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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, April 20th, 2006

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

April 20th, 2006, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

This week we started to get started, but then when Andres showed up late, he wanted to get some blue-booking taken care of, so we did that for a bit and then we got back to getting started...

Giggy received a call from Samantha, one of his ex-girlfriends - at three in the morning. She knew someone who was looking for someone who might be interested in breaking and entering, and wanted to know if Giggy knew anyone who would be. After Giggy was able to confirm that he might be able to put her contact in touch with someone, she agreed to have him call Giggy.

A few minutes later, Giggy got that call from a man with a light German accent. He asked Giggy to have his associate meet him at the Elizabeth Club at 9:30 the next morning for breakfast and to discuss an opportunity. They were to meet with a Mr. vanHanstel.

Giggy called the rest of the group to pass on the word, talking to everyone but Buckwheat, who, unsurprisingly, slept through the phone ringing. Nearly a month had passed since their excursion to Newcastle, so they were all interested in picking up something.

The next morning, Giggy called for a cab to pick up Buckwheat, and then headed over to the Club. Rainbow was already there, and Timmy and Michelle arrived in short order. Buckwheat's cab dropped him off at precisely 9:30.

They were each shown to a private room in the back with a large wooden table, constructed from a single lateral slice of the bole of some magnificent tree. There were eight chairs at the table, and a few minutes after Buckwheat arrived, three tall, blond haired, blue eyed men walked in in immaculate Italian tailored suits.

The older of the three men surveyed the room before sitting in the final seat, and gesturing that everyone else should sit as well (Giggy, Michelle, and Rainbow had risen when he entered the room).

"A piece of fine artwork will be on display here in Sydney for the next three months. It will be at its lowest level of security in the past century," the older man started in his slightly guttural voice.

"My employer would like you to obtain it for him," he continued. "I am authorized to pay you forty-five thousand nu-yen on delivery."

Giggy's eyebrow went up and he cocked his head in concern - that was only 9k each. Likewise, Michelle pursed her lips and ran her tongue along her teeth behind them.

"If the object is delivered," the German continued, "and there is no connection to you, or through you to us, established within 48 hours of delivery, we will provide you a fifty percent gratuity."

This seemed to calm Giggy and Michelle, and Rainbow was obviously making calculations.

"Furthermore," he continued, "if there is no legal involvement during or immediately following the event, we will double the amount. The colder the trail by the time the investigation begins, the harder it will be to solve.

"Are you interested?"

There was a round of nodding from the table.

"What is the piece?" Giggy asked.

"It's a jade piece set in silver and brass called Waterfalls."

"How big is it?" Rainbow asked.

The man gestured.

"So, about the size of a loaf of bread?" Buckwheat asked.

"If it were made of lead... well, aluminum maybe," the man responded.

"How will we recognize it?" Michelle asked.

The man pushed over a copy of the morning paper. "Page four."

Giggy flipped open the paper. The top of page four was a half page article on the piece, including two pictures.

"When does it arrive? Or has it already?" Giggy asked.

"It should arrive at the gallery around four this afternoon. Then the gallery will be closed tomorrow to have the displays reset."

"So, how do we get a hold f you hen we get it?" Timmy asked.

"Giggy can get in contact with us."

They went down to where the gallery was and looked around. It was a part of downtown where the buildings all had common walls - whoever built first built a whole building, and the other builders just used the existing walls wherever possible.

Giggy and Timmy went up to a night club on the street corner adjacent to the gallery and knocked on the door. They got in to talk to the manager, and got a tour of the place, and rented it for the evening the night after next. They paid 10k up front for the night and for several rounds of drinks for everyone in the club. They promised to have a guest list of people who should be allowed in without cover, and suggested half-price for everyone else, the rest should be covered in the rental fee.

Meanwhile, Michelle went into the gallery and walked through. It was a quaint little space with high ceilings and several odd permanent partition walls. The works of several artists were displayed, with an interesting mix of local artists and world-famous pieces. She also observed that there was a camera blister in each corner, leaving little, if any, space unseen. As she was getting ready to leave, she asked the girl at the front counter about the procedure for getting some local artist's work displayed in the gallery, and was referred to the gallery board, and was given contact information on a card. In response to her inquiries, the girl assured her that the gallery was secured by a state of the art security system and that all items were fully insured, so there was no risk to Michelle's client's work.

Rainbow looked into the law offices just past the gallery, and then walked past the cafe and clothing store and around back to see the condition of the alleyway. Then he returned to the van.

Once Rainbow was back to the van and he could see Michelle returning across the parking lot, Buckwheat went through to survey the gallery astrally. He didn't see any barriers or triggers along the threshold, so he went in. Inside he was able to confirm Michelle's count of three security staff and the girl at the front counter, and could add to that a person in the back room and a patron. He also noticed that there was a focus hanging on the end of a wall in the gallery, and another one in the back room. He waited until he believed the coast was clear and manifested to look at the one in the gallery. It was a long silk scarf, probably Chinese or Japanese. he then went into the back room and manifested behind the man leaning over his desk. The man was examining a small painting through a magnifying lens and making notes on a paper tablet. To his right, sitting on top of an old filing cabinet, was a gold and copper pin in the shape of a rose, this appeared to be the other focus.

Buckwheat returned to his body as Michelle climbed into the van. Rainbow radioed Timmy that he and Giggy should wrap it up and get back so they could start planning.

After pooling all their information, they decided that it would probably be best to hit the delivery truck as it arrived. Michelle, Timmy and Giggy started working out a way to knock out the people in and in front of the gallery, while Buckwheat and Rainbow started working on a way to get control of the delivery truck and get it away unnoticed.

We'll have to wait for next time to see how well it works out... ;)

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