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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, December 15th, 2005

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December 15th, 2005, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Giggy and Michelle got together and decided not to get the experimental drug from her contact, bu instead to just get a bunch of over the counter laxatives and to get the sedative that Rainbow had already arranged for through Jake. Over the course of the week, Giggy and Michelle went shopping to pick up the laxatives and other party supplies, including a tiara, a crown, a goblet, and a wide variety of sheets, both new and used, for people to wear as togas, as well as cups, plates, napkins, and decorations. They also picked up materials to put together several beer bongs, and Giggy arranged to have two porta-pottys provided for the night.

Then Michelle and Ming started making brownies and cookies, some with laxatives, and some without. While Ming continued baking Thursday, Michelle went to visit the pizza shop where they had pre-ordered the pizzas for the party. She got a hold of the young assistant manager, and talked to him about putting her "special seasoning" on the eighty pizzas they had ordered. At first he was hesitant, but after a several hundred nuyen bribe, he agreed and took the jar from her.

Friday afternoon at 3, Giggy, Michelle and Buckwheat showed up and started decorating. They quickly had help from the bothers living in the frat house, and by the time the first kegs arrived at 4, they were ready.

Buckwheat had a beer and then headed over to the building where the sit-in was going to take place, and got himself comfortable in the lounge near one of the entrances. Meanwhile, Giggy and Michelle went back to the car and got into their armored clothing and strapped on their guns, then put their togas on over that, making sure their guns were concealed.

When they got back to the frat house, Giggy and Michelle ran into Timmy, an exchange student from the UCAS, who had started drinking early.

"Hey, once the keg is tapped, the party has started," he told Michelle when she told him it wasn't starting for another half hour.

"Yeah," Giggy replied, "if you're gonna start drinking, get your toga on."

Giggy and Timmy talked for a while, with Giggy making an effort to introduce himself as Hambone to everyone who walked in, and show them where the beer was. The DJ finished setting up at about 4:45 and just went right into playing as Giggy and Timmy had brought him a beer.

At about ten to six, Giggy got back with Timmy.

"The little lady and I are going to go out back for a bit, if you know what I mean," Giggy started. "If anything weird happens, or if there's a real problem, call me. Here's my number. Oh, and if we're not back by 10 or so, have a toga king and queen contest. There's crowns over on the table there by the punch."

"OK. Cool. Is there more beer somewhere?' Timmy asked.

"Yeah, there should be more coming at about 8 and again at about midnight, I think," Giggy replied. "And I'd stay away from the pizza or brownies if I were you. Stick to the little smokies and the bread and cheese."

"OK, Cool."

Giggy and Michelle headed out the back door and then back to campus, shedding their togas on the way. The party was pretty busy, so they weren't expecting too much at the sit-in, and they expected it would be easier to see who was coming and going.

On the walk over, Michelle called Rainbow. "Hey, are you on your way over here?" She asked when he answered.

"Yeah, I should be there shortly."

"Good. On your way over, stop by a hardware store and pick up a couple of meter lengths of heavy chain and a pair of heavy padlocks. I want to chain those two back doors shut."

"No problem," Rainbow replied.

When they arrived at the building, Giggy took a walk around the building again to see if there were any obvious problems, and not finding any, went in and woke Buckwheat up and asked him to remember to keep an eye on the doors by the lounge.

Meanwhile, Michelle took up a position at the front entrance and greeted everyone coming into the building, directing them to the ballroom and performing cursory checks on those who looked suspicious, and on any large bags.

A few minutes later when Rainbow arrived, Giggy took up the position at the front door and Michelle went with Rainbow to chain the two rear doors. Then she and Rainbow returned to the main entrance where the three of them greeted people and could keep an eye on the large main entrance, while Buckwheat could watch the small, and apparently seldom used, entrance into the lounge.

Once the flow of people into the building slowed, Rainbow went out to his van and released his rotodrone, returning jacked into his RC deck. As traffic had slowed down, Giggy went inside and took a seat on a couch across from the main entrance to the ballroom itself and overlooking the cafeteria, where he could still see the front entrance, where Michelle was leaning up against the wall and Rainbow was sitting on a bench nea the door.

Periodically, someone would come out of the ballroom to head to the restroom, and from time to time someone would enter or leave the building, bot for a couple hours, it seemed quiet.

Then Giggy and Rainbow heard the crash of broken glass coming from the lounge. Rainbow had gotten up from his bench and was out in front of the building, with his RC deck slung over his back, he ran to that side of the building to see what was happening.

Buckwheat's voice came over the radio, "Fraggin' gas grenade."

Rainbow got around the corner and saw three people approaching the entrance. He launched a concussion grenade into the middle one, and all three dropped. As he ran forward, he saw two other people take off from the shadows, but he ignored them. He raised his gun again as something came out of the doors, but lowered it when Buckwheat's still coughing voice came over the radio stating that the gas can had been kicked out, and the gas seemed to be diffusing quickly.

Rainbow checked the three guys on the ground, and realizing the two of them were just knocked out, checked over the third, who was bleeding, with his medkit. By the time he was done, Giggy was there. Giggy zip-tied the two that Rainbow wasn't working on, and then woke up the one Rainbow treated.

Giggy made a show of cocking his shotgun and then pointed it at the guys crotch.

"So, what else do you guys have planned tonight?" Giggy asked.

"I don't know, man," the guy coughed, "I really don't know."

Giggy slid the muzzle of the gun under the waistband of the guys pants, "What else is planned?"

"Alice is doing something, but that's all I know!" the guy shouted.


"I don't know! I don't know!"

Giggy slid the gun further down so that he would minimize (or hopefully eliminate) damage and pulled the trigger.

"Drek! I don't know, man," the guy cried, "I only know that Alice was going to do something. She didn't tell me anything, I only heard from someone else."

Giggy pulled the gun out and hit the guy in the forehead with the butt.

"Now you can take him to the hospital, Rainbow," Giggy said, and went back inside.

Meanwhile, Timmy had started telling partiers that there were additional toilets (which was becoming an issue) at the student union building at the end of the block, and then had convinced several of the revelers to go streak the sit-in.

A campus security vehicle pulled up in front of the student union building, and Michelle walked over to the car.

"How's it going, officers?" she asked.

"It's been pretty busy tonight. There's this party down at one of the frats that's generating complaints. You can hear it from here. The guy who seems to be in change, though, though drunk, has been really responsive and helpful," the officer replied. "However, that's not why we stopped by. We got a report of gunshots. Is everything all right?"

"Yeah, apparently someone shot out one of the glass doors into the lounge. There's two of them tied up in the lounge with one of our guys, if you want to pick them up and haul them off."

They were interrupted by a call coming in on the radio.

"Thanks for letting us know. We'll send someone by to pick them up later," the officer replied after the call. "Right now we have to go check out a fire at that party..."

Michelle turned around to see a guy in a toga walking into the building.

"Giggy," she said over the radio. "Why are there people in togas here?"

"I don't know," Giggy replied. "Fashion statement?"

Giggy called Timmy. "Why are you sending people to the student union building?"

"Not enough toilets," Timmy responded. "A lot of people here need to use them at the same time, you know. You know what else? I was always told the Aussies were good drinkers, but these guys just can't take it. I got a bunch of people passed out already, and we're not even through the second bunch of kegs. This place is totally hoppin' man, when you comin' back?"

"We'll be back in a while, keep it goin' there for us, alright?"

"Sure man. Oh, and the cops were here a couple of times. They got all pissy about us burning junk in the front yard."

"Yeah, well, don't worry about them too much, just keep people happy - or passed out."

"Will do, man," Timmy replied, "catch ya later."

Giggy got back on the radio. "Not enough toilets. This seems to be becoming an issue."

"Yeah," Michelle replied, "so are the streakers. But it looks like they ran by and took off, so it's probably not a significant problem."

Except for one of the streakers hanging around and bothering Michelle until she sent him back to the party to get his toga and some pizza for both of them, it was quite for several hours.

Then, a couple hours after midnight, Timmy finally came to the student union building to use the restroom. On his way back out of the building, he saw Giggy leaning against the wall.

"Hey, Hambone," Timmy said, patting Giggy on the shoulder, "why aren't you coming back to the party?"

"We're kinda busy here, Timmy," Michelle responded. "Why don't you go back to the party?"

"Nah, I'm gonna hang out here with my main man, Hambone!" Timmy replied. "You're not here with those pansy beatniks, are ya, Hambone?" Timmy asked, turning back to Giggy.

"Nope, we're just making sure they have the most boring night of their life."

"Hey, you're carrying a gun! Dude, so am I," Timmy exclaimed, noticing Giggy's shotgun. "Check this out," he continued, drawing his Roomsweeper from under his toga.

"Put that away," Michelle said.

"Why are you carrying that, Timmy?" Giggy asked.

"Personal protection, man," Timmy responded, "you never can be sure. Especially not in a big city like this."

"Are you going to go back to the party, Timmy?" Michelle asked.

"No, babe, I'm gonna stay here and help out my man Hambone," Timmy responded. "We're tight, man. We're gonna keep it boring here!"

Michelle looked over Timmy's shoulder at Giggy.

"OK, Timmy, here's what I need you to do," Giggy started. "Go to the end of this balcony area, then go right, then left and there's two sets of doors."


"OK, watch those doors, and if anyone tries to come in, or if anything happens, call me right away."

"Awesome, man," Timmy said, heading off down the hallway.

"Buckwheat, wake up," Michelle said over the radio.

"Hey, I wasn't even sleeping, so back off."

"Well, just wanted to let you know that Timmy from the party is back by those chained doors, and he's drunk, and he's armed, so be careful."

"Right. You want me to knock him out?" Buckwheat asked. "Because I'm not sure that I'm up to that right now. I'm still feeling pretty crapy from taking a lungful of whatever was in that gas can earlier."

"No," Giggy replied, "we just wanted you to know that he was back there."


A few minutes later, a news van drove up. "Giggy, do we care about that news van?" Rainbow asked, watching it through his drone.

"Not unless they try to get in the building or do anything obnoxious."

"OK. It looks like they parked around back and are setting up lights to talk to some people by the back doors."

"Thanks, Rainbow, keep an eye on them," Giggy replied.

Giggy's phone rang, "Hello."

"Yeah, Hambone, it's Timmy."


"Well, there's people out here with cameras and stuff. Is that a problem?"

"Not unless they try to get inside. Try to stay out of camera shot, and let me know if anything else happens."

Rainbow left his drone hovering over the building and watching the news crew, and headed over to Buckwheat in the lounge. Buckwheat was, as expected, occupying as much as possible of the most comfortable piece of furniture in the lounge and dozing.

"I'm not asleep, Rainbow, so don't start," he said when Rainbow walked into the room.

Rainbow shrugged and walked on to the door which had been shot out earlier in the evening.

A few minutes later, Giggy radioed to let everyone know that Timmy saw the news crew leave. Rainbow replied that his drone saw that as well.

Shortly after the news crew left, Rainbow saw something warm creeping along behind the hedge across the sidewalk from where he was watching. He watched for a few minutes, watching to see if the person did anything suspicious. He also brought his drone over to hover over this side of the building.

When the person stopped almost directly across from him, Rainbow carefully aimed and took a shot. Unfortunately, he missed because of the interference from the hedge. The person dropped to their knees, and Rainbow sent his drone down for a close look. As the drone neared, the person took a shot at the drone and then dropped to the ground. The drone was able to confirm that it was one person, and that she was alone.

Giggy's voice came over the radio. "Who's shooting and what is it?" he asked.

"There's someone in the bushes," Rainbow replied. "She's got a gun and she tried to shoot my drone."

"I'm on my way," Giggy said over the radio. "You wait here," he continued to Michelle.

Giggy started down the hallway as Rainbow took another shot at the woman behind the hedge. Just then there was a loud crash from the other side of the building.

Timmy turned with a start as one of the chained doors at the end of the hall was pried open. A man stepped through and Timmy took a shot. The man fell and Timmy started toward the door, dialing Giggy's number. "There's someone breaking in," he said when Giggy answered his phone, and then hung up without waiting for a reply.

"Rainbow, I think Timmy needs help," Giggy said over the radio.

"Yeah? I'm headed that way, I think I hit the woman in the bushes this time, and it looks like she went down," Rainbow replied over the radio. "Buckwheat, get her tied up, I'm gonna go see if Giggy needs help."

Rainbow took off around the building toward where Timmy was, while Giggy ran through the halls.

Timmy got to the doors and kicked the guy whom he had just hit, and then took a shot through the damaged door at whatever was out there.

Unfortunately, a guy standing off to Timmy's left in the shadows of the building was able to take a shot and hit Timmy in the shoulder. Timmy turned and took a shot at his assailant, but unfortunately missed. Rainbow's shot, however, from around the corner was true and the guy dropped before he had an opportunity to hit Timmy again.

Seeing someone moving in the darkness out past the building, Timmy shouted, "Freeze or you're next!"

"There's one more in the doorway, Giggy," Rainbow said over the radio, "Should I take him?"

"The guy in the toga is ours, don't shoot him," Giggy replied, just getting to Timmy. "Do you see anyone else?"

"I think someone was running off to the west, but I didn't get a good look."

"Hey, Buckwheat, if you feel up to it come over here and see what you can do for these guys. It looks like we have a couple of wounded," Giggy called over the radio.

A few minutes later, another campus security patrol came by.

"Evening officers," Michelle greeted them.

"We got another report of gunfire here," one of the officers replied.

"Yeah. I was up front, so I don't have all the details, but I guess they came in from both sides at once. So, now there's five tied up back there for ya when you get a chance."

Giggy and Rainbow helped the officers take in the assailants over the next hour, and the rest of the time was pretty uneventful.

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