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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, November 17th, 2005

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

November 17th, 2005, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

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The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

This week we started with a little blue-booking. Michelle and Buckwheat healed and Giggy got his life insurance policy through an agent recommended by Mr. Sama. Then Rainbow set Michelle up with his street doc contact, Jake, to get a synaptic accelerator installed, and Buckwheat spent a lot of time meditating and studying magic...

After she had healed from her surgery, Michelle contacted an old business professor of hers at a local college. Dr. Kyle let Michelle know that the New South Wales Student Society for Equality and Fair Treatment was holding a 'tolerance rally' that weekend from 6pm Friday to 6pm Saturday, and that this event could always use additional security. Dr. Kyle let he know that the pay for supplemental security could vary considerably, depending on what happened. If there was no threat, then the pay was merely 30,000 for the 24 hour vigil, but if there was a threat, then the pay doubled to 60,000, but the pay was docked for injuries or deaths of students, and for damage to the school property.

Michelle let Giggy and Rainbow know (Buckwheat was still unavailable), and they started checking out the campus. Michelle and Giggy went in and walked through the Student Community Building, where the vigil was to be held, and then started looking through the rest of the campus. Then Giggy stopped a student walking across campus.

"Hey, where are the best parties on campus?" Giggy asked.

The poor student looked back and forth from Giggy to Michelle and back. "Sig Chi. End of the block over there. Why?"

"Yeah, that's where all the parties were when we were here a few years ago," Giggy replied. "Do you know if there's anything going on this weekend?"

"At Sig Chi? No, probably not, there's be something posted on campus about it already."

"Well, are there any games? We're big fans, and it would be cool to catch a game."

"Uh, no, unless you count volleyball," the kid replied. "Anyhow, I gotta go... class... catch ya later," the kid continued, slinging his backpack back up onto his shoulder and heading across campus.

"Well, to Sig, Chi, then?" Giggy asked Michelle and they headed in the direction indicated.

They walked to the edge of campus, and about a block off campus found the large Sig Chi house. Giggy looked at the doorbell and then decided to knock. A couple of minutes later one of the residents answered the door.

"Hey," the resident greeted them. "What can I help you with?"

"Quite a bit, maybe," Giggy replied. "You see, I used to be a brother here. You're probably seen my name around - Hambone. And we were just back visiting and wanted to take a look at the old stompin' grounds, ya know, sort of for old time's sake."


"What you guys drinking in there? Smells like Old Kangaroo," Giggy continued. "Man, we used to go through so much of that stuff. We had a party here almost every weekend. Man, it rocked. You guys still have the best parties on campus?"

"'Course we do."

"Awesome! Do you have anything coming up this weekend?"

"Nothing really planned, but there's always a few guys around doin' somethin'."

"Drek, I was hoping we could sneak in on one of these parties, Honey," Michelle said to Giggy, finally breaking he silence.

"Hey, I got an idea," Giggy replied. "Would it be cool if we threw a party here this weekend? I'll... We'll supply the beer, you supply the drinkers."

"You serious?" the brother asked.

"Yeah, totally."

"Well, come on in, let me get Todd, he'll need to approve of use of the house and all, you know how it is."

Giggy and Michelle took a seat on the couch in the large living room in the house, while the kid went and found Todd.

"Jimmy tells me you two want to pay for a party here this weekend," an older student with a shaved head and a pair of data jacks said as he walked into the room. "What's the catch?"

"No catch," Giggy responded. "We were really looking forward to either being able to sneak into one of the great parties here, or at least catch a game while we were back in town. You know, for old time's sake, but it sounds like nothing's happening this weekend."

"So, why do you want to do it here?"

"Well, this was my house when I was here at school. You've got to have me down in some of your logs - everybody called me Hambone. We used to record everything that happened in the house to pass down to the future generations," Giggy replied. "So, you see, it would be really cool to have it here, and people already know this is where to come for a good party.

"Don't worry, we'll buy the beer and all, you just figure out who you want to tell so everybody comes."

"Well, we can let some people know, but if you really want high attendance, you'll need to get some signs up on campus, and we can't violate any fire codes."

"Awesome. Is there anyplace where you prefer to get your beer, or anything else we should know?" Giggy asked.

Giggy and Todd spent a few minutes hammering out the logistics of beer delivery, and then Giggy and Michelle took off and headed back toward campus.

Meanwhile, Rainbow started looking into this annual event, to see what problems they could expect. It turned out that this event was often addressed by violence from a couple of local Polyclub branches, but there hadn't been any fatalities in several years. However, there were many injuries, often life threatening, and the previous year, a fire was started in the P.E. complex, where the event had previously been held.

He went over to the campus police office, and, letting them know that he was with a group that was providing supplemental security for the weekend's event, got in to speak to one of the administrators. He found out that there are two Polyclub groups on campus. The Alliance for Racial Purity which meets in one of the architectural studios every other week, and whose president, Sabrina Strong, is also a member of the local Alpha Gamma sorority. And Humanity First, whose secretary is also the student body secretary, Mitchell Franks, and whose president is Jordan Martin. This group meets irregularly in the Science Center Conference Room. Neither group had a meeting scheduled for this week, but both groups had publicly stated that they would be present to "peacefully and quietly" protest the sit-in this weekend.

Giggy and Michelle, after leaving the Sig Chi house, walked back to campus. Then Michelle picked a Greek house at random, and led Giggy up to the door.

"Hi, how can I help you?" the girl asked when she answered the door, looking curiously at Giggy and Michelle.

"Hi," Michelle started, "We used to be students here, and we're getting a party together with his old frat, Sig Chi, for this weekend, and we were wondering if you could help us with figuring out what to do for a poster. We really want this to be the best party this campus has ever seen."

"You're not selling anything, are you?"

"No, seriously, look, I used to live here, and I was really hoping you could help a sister out. I know if we get a group together, we can probably put something together in no time, and then we can get them up all over campus," Michelle replied, "Besides, who doesn't want a FREE party?"

Michelle continued to fast talk the girl, and before she knew quite what had happened, there were four of them sitting around a large dining room table with magazines, color swatches, and a few pocket secretaries, working out a great party poster.

While Michelle was demonstrating her creativity, Giggy stepped off to a corner of the dining room and placed his order for what he hoped would be way too much beer - 42 kegs of Kangaroo Amber, 36 kegs of Kangaroo Light, and 5 kegs of Dead kangaroo Dark, which he scheduled to be delivered only a few at a time between 3pm Friday and 3am Saturday.

Then Giggy called Rainbow, who had just left the campus security offices.

"Rainbow, what can you get me for sedatives that we can use with beer - a lot of beer?"

"What?" Rainbow responded, "What are we trying to do now?"

"I'll explain later, just see if you can get something to knock someone out - a lot of someones... After all, if the resistance is unconscious, then they can't start anything, right?"

"I'll see what I can find," Rainbow said and hung up.

Then he called Jake, his street doc - the same one he set Michelle up with for her recent surgery.

"Hey there, how is it going?" Rainbow asked.

"Just fine, and you?"

"Cool. I was wondering if you might be able to help me out, here? I was wondering if you could get me a lot of what you gave Michelle for her surgery?"

"I can probably track some down. How much is a lot and when do you need it?"

"Well, I need it Friday, and I probably need about 1,000, maybe more."

"A thousand? What are you trying to put under? A Kraken?" Jake asked. "Wait, don't answer that, I don't want to know...

"Look, let me look around. Call me back in an hour."

An hour later, Rainbow called Jake back and was able to arrange to pick up something for the weekend. Meanwhile, Michelle had gotten a poster lined out, and had gotten printing started, so she called a couple of researchers at her father's pharmaceutical company.

"Matt," she said, "this is, of course, completely off the record, but do you have anything you've been working on that might be described as causing intestinal distress, particularly something more severe than 'loose bowels' but not quite 'anal leakage.'"

"You know that we don't produce anything like that."

"Of course, but you may have tested something like it. Particularly in the weight loss or appetite suppressant categories."

"OK. Of course, you didn't find out from me," Matt replied.

"Great. Can you get me some?"


"Can you get me some. Well, a lot."

"You know that everything we have is destroyed after each testing cycle."

"Right, of course. So, if I can guarantee that it is completely destroyed, and that I won't know about it, and i won't tell anyone else about it, can you have me destroy some for you?"

"Well, if you put it that way, I may be able to have some of our supply sent to your incinerator."

"Great. We've got our own courier. I'll contact you Friday morning, and have him come over to pick up what needs to be destroyed."

"Right. And you'll have to have all of your paperwork in place for the security check at the gate. If you don't, it'll be loaded on our normal truck."

"Right. Understood."

So, keep in tune to see what happens next time...

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