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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

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March 23rd, 2006, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

The next morning, the group decided to go check out the airport. Timmy, Buckwheat, and Michelle all piled into Rainbow's van, but Giggy drove himself. Michelle and Rainbow noticed the security cameras at the entry to the parking lot, and Michelle ducked down in the van to try to avid being seen.

Giggy locked his guns in the saddlebags on his bike and secured his helmet, then he and Michelle headed over to the building. Once inside, they walked around for a bit and then made their way to the bar.

Buckwheat headed to another door, followed by Timmy a ways behind him. Rainbow headed toward a door closer to the end of the building. Buckwheat walked in, looked both ways, scanning signs, and then turned left and started walking toward baggage claim as Timmy entered the building.

When Timmy walked through the door, an alarm klaxon went off and a blue light started flashing above the door. Timmy froze in his tracks momentarily, but recovered as a uniformed security officer stepped toward the entry.

"Sorry," Timmy said before the officer said anything, "I'll just drop that in the car." He turned and walked out of the building. He returned to where the van was parked and slid his two guns under a car parked in an adjacent space.

Rainbow walked into the building and looked down the row of airline counters. Spotting the Western Pacific counter, where they were expecting to pick up their package the next evening, he walked to it. When the young man at the counter asked if he needed assistance, Rainbow replied that he needed to pick up some cargo. The man at the counter excused himself and walked into the back office. He returned a few minutes later and informed Rainbow that the crew were currently servicing a plane and would be returning in about fifteen minutes.

Timmy returned to the building and entered without issue. He found a member of the maintenance staff and asked where the F.O.B. was. When it quickly became clear that the maintenance woman wasn't entirely sure what he was talking about, he clarified with, "You know, where the pilots all hang out." The staff women then directed him to the back hallway on the east end of the concourse.

Meanwhile, Giggy and Michelle took a table in the bar. After a few minutes, Michelle noticed a guy in a business suit at another table checking her out. Noticing Michelle's glances, Giggy turned around.

Catching the guy trying to get Michelle's attention, Giggy signaled over a waitress and ordered him a margarita. Michelle got up and looked out the window overlooking the tarmac.

When they guy got his margarita, Giggy looked over at him. He looked back at Giggy somewhat sheepishly, and Giggy winked at him. After a few minutes, Giggy got up and went out of the bar, but took a seat nearby and picked up a magazine.

They guy went over and introduced himself to Michelle, leaving the margarita untouched on his old table. He and Michelle spoke for several minutes before he had to leave to catch his plane.

Timmy walked to the east end of the airport and then into the back hallway. There, at the end of the hall was a door with a sign over it that said "Staff and Crew Lounge." The door was locked, and beside it was a card reader. Timmy looked at the card reader briefly and then turned around. About fifteen feet behind him was the same security guard who had come to the door when he set off the alarm.

Rainbow had only been sitting in the waiting area in front of the various ticket counters for a few minutes when a scrubby looking ork in a coverall came out from behind the counter and walked up to him.

"You here to get some cargo" the ork asked.


"What is it?"

"It's some food and cooking stuff my grandmother sent," Rainbow replied.

"I don't remember anything coming in as cooking supplies," the ork responded. "Do you know when they were supposed to be here?"

"I thought this morning."

"Well, come on back, lets see what we can find."

The ork led Rainbow behind the counter and past the package inspection point, then through a security door which he opened by placing his thumb on a scanner, then diagonally across a small room and through another thumbprint scanner secured door. They entered a dirty, noisy garage and storage room, which smelled of stale diesel exhaust and the ork grabbed a clipboard and flipped through it.

"Do you have an air bill number? I don't see any cooking supplies on the manifests for this morning. Who sent it?" the ork asked.

"Cynthia Kimple, my grandmother, sent it," Rainbow replied.

"I don't see that name either. What was the point of origin?"


"OK, let me look that up in the computer," the ork said. "I don't see anything along those lines manifest out of Adelaide at all. You sure you don't have an air bill number?"

"No, she didn't give me one," Rainbow replied, sounding disheartened, "but she sometimes forgets things..."

"Well, see if you can get an air bill number, and then call back down here, or call the dispatch line and you can track that package and find out where it is, and when it's expected," the ork explained. "Here, I'll show you out."

The ork politely ushered Rainbow back out to the ticket counter.

"Can I help you find something?" the security guard asked Timmy.

"Yes," Timmy replied, "I'm looking to rent a plane."

"The information booth would probably be the best place to get information on that."

"Thanks," Timmy said walking past the officer.

He found his way to the information desk and asked the young woman behind the counter. She directed him to Arlinson Aviation, and gave him directions.

Rainbow walked out of the building and went to the van. He pulled out of the short term parking and drove back around to the entrance to the long term parking garage. While driving through the garage, Timmy radioed him.

"Where are you?" Timmy asked.

"In the parking garage," Rainbow replied. "Why?"

"I'm in front of the terminal. Come and pick me up. I want to talk to these people over at this flight school."

"Come and pick me up too," Buckwheat chimed in. "I think I've counted enough surveillance cameras and guards for one day. I'll meet you out front."

"Actually, I'll be a couple of minutes, I need to get my guns from the parking lot..."

Rainbow picked up Buckwheat and Timmy in the passenger loading zone, and then drove Timmy over to the ugly red and green building for the flight school and dropped him off.

After the business man left, Michelle got up and walked out of the bar. Giggy fell in with her as she walked past and they went down to the information desk.

"Do you have any information on airport security?" Giggy asked.

"Sure," the young girl replied, smiling and handing him a brochure titled Airport Security and Your Safety, Our Number One Priority!

"Thanks," Giggy replied and he headed toward the door, Michelle close behind.

"You radio Rainbow and get him to come pick you up. I'll go find this flight school and get Timmy," Giggy suggested, and then walked out into the parking lot. A couple of minutes later, Rainbow stopped by and picked Michelle up.

Once they were all en route from the airport, Rainbow got on the radio, "There's several choke points in the airport itself where a properly trained and coordinated security staff could quickly isolate a section of the airport, or head off a single individual or a small group."

"Yeah," Buckwheat replied, "there's cameras in almost every corner, but I didn't see any astral security."

"You also shouldn't have any problems picking up your package tomorrow. The staff just escorted me right into the back room like it was nothing," Rainbow commented.

"Michelle," Giggy interjected, "what did you find out?"

"I have the information on my ID down," she replied, "at least far enough that I can order drinks on it and make small talk appropriately. Of course, Giggy, I'm sure what you really wanted to know is that his name is Jesse, and he's a systems analyst for Plavacor Pharmaceuticals, and he'll be in Darwin for the next two weeks setting up a new manufacturing plant and research lab."

"Well," Timmy interjected when Michelle was done, "I have an introductory flying lesson for tomorrow morning at 10, and then I'll try to get a second on the grounds of needing air time for 7-8 tomorrow evening, so I can watch to see if there is anything out of the ordinary where you all can't see it when you're picking stuff up."

The next day, Timmy had in fact arranged for a second hour or flight, so he was in the air at 7. Giggy was planning to pick him up just after 8 when his lesson was over, depending on how long it took to get the plane on the ground and get everything taken care of. Michelle and Buckwheat would ride up with Rainbow, and get out of the van, collect the package, and get in the van. Then they would all head to the Pacific Coast Highway and then north toward Newcastle.

Rainbow got to the airport with Michelle and Buckwheat at 7:45. When Michelle and Buckwheat went in to pick up the package, the crew was already ready. Michelle signed the paperwork and let the guy see her ID, while Buckwheat leaned on the hand truck they had brought along to move the package. One of the cargo workers helped Buckwheat get the crate onto the truck, and then they were shown out to the ticket counter.

Buckwheat and Michelle manhandled the package into the back seat of the van, and then Michelle climbed in back with the package and pulled the truck up after her. Buckwheat got into the front passenger seat, and they drove off.

Michelle radioed Giggy to tell them they were taking off, and Timmy replied that he had just landed and they should catch up shortly.

They drove across town uneventfully, and Giggy pulled in behind Rainbow as they were pulling down the ramp onto the highway. It was getting on toward 9pm, so traffic was just starting to thin out, but was still reasonably heavy.

"Still no astral pursuit," Buckwheat announced about fifteen minutes later.

"Hey, Giggy," Michelle asked, "Do you think it would be worth having Claudia come up here with some friends to act as an escort?"

"Good idea," Giggy replied. "I'll call her." He put his bike on autopilot and flipped open his phone.

Then, a moment later, "What the drek..." Buckwheat said, pointing off to the side of the road, just as Rainbow swerved violently to avoid gunfire. The fire from the heavy weapon shook the van and pushed it into the next lane, sparks and flame all up the left side of the van.

Struggling to maintain control of the van, Rainbow launched his roto drone out of the rear of the van, as the vehicle that had been waiting in ambush pulled onto the road rapidly accelerating toward them.

"Hazardous situation, autopilot disengaging," Giggy's motorcycle announced.

"Drek!" Giggy shouted, flipping his phone closed and grabbing the grips on the Harley.

Suddenly the road in front of Giggy burst into flames as a massive explosion took out most of the highway, and several meters of shrubbery to the left of the road.

"I need to lay down now, but I don't think he'll be bothering us any more," Buckwheat said, getting out of his pilot's chair in front and heading toward the broad bench in the back. Michelle took one look at the deep circles forming under his eyes and realized that that explosion behind them had not been accidental.

Michelle got into the front seat, and pulled out a gun. It was more obvious when she was doing something, even if the results weren't as dramatic as when Buckwheat did.

Seeing the explosion, Giggy slammed on the breaks and came to an abrupt halt. Between his bike and the van was a ten meter circle of burnt out war-zone. Burning debris was heading down the highway after the van, slowly losing speed, and the heat was uncomfortable.

So, now we'll really have to see what happens next time...

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