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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, April 6th, 2006

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April 6th, 2006, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Giggy worked his wy through the wreckage, and once on the other side, easily overtook Rainbow's heavily damaged van. They made the decision to stop at the Gosford and pick up a u-Haul. Giggy and Timmy pulled ahead and found the rental place in Gosford. He rented all eight of the trucks they had, after confirming that they had autopilots, then he rented all four of their enclosed trailers. When Rainbow pulled up they unloaded the cargo from his van and put that in one of the u-Hauls. Rainbow drove his van to a nearby 24 hour parking lot, and then walked back to the u-Haul place.

Giggy had hooked up the trailers to four of the trucks, and had loaded his motorcycle into one of them. Giggy and Michelle went around and set the autopilots on the three unoccupied trucks, one to follow Rainbow, one to follow Giggy and one to follow Michelle. Then each of the five of them got into their own trucks and they started off down the road. They pulled back onto the Pacific Highway with Giggy in the lead with his motorcycle in his truck, followed by his slaved vehicle, then Timmy and his slaved vehicle, then Rainbow with the cargo, then Michelle and her slaved vehicle, then Buckwheat in the rear.

About 15km out of Gosford, Timmy pulled out and passed Giggy, and Timmy's slaved vehicle politely followed suit, leaving Giggy in the third vehicle when the motorcycles slid out and surrounded Timmy's truck.

Timmy looked to the right and then to the left, and realized that this was not a good situation to be in, and slid down in the seat to give himself as much protection from the vehicle's door as he could.

Giggy rolled down his window and leaned out. "This has been a bad day, I recommend you just bug off before we get pissy!" he shouted, drawing his shotgun.

The first two shots from the motorcyclists took out Timmy's two front tires, but between his driving experiences on the way to Adelaide and his recent driving lessons, he was much better prepared for this test and kept control of the vehicle.

As soon as shots were fired, the three vehicles on autopilot began carefully making their way to the shoulder of the road and stopping until they could understand what was happening.

Rainbow and Michelle pulled into the other two lanes northbound, in hopes of both clearer shots and being able to drive the bikers off the road - or at least ahead of their convoy.

Giggy took a shot at one of the bikers, but the biker was able to keep control of his bike. Rainbow took a shot at a second one, and dropped him, but a shot at a third was not fatal. Michelle swerved to avoid the fallen motorcycle from Rainbow's first shot, while Giggy was unable to avoid driving over the fallen body. The two injured bikers tried to pull away from the range of Giggy and Rainbow's guns, while a third switched his bike to autopilot and jumped onto Timmy's running board, grabbing the rear-view mirror for balance.

Timmy heard the noise and took a shot over his head out the window, grazing the biker's jacket. Rainbow took a shot at another biker, dropping him right in front of Timmy's truck. Timmy drove right over the biker and his motorcycle, but luckily did not lose control of his truck. Rainbow took another shot at a fourth biker, dropping this one right in front of Michelle. She again swerved to miss the biker and his bike, but Giggy was unable to avoid the two bikers and the bike Timmy had already gone over. However, is outback driving experiences proved beneficial and he was able to maintain control of the vehicle.

One of the other bikers took a shot again at Timmy's truck, causing some serious damage. Timmy started drifting to the shoulder of the road, but not before Michelle caught up to him and took the biker hanging from Timmy's door by the collar and threw him to the ground between their trucks. Giggy was unable to avoid this biker either, as he was too busy taking a shot at another to Timmy's left. This guy lost control of his bike and began sliding down the highway.

Buckwheat caught up with the carnage, but was unable to successfully navigate the bodies and motorcycles strewn across the freeway. He sideswiped the unmanned u-Haul which was formerly following Timmy, and regained control of his vehicle as he got onto the shoulder.

Rainbow took another two shots, dropping another uninjured biker, and taking down the first one Giggy had hit. Michelle took a shot at another of the injured bikers, dropping him, then swerved to again miss the renewed carnage on the road.

Giggy took a shot at one of the two remaining bikers who were now boxed in to his left and behind Timmy's van which was rapidly coming to a halt. The biker Giggy hit lost control of his vehicle and ran into the rear of Timmy's truck. Buckwheat, having just regained control of his vehicle was unable to swerve to avoid also rear-ending Timmy - the biker between them. The last biker was able, however, to swerver out into the ditch beside the road and maintain control of her vehicle. Giggy came quickly to a halt to get out to see if Buckwheat was OK, while Michelle and Rainbow slowed more gracefully, watching the last biker take off.

Timmy calmly opened his door and took a shot at the last biker as she sped off. She lost control of her bike and slid down the road. Timmy walked up to her to confirm she was dead, and then wheeled her bike back.

In all, six of the ten bikes appeared salvageable, so those were loaded into Michelle's u-Haul, and they took off again, leaving the two damaged trucks - Timmy and Buckwheat's behind.

About half an hour later, Giggy called the u-Haul in Gosford where he had rented the trucks, advising them that two had 'broken down' and where they were, and that they should send someone to pick them up. He then reminded them that he had gotten the insurance on the vehicles before he had left their office.

After another half hour, the remaining 6 u-Hauls pulled dup at the drop off point. Michelle and Giggy exchanged the package for a credstick, and thanked their contact.

Buckwheat decided that he wanted to get a hotel room and stay the night here in Newcastle to recover, and Timmy decided to stay as well, planning to fly them back the next day.

Giggy, Michelle, and Rainbow then took the trucks and dropped them off at a u-Haul in Newcastle, except the one that had the motorcycles in it. They transferred Giggy's bike to that one before they left.

The three of them drove back to Sydney in the last u-Haul, and dropped the bikes off with one or Michelle's contacts, then Giggy and Rainbow headed back to Gosford to drop off the remaining truck and pick up Rainbow's van.

(and there was karma and money and much rejoicing.)

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