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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, March 2nd, 2006

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March 2nd, 2006, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

When her doctor said she was all right to go, Michelle checked herself out of the hospital and headed home. On the way, she called Giggy to let him know she was out and to find out what the plan was. Giggy let her know that they were still in Adelaide waiting for Timmy's friend Jonah to get well enough for the trip back to Sydney. She told Giggy that she would join them there, as she had nothing she currently needed to take care of in Sydney.

The next morning, before she took off for Adelaide, Timmy called her. He wanted her to check to see if she could find him any explosives to replace what he had used on the way over to Adelaide. Michelle called Fixer, and mechanic friend of hers who had been able to pull through with things like this from time to time, only to find out that he didn't have any. She did, however, find out that he had a phone number in Adelaide that they could call to look for some. Michelle called Timmy to let him know.

Timmy called the number, and got an answering system.

"Hi, my name's Timmy," he started, "and I got your number from a friend who got your number from Fixer in Sydney. I was looking to get 5 k's of number four. If you can help out, ring me back."

Rainbow picked up his van from the body shop in Adelaide. Hoping that the fact that it was now blue would lessen their chances of being associated with an assault on a Lone Star cop... At least they hadn't been nailed for that yet.

Giggy and Rainbow started working out details for getting to India to find out what was on that chip Giggy had found in Alice almost a year before...

The next day, Timmy got a call back from Fixer's contact.

"This Timmy?" he asked.

"Yeah," Timmy replied. "You got anything for me?"

"It seems to be a bit dry on explosives currently," the guy replied. "Anything else you might need?"

"Well, what about detonators?"

"How many?"

"Those I have in stock," the voice replied. "Do you know where Rundel park is?"

"Yeah, been there once or twice."

"Good. Meet me by the old ice rink at midnight."

Timmy headed over to Rundel park to pass the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening...

That evening Michelle rolled into town. She got a room at the same hotel as everyone else, and started working with Giggy and Rainbow on ideas about the India trip.

At about 11:55 that night, Timmy heard the distinctive sound of a gun cocking, and felt the muzzle pressed against the base of his skull. Timmy slowly moved his hands away from his body and began to raise them.

"Are you Timmy?" a familiar voice asked.


"Are you a cop?" the voice asked.

"No..." Timmy replied.

"You got cred?"

"Yeah, in my pocket," Timmy replied, slowly moving his hand into his pocket and pulling out a credstick.

A hand ostensibly attached to the voice took the credstick from Timmy's hand and Timmy heard the familiar sound of a stick reader verifying a stick. Then the stick was put back in his hand and a package dropped on the wall beside him.

"Nice doing business with you," the voice said, and was gone.

Timmy returned to the hotel, took the package up to his room and then proceeded to the bar.

The next morning Giggy, Rainbow and Michelle went over to Elizabeth's clinic to see Jonah. They were stopped at the entry, which was through a mechanic's shop, by one of Elizabeth's toughs, who didn't recognize Michelle. He got Elizabeth to come up and she went ahead and escorted them in to see Jonah. Jonah was still on a respirator, but was frequently conscious. Elizabeth was confident that though his healing got off to a rocky start and had taken longer than expected, that he was now healing nicely and should be ready for travel in a week, or maybe a little more.

By the end of the week, Timmy received a call from Jonah, to let him know that he was ready to go, and to thank them for staying on waiting for him. Timmy let everyone know, and they all got ready to go. Michelle got into her car while the rest got into Rainbow's van and they went over to Elizabeth's clinic and picked up Jonah.

Jonah was wearing a fiberglass chest cast to keep him from putting undue strain on any of his stitches and to reduce risk of getting his thoroughly scrambled innards from getting any worse, but with a little help from Giggy and Timmy he was able to get into the van. They drove out of Adelaide and after about half a day's driving, Timmy turned to Jonah.

"So," Timmy started, "about payment..."

"Dude," Jonah replied, "I didn't you get the 15k I sent?"

"Yeah," Giggy replied, "but this actually cots a bit more than that."

"Jonah, buddy," Timmy interjected, "these guys are professionals. They're used to being paid a little better than that, so where's the money?"

"Timmy, man, where do you think I'm gonna get money?"

"Jonah, look," Timmy said, "these guys are not going to take this casually. Giggy here spent 2,000 paying a gang to steak a car for him because the guy selling it wouldn't take 900 when Giggy offered it."

"Yeah, there's Michelle's hospital costs, she took a bullet for you, ya know," Giggy elaborated, "mileage, hotel fees, incidental expenses..."

"And don't forget I had to get the van painted - twice," Rainbow interrupted.

"Plus the two FBI agents that were trying to track down your body. Rainbow had to take those out for you," Giggy continued, "I'd say about another 25,000.

"We want you to write an I.O.U. out for us, and leave us with some blood so if you don't decide to pay, we can track you down and get it from you, or track you down and take it out of your hide."

"You're kidding, right?" Jonah asked.

"No, they're not," Timmy confirmed.

"Here's a pad and here's a pen - I know you can write, you were writing notes when you were in the hospital," Giggy offered.

"OK. Look. There's no need for all that. I can pay you 25,000 when we get to Sydney."

"No. You'll write the I.O.U. and sign it, and give us the tissue sample, then you can get it back when you pay us."

"Seriously, guys, I'll pay you as soon as we get to Sydney."

"I don't care when you pay us," Giggy said, popping a round out of one of his clips. "This is flechette. Not much good against armor, but you don't seem to have armor on your face." Giggy put the round back in his clip, and the clip back in his gun. "Now, write the I.O.U. and give us some blood."

"OK. I'll write you a stupid note, but since I can give you the money as soon as we get to Sydney, there's no need for the blood, OK?"

Giggy turned and thumped Jonah solid in the front of his chest cast. The crackle of the cast fracturing was loud in the relatively small cabin of the van. "No," Giggy said, "write the I.O.U. and give us a sample, and quit arguing about it."

Jonah took a rattling gasp and lost consciousness.

When Jonah regained consciousness a short time later, Giggy again handed him the not pad and told him to sign and to give them a sample.

"Please," Jonah said between shallow gasps, "I'll pay you as soon as we get to Sydney. You can even come with me."

"Not good enough," Rainbow said. "Michelle, find a place to park and wait for us," he continued over the radio.

Rainbow turned off the road and drove through the fence that marked the right-of-way and headed off cross country.

"Where are we going?" Jonah asked between rasping breaths.

"We don't want to dump a body on the main highway," Rainbow replied.

"What? No," Jonah rasped.

Giggy took out a roll of duct tape and put a piece over his mouth before he could finish whatever he was gong to say.

"Oh, drek. Stop the car," Buckwheat said, "we're being followed."

Rainbow stopped the van. "I don't see anyone," he said.

The watcher following them was so weak that it took Buckwheat almost no time and even less effort to destroy it. "Well, that's taken care of," he said, returning to his body almost instantaneously.

"Well, head back to the road, Rainbow," Giggy said. "They might know we were here.

"It looks like someone bought you some more time," Giggy continued turning toward Jonah.

They returned to the road, and Rainbow drove on for another 45 minutes. Michelle pulled out behind them when she saw them go past. When Rainbow again drove off the road and out into some pasture, she pulled off the side of the road to wait.

A few minutes later a patrol officer pulled over behind Michelle's Eurocar. The officer walked up to her car and tapped on the window with a gloved knuckle.

Michelle rolled down the window and set her phone down with her other hand. She looked up to the officer. "Can I help you, officer?" she asked him.

"Ma'am, this is an emergency parking only freeway," he said.

"Yes, officer," Michelle started. "I got a call and didn't want to cause an accident," she continued, pointing to the phone she had put down on the seat beside her.

"All right," the officer said, "wrap it up quickly and tell them you can call them back from the next authorized parking area."

"Yes, officer, I will."

He returned to his car, turned off his lights and pulled back onto the highway. Apparently, he had not noticed the downed fence a couple of kilometers back.

Michelle waited a couple of minutes, and then pulled back onto the highway to look for the next authorized pull-off...

Meanwhile, Rainbow drove off cross country. Giggy and Timmy had duct taped Jonah's arms and legs, making him even more helpless than he was before.

"Now, are you going to write an I.O.U. and give us a sample, or are we going to drop you in the wilderness?" Giggy asked.

"Ow!" Jonah screamed when Giggy ripped the tape off of his mouth unceremoniously. "I'll pay you. I'll pay you, OK? Just get me to Sydney and I can pay you!" Jonah cried.

"Wrong answer," Giggy said, slapping the tape back over Jonah's mouth.

Giggy took out a sliver of flechette from an old shell he had broken open, and used the sharp edge to slice open Jonah's arm. Jonah screamed through the duct tape over his mouth, and passed out again. Giggy collected some of the blood on the note pad, but quite a bit dripped on Jonah's and Giggy's clothing, and some dripped on the floor of the van.

After finding a nice ravine a couple of kilometers off the road, Rainbow stopped.

Giggy and Timmy got out of the car and took Jonah with them. Timmy had taken some of Rainbow's C-IV, and had been molding it into the cracks in Jonah's chest cast.

"Look," Giggy said, "we'll give you one last chance."

"We don't want to hear anything about 'I'll pay you in Sydney,'" Rainbow said.

Giggy ripped the tape off of Jonah's mouth.

"Ow! you bastards!" Jonah shouted through rasping breath.

"Wrong answer again," Rainbow said as Giggy taped his mouth again and pushed him to the ground.

Timmy, Rainbow, and Giggy got back into the van. When they were about a kilometer away, Timmy hit the detonator. He had used enough explosive that they could see the explosion from where they were.

When they got to Sydney, they went straight to the Hippogryph. Giggy ordered drinks and introduced Timmy to Rodriguez at the door, and Andrew behind the bar.

A few minutes after they arrived, a little Japanese girl came up to Buckwheat and said, "Excuse me, sir."

Buckwheat looked down at her, "Yes."

"Sama-san would like to speak with your and your friends."

"Very well," Buckwheat said getting up. "May we just head back there, or do you need to show up the way?"

"Either way is fine," the little girl said.

"Thank you," Buckwheat responded, waving to Giggy and Michelle, who followed, attracting Timmy and Rainbow respectively.

Shortly after they were all in the back room, Mr. Sama came in. Giggy had his head on the table, but the others were all standing. Mr. Sama looked them over once and then took his customary set at the end of the table.

"There is a flight arriving at 7:15pm this Thursday," Mr. Sama said. "On it will be a crate. You will collect this crate and deliver it to Mr. Michael Johnson in New Castle. Mr. Johnson will be expecting you before 9:00am on Friday.

"The parcel is approximately 1mX.75mX.5m, and can be collected at the airline cargo terminal.

"To expedite your collection of the package at the air port, Mr. Johnson has provided two IDs which somewhat match Buckwheat-san and Michelle-san. These IDs should pass quick confirmation, but will not survive much scrutiny. You should insure that they do not come under much scrutiny." Mr. Sama slid two envelopes down the table.

"On successful delivery of the package, Mr. Johnson will pay you 50k plus gratuity.

"That will be all." Mr. Sama got up and left the room.

Now we'll just have to wait to see what happens next week...

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