretty seriously.

Rounding the corner at the back of the building, Rainbow fired a concussion grenade from his assault rifle, detonating it right between the two who were fleeing. he could tell that one was much smaller than the other, and the smaller one dropped, but was quickly pulled up by the larger one and they continued to run.

Having been hit, Michelle took another shot, but it went wild, however, Giggy's shot was true and took down another person inside the house. Another shot from Giggy, and the last person they saw inside turned and ran.

Seeing him go, Giggy and Michelle turned and headed away from the door. Michelle got into the van and backed it out of the driveway. She drove as casually as she could down the winding residential streets to where she thought she was around the block from the house they had just assaulted.

"Hey, Rainbow, do you have changeable license plates for this thing?" she asked.

"No, why?" Rainbow asked, firing a shot from his assault rifle into the larger of the two fleeing people.

"Oh, never mind," Michelle replied.

Giggy rounded the back of the house at a full run, just as Rainbow dropped the larger one. He ran over to them, and seeing the smaller one getting up again, took a shot with his gel-round loaded pistol.

As Giggy got up to the two prone bodies, he could see that one was Ming, and the other was the three fingered man. He switched guns to one loaded with live ammo, and took a shot at the back of the unconscious man's head, then lifted Ming. Seeing that she was hand cuffed to the now dead body, Giggy took two shots at the man's wrist, then ripped the handcuff through the mutilated flesh.

In the dim light, he quickly looked Ming over for signs of any recent surgery, and then slung her over his shoulder and ducked through the gate they had been headed for, followed closely by Rainbow, who still had his assault rifle out.

Rainbow looked around once he was through the gate, then checking through his remote control deck with the drone and the van, he pulled the van up to a closer parking space, and took off. "This way, Giggy," he called over the radio.

Giggy and Rainbow ducked through another yard and then jumped into the van. Michelle slid out of the driver's seat and let Rainbow take over, and he quickly got them through the gate.

"We want to put this van somewhere out of sight, preferably in something like a below-ground parking facility," Michelle said as Giggy checked her out with the medkit, "and I need to get to a hospital."

"Yeah," Giggy said, "you probably do," as he patched her up and then proceeded to check Ming with the kit.

While the kit was working on Ming, Giggy called Buckwheat. "Do you think you're up to checking out this area to see if we're being followed?"

"Sure. I'll get back to you."

Giggy turned to Rainbow. "You said you had missiles?"

"Yeah. Two."

"Can they flatten that house?"

"Probably. But it looks like the cops are almost there," Rainbow said.

"Well, then you'd better make it quick. I'd rather there weren't anything thee where we could get traced back to that."

"OK," Rainbow replied. "It's done. The cops will have much less to look at."

Giggy went back to patching up Ming, and checked her again for any signs of surgery and didn't find any. Then his phone rang.


"I couldn't find anything following you."

"Thanks Buckwheat."

"No problem. I'm gong back to bed. Wake me when you get here."

Giggy hung up, and flipped open his old phone. He called the number that had been scrawled on his mirror just that morning.

"Hello," said the chipper young girl who answered the phone, "May I take your message?"

"Yes, are you recording?"

"Yes sir, I am."

"OK you bastards. I hope you're happy now. I just wanted to warn you, I'll have an insurance policy on myself and Ming, and several of my friends here in just a couple of hours. If any of us is killed, it'll pay off to the first person to prove he or she has brought down one of your clans, so back off - and stay off."

Giggy hung up the phone, flipped through the menu to find the "erase memory" option, and then threw it out the window of the speeding van into Sydney freeway traffic.

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