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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, June 8th, 2006

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June 8th, 2006, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

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The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Mr. Sama called Giggy out of the blue, informing him that he wanted to see the group at 5pm that evening for dinner. Buckwheat, Rainbow and Michelle were prompt, but Giggy was a bit late.

"Now that you are all here," Mr. Sama started, looking pointedly at Giggy, "we can get started.

"It came to our attention a couple of hours ago that a colleague of ours who is arriving in Sydney tonight may be being met by a third party. His flight arrives at 11:15.

"We expect you to politely meet Mr. Jhing Hisho at the terminal, collect his luggage, and bring him here. Here is a photo.

"Your pay for this evening's work will reflect the difficulty you experience in this task, provided you do not bring it on yourselves.

"Enjoy the meal. It's Cantonese," he concluded, getting up and leaving the table.

The four of them sat around the table eating and discussing plans, and then split up to put their plan into action.

Giggy went to a luggage store and bought an expensive set of luggage for Ming, and a pair of large-ish suitcases with casters for himself. He arranged to have Ming's luggage delivered, and then took the other pair and strapped them to his motorcycle.

From there he went to a toy store and bought all their marbles, then filled the two suitcases with the marbles. He then flagged down a cab, and had the cab follow him to the airport with his heavy suitcases.

Rainbow called Mr. Sama back, only to find out that he did not know if the target was expecting to be picked up, or if the target was being picked up willingly or not, thereby eliminating anything specific they could say to the target to let Mr. Hisho know who they were.

They got to the airport, and on their way in, Giggy and Michelle noticed a man reclining on the hood of a black sports car parked in the front row. Giggy radioed Rainbow to let him know.

"You want me to take him out?" Rainbow asked.

"No, not yet, just be aware of him. He's tired and impatient, but he may just be waiting for his wife," Giggy replied.

"Or waiting for his girlfriend and hoping his wife doesn't find out," Michelle offered.

"No, he doesn't seem that nervous," Giggy countered. "Maybe waiting for his wife and hoping his girlfriend doesn't find out..."

"All right, I'll come in with you," Rainbow responded, getting out of his van.

They got in, and Michelle headed toward the bar. Buckwheat was already lounging on one of the row chairs across from the international concourse, and had a pretty good view past the security checkpoint, all the way to the customs counter. Giggy headed into the observation lounge, where he had a fairly good view of much of the runway.

"The marquee says that the plane is being delayed about 20 minutes," Rainbow said over the radio from where he was waiting down near the baggage claim.

"Let us know if you see anything interesting," Giggy replied. "I've got a couple of guys in here that may be suspicious."

"The bar looks clear, but they're watering down their drinks tonight."

"I'm going to head back out to the parking lot and watch traffic," Rainbow offered. "It sounds like you've got the concourse covered."

Once he got back to his van, Rainbow timed the surveillance cameras and switched his sniper rifle back to gel rounds. Once he was at a point where he was confident none of the cameras would catch his actions, he deployed the rifle, took one shot at the guy on the car, and retracted the turret.

"Hey, Buckwheat," Rainbow radioed when nothing seemed to happen to the guy, "Can you come take a look at this guy?"

"What guy?"

"There's a guy on a car out here."

"Uh, sure," Buckwheat said and went astral. As soon as he did, he saw a watcher sitting next to him and someone under a spell behind the security desk. Keeping an eye on the watcher, Buckwheat headed out toward the tarmac. Seeing the watcher head off in another direction, he returned to his body and walked over to the observation lounge and took a seat a couple down from Giggy. He then went astral again and headed to Rainbow out in the parking lot. Rainbow pointed out the man in question, and Buckwheat checked him out from astral.

When he got to the guy, the watcher had returned, so Buckwheat disposed of it.

"Well, it's some unconscious guy with quite a bit of cyberware sitting on the hood of a car in the parking garage," he announced once he was back in his body, "and there was a watcher." He then got up and went over to get a cup of coffee, then returned to his original seat, observing the concourse.

As Buckwheat left, Giggy caught a glimpse of the grip of a pistol under the coat of one of the two guys he had initially been suspicious of. He got up with his two suitcases wheeling behind him and walked up to the security checkpoint of the international concourse they were watching.

"Excuse me, officer," he said as he approached, "but that orc in there has a gun under his jacket."

"Who has a gun, sir?" the security guard asked.

"The orc standing with than man by the window," Giggy replied.

"Thank you for letting us know. We will keep a good watch."

Giggy returned to the observation lounge, but now took a seat at the far corner.

Michelle left the bar and came over to where Buckwheat was sitting.

"Thanks," Buckwheat said when she arrived, "I want to go check something."

Buckwheat went astral, leaving his body under Michelle's supervision. First he looked around to confirm there was not another watcher. Once he was sure that there wasn't he went over to look at what he had earlier thought to be a guy under some spell. However, upon getting closer, he became convinced that it was a hellhound, waiting to attack.

He quickly attacked from astral, and with little effort, dispatched it to reveal a normal human's aura.

"What the hell's going on?" he asked returning to his body.

Michelle was standing and screaming, pointing at a man standing behind the security checkpoint. One of the guards had leveled her gun at Michelle and Buckwheat, while three others had taken shots at the armed man who suddenly appeared behind them. The remaining four had run toward the gunshots they heard from the observation lounge.

As soon as Michelle started screaming, the human Giggy had been watching pulled his gun and took a shot at Giggy, nicking him on the left arm. Seeing the guards coming toward the lounge with weapons drawn, Giggy followed the majority of the people in the observation lounge, and ran out with his two bags. A brief firefight dropped the orc and the human, and let the guards short one team member.

When the dust settled, the security guard who had initially leveled her sidearm at Michelle approached Michelle and Buckwheat, and apologized to them. Another sucrutiy guard came up with an EMT and inspected them to be sure that they were not injured, then took statements from the two of them.

Though the plane had pulled up shortly after the shots were fired, the passengers were not allowed to disembark until after there had been an opportunity to at least remove the bodies and pull sheets up over the mess.

Once the passengers were disembarking, Michelle and Buckwheat were able to find Mr. Hisho.

"We are here to assist you to your hotel, honorable Mr. Hisho," Michelle said.

Giggy walked up behind her with his two suitcases and translated. After a moment of conversation in Chinese, Giggy turned to Michelle. "Take him down to get his luggage. Timmy's on his way to pick up these cases, and I'm going to get Mr. Hisho some tea," Giggy said, then turning to Buckwheat, "Where was that coffee bar?"

A few minutes later, Giggy returned with tea in a nice china cup with a saucer for Mr. Hisho. Michelle and Buckwheat had just grabbed his bags. The four of them went out where Rainbow had pulled up the van and got in.

The five of them arrived at the Sheraton and took Mr. Hisho up to the Hippogryph and walked straight to the back room. Mr. Sama thanked them and giving Giggy a credstick told them they were free to go.

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