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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, February 16th, 2006

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February 16th, 2006, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

We started this week with some blue-booking so people could use up karma - and so Timmy could get a driving skill before he drove back across a quarter of the continent...

After they had been in Adelaide for a week, Elizabeth called Rainbow to arrange a meeting on short notice. She wanted to see them at a fancy restaurant at 7 that evening. Rainbow called everyone and arranged for Timmy to pick them all up in his student driver car, as Rainbow had sent his van into another body shop to get a good paint job while they were waiting for Jonah to recover and need a ride back to Sydney.

Everyone went out and picked up some nice clothes for the meet, and they went to the restaurant. The Gentleman at the coat check counter requested Giggy's holdout pistol, but didn't notice Timmy's. Rainbow didn't even bother to try to hid his gun, just checked the gun and shoulder holster with his jacket.

They were shown to Elizabeth's table, which had only been set for four, Elizabeth having not considered Buckwheat or Giggy. The staff quickly remedied this error, and they each took a seat. The bodyguard Elizabeth was with was silent through the whole meeting, just calmly watching the proceedings.

"We are looking for some people to collect a parcel from a secured dock. My understanding is that you might be able to pull that off, and interested in doing so," Elizabeth stated after their dinner had been brought. She had taken the liberty of ordering them each the Fillet.

"Go on," Giggy said, sipping his wine.

"There is a parcel, about half a meter by half a meter by a quarter meter," Elizabeth gestured with her hands to demonstrate the approximate size of the box, "which was loaded onto a ship at about 4pm this afternoon."

"Where is the ship?" Rainbow asked.

"It is docked at a private peer here in Adelaide."

"What's security like?" Giggy asked.

"The dock is fenced, and the fence extends into the water. There are two manned gatehouses, and the perimeter is patrolled. The grounds are also under constant video surveillance."

"What's the pay?" Rainbow asked.

"Are you interested?" Elizabeth countered, looking over the group.

"Does it matter if your box is slightly charred?" Buckwheat asked.

"If the contents are damaged, I have no use for them, and you would not be compensated," Elizabeth responded.

"What's the pay?" Giggy asked.

"Are you interested?" Elizabeth countered again.

Giggy looked around the table. "Yeah, we're interested."

"If you return with the package before sun-up, and the goods are unharmed, I'll pay you 60k," Elizabeth said. "You'll need to act quickly, the ship is scheduled to leave at 3am, and it's nearly 9."

"Do you have a map or an address?" Rainbow asked.

Elizabeth pulled a satellite photo out of her purse and slid it over to him. It was a photo of a dock with about a block of surrounding area. One ship was circled on the photo. Rainbow passed the photo on to Giggy.

After dinner Giggy, Rainbow, Timmy and Buckwheat returned to the hotel in the student driver car and got changed. The left again a few minutes later, again all piling into the student driver car, but now with Rainbow driving. They drove over to the docks and found where they were supposed to be. Between the surrounding buildings and the very large ship pulled into the near berth in the fenced area, they could only get a brief glimpse of the ship they ware supposed to access. Rainbow drove around the block again, and as they drove past this time, Giggy and Rainbow looked for cameras anywhere, but couldn't see any.

"Hunh..." Buckwheat said from the back seat.

"What?" Giggy asked.

"Well, it looks like there's a giant, magically active squid under the big ship there. Do you think it's part of their security?"

"I don't know," said Giggy, "we'll have to take that under consideration."

Rainbow parked the car around the corner and hidden from view of the dock by an adjacent building, and they got out.

"Let's see if we can get through one of these buildings an get into the dockyard from above," Rainbow suggested.

Timmy and Giggy walked up to the next building, and Timmy knocked on the door. Giggy looked at the two five-meter square overhead doors in the building while Timmy waited for someone to respond.

Giggy came up beside Timmy and tried the door to confirm that it was locked. He took a deep breath and hit the door. The metal buckled and groaned under the force of the impact. Giggy tried the handle, and it came off in his hand. He looked at the door and handed the handle to Timmy. Giggy rubbed his hands together nd again hit the door. This time there were some sounds of popping metal, and Timmy and Giggy stepped out of the way as the door clanged to the ground.

Timmy stepped over the fallen door and walked into the darkness in the building. Giggy looked after him for a moment, and then stepped over the door himself. Feeling around the door frame to his right, he found the light switch and turned it on.

The warehouse floor was relatively empty. There was a single cargo container against the north wall, and a large piece of farm equipment which Timmy had walked up to.

Rainbow stepped in past Giggy and looked around. "There's a lift over in the corner," he said, gesturing. "I'm going to go look up stairs. There's windows facing the street up there, maybe there are windows overlooking the dock, too."

As Rainbow headed to the lift, Giggy joined Timmy looking at the tractor.

"Guys, there's gunfire coming from the dock," Buckwheat announced over the radio.

"Yeah, I see it," Rainbow replied. "It looks like your squid thing is pretty pissed. I don't think it was part of there security, it's making a real mess of things.

"We can't get through these windows," Rainbow continued. "Is that rig down there rigged?"

"Yeah, it's got a jack, at least," Giggy replied. "Let me get the door for you."

Giggy walked over to the large overhead doors and hit the switch to open the nearer one, while Rainbow cam back down in the lift and ran for the vehicle. Timmy took off out the door toward the car.

Timmy ran past Buckwheat, who had been walking from the car to the building everyone else was in, and slid over the hood of the car and jumped into the driver's seat. He started up the car, spun it around in the street, and drove back to the intersection near the gate to the dock. Realizing that he was now ahead of everyone else, and he had no idea what the plan was, he skidded the car to a stop. "What's the plan, guys?" he asked over the radio.

As Buckwheat watched, the wide, low swathing head of Rainbow's new ride came through the opened overhead door. As the rest of the combine emerged from the door, Giggy was swinging up onto the ladder to the cab. Rainbow carefully maneuvered the awkward vehicle around a couple of parked cars and onto the street, then turned toward the dock at the street corner.

"I'm going through the fence, then you guys follow me," Rainbow said over the radio. "Keep the other car out on the street so we have an easy get away."

Hearing this, Giggy opened the door to the cab and squeezed into the confined space with Rainbow. Buckwheat turned around and started running back toward the dock.

As the combine drove through the perimeter fence, one of the security staff from the dock turned to fire on it. Rainbow drew his pistol, as did Giggy. Leaning out of the cab, Rainbow took a shot at the guy preparing to fire on them. A tentacle from the water grabbed a hold of the rear of the combine and began to pull it toward the water. Giggy shot the tentacle, and it withdrew, dropping the rear of the vehicle. The dock guard opened fire on the combine, and this, coupled with the damage from being dropped stopped the combine. Giggy and Rainbow baled out of the smoking, fluid spewing vehicle as another tentacle from the water swept it into the water. Giggy and Rainbow both shot the guard who had fired on them, and he dropped.

Running down the hill after the combine, Buckwheat threw a powerball into the fray, hoping to miss his buddies. A loud gong resounded out of the area from the impact between the spell and the ship's hull.

Timmy started up the car again as soon as the fence was open, but not being prepared to compensate for driving the compact car over the curb, slot control of it and slid it into the remaining portion of the fence.

As Timmy got out of the car and started running across the dock yard after Giggy and Rainbow, Buckwheat tossed another powerball into the area, and again it was reported by a clang from another dent in the hull of the ship.

Giggy and Rainbow got to the smaller ship without further ado, as the security for the dock was primarily concerned with the damage being done to the larger ship and that the two gate houses had been torn down by the kraken that was flailing about in the water.

It did not take Rainbow and Giggy long to get into the secondary hold, and then with the help of Rainbow's portable vid-phone, Elizabeth helped them identify the correct parcel.

They ran back out of the ship, almost running into Timmy who had gotten that far through the chaos of the dock. As they ran back across the yard, harbor patrol and coast guard were coming in to help deal with the kraken.

The four got back into the car, with Rainbow driving again, and took off. As they were driving away, they met several Lonestar vehicles coming toward the scene.

Timmy called Elizabeth to let her know they had the package, and to arrange an exchange.

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