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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, May 18th, 2006

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May 18th, 2006, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Michelle arranged for a large storage unit, and then went down to confirm that space. After inspecting the facility and leasing the unit under one of her assumed names, she headed back downtown to make sure everything was in order.

Giggy, Timmy and Rainbow had gotten the grenades together and placed them in several of the vases Michelle had picked up from the school, then partially sealed the tops of the vases so that they would let the smoke out, but could not be inspected readily.

Michelle took the vases and carefully arranged flowers in one of them, and then took them down to the gallery.

"Hi," she said when the girl at the counter greeted her. "I'm going to be out of town for a couple of weeks working with other artists, but I wanted to drop these by so you could let the board look at them."

"Well, usually," the girl stammered, "you have to talk to the board directly, then they decide if they want to see anything."

"It's all right, I know you'll get these to them for me. I'll give them a call when I get back. I've got the number you gave me yesterday."

After some final pleasantries, Michelle stepped out of the building and walked across the street. She sat next to Buckwheat on a bench, and he reached over and turned her invisible.

"You'll want to turn off your radio unless you need it," Buckwheat said to the nothing beside him. "people think it's odd to hear voices coming out of nowhere."

"Thanks," Michelle replied, switching off the radio and getting behind a group of people waiting at the crosswalk.

Shortly after she got into position back in front of the art gallery, the secure delivery van pulled up. After the van stopped, Michelle stepped up and walked around the back to get to the driver's door.

Meanwhile, the driver and the passenger in the front seat got out, talking quietly about something.

Michelle stepped out from behind the vehicle, carefully watching the driver to stay out of his way. However, the driver began to draw his sidearm, even as the other security guard closed his door.

Rainbow was watching closely from about a block away, and as soon as he saw the driver move, he shot both the guards with the sniper rifle mounted on the truck.

As soon as he saw the guards drop, Timmy detonated the smoke grenades with his remote, and he and Giggy got on their motorcycles across the busy street.

Michelle stepped quickly over the driver and into the van, quickly closing the door behind her.

As soon as Buckwheat saw the door to the van close, he sent a spirit to conceal the van, but not before Rainbow saw someone else in the van moving around, and took another shot at the windshield.

Michelle felt something grab her before she saw what it was, and reflexively tried to get away. Unfortunately, the closed door prevented her from getting very far.

The troll which had grabbed her took a swing and connected solidly. She reached for her gun and took a quick shot at the troll, but that only seemed to make him madder.

He bashed her into the door, and she took another shot at him. This one connected more solidly, and the troll decided that the better part of valor was to get himself out of the van before he got shot again. He grabbed Michelle's invisible shoulders and pushed her and all his weight against the driver's door, which popped the latch and sent them both tumbling into the street. he rolled to his feet and began dodging through traffic while Michelle climbed back into the concealed van and closed the door as best she could.

Rainbow, not knowing what the troll had seen, shot the troll in the middle of the street.

Giggy and Timmy wove through traffic, and pulled in front of where the concealed delivery van should be. Giggy looked briefly at where he thought the windshield should be and tapped the side of his helmet twice, hoping Michelle would get the hint to turn on her radio.

"Michelle," Giggy started, "I hope you're all right in there. I don't know what you did to get a troll to run away, but I bet you're not feeling good right now. However, I need you to pull out behind me and beside Timmy so we can get you through town."

"Yeah," Michelle's voice came over the radio, "I can follow you. Just don't do anything tricky."

"Just obey the speed limit and follow my turn signals."

Giggy pulled out into a space, and Timmy immediately pulled into the right lane and dropped about two meters behind Giggy, hoping that Michelle was keeping up with Giggy and was in the lane beside him. As they passed Rainbow at the end of the block, he pulled in behind Giggy, leaving enough room for Michelle's delivery van.

They drove carefully to the storage place, where Giggy got out and opened the door, then let Michelle and Rainbow pull in before he and Timmy pulled their bikes in.

Michelle called Buckwheat.

"We're home. You can call your guy back," she said when he answered.

"OK," Buckwheat replied, and the van appeared.

"What's been happening there?"

"Just after you left, the fire department showed up. Apparently something happened in this gallery across the street. Where are we having dinner? I'm probably going to need a cab."

"I'm not sure. let me call you back."

Giggy was already on the phone to Samantha, while Timmy and Rainbow opened the one crate they found in the van to make sure they had the right thing. A couple minutes later, Giggy's hone rang.

"Meet me at the Troll's Rendezvous in one hour," Mr. vanHanstel said and hung up.

Michelle called Buckwheat back to tell him where to go, then got into Rainbow's van.

Buckwheat hailed a cab, and told the driver where he wanted to go. The driver gave Buckwheat a knowing look and then shrugged, "All right. Just know I can't wait for you there."

When Buckwheat arrived it was just starting to get dark. The building was an old cinder block building which had probably been a small warehouse or something previously. It had no windows, and only the one door in the corner next to the parking lot. The parking lot was gravel and had a couple of old trucks and a nice looking street rod parked in the back corner.

In the back of the building he could see where someone had crashed a truck into the wall, taking out a large section, but it had just been left there, blocks piled on the truck body, which was significantly rusted away - it had been there for quite a while.

As he was looking at the damage from across the parking lot, he felt a heavy hand grab his shoulder. Buckwheat spun around to find himself eye to midriff with a troll.

"You comin' inside or you movin' off?" The troll asked as Buckwheat looked up at him.

"I'm wai..." Buckwheat started to answer, then changed his mind. "I'm coming inside."

The troll gave him a gentle push toward the door, and Buckwheat went through. Inside it smelled of stale beer, urine and vomit. As Buckwheat walked over to the bar, he realized that what looked like concrete on the floor was actually carpet. That's probably why the place smelled so bad.

"I'll have a gin and water," he said to the orc bartender when he came over. Two bouncers came over to stand on either side of Buckwheat while he was served. Buckwheat did his best to ignore them.

A couple minutes later, the door opened and Mr. vanHanstel and his two bodyguards walked in. They walked to a booth in the back, and the bartender took them a tray of drinks.

When Rainbow pulled up, there wa a white limo in the parking lot. It definitely looked out of place. Giggy and Timmy pulled in right behind him.

"We'll go in and see what the situation is," Giggy said. "You two stay in the van and wait."

Giggy and Timmy walked in, and the troll at the door raised a scaly eyebrow at them as they walked past. Inside, Giggy was nearly overwhelmed with the odor, but followed Timmy.

Of course, Timmy saw a bar and saw Buckwheat at it, and immediately went in for a drink, rather than looking for their contact.

One of the bouncers stepped in front of Giggy and Timmy.

"You got b'iness here?" he asked through his tusks.

"Yeah, we have a package for Mr. vanHanstel."

"I don' see a pakage," the troll observed.

"Michelle," Giggy said over the radio, "bring in the package. take it straight to the booth at the back of the room near the tarp over the broken down wall."

Giggy and Timmy stood facing the troll bouncer.

Michelle and Rainbow got the package and brought it in. They took it straight to Mr. vanHanstel's table and set it down.

"Sorry to have opened it, sir," Giggy said from across the room, "we just wanted to be sure we had the correct package before we tried to deliver it."

"Yes," Mr. vanHanstel said. "Here is your payment. Unfortunately, it is not the full amount. It appears that law enforcement was notified. They needed to investigate three bodies you left in the road.

"You may go now."

Michelle and Rainbow turned around and headed for the door, followed by Giggy and Timmy. Buckwheat finished his drink and nodded to the bartender and walked out with the rest of them.

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