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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, July 6th, 2006

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

July 6th, 2006, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

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The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Buckwheat got home one evening to a message in his voice mail. It was a message from a Hans Brockhaus who requested a return phone call by 9:00 that evening if Buckwheat and his colleagues were interested in a little personnel transportation.

Buckwheat called around and got everyone's buy-in and then returned the call. He was instructed to meet Ms. Sung-Yi Lin from her flight on the sub-orbital from Munich scheduled to arrive at 7:05pm on Friday. He was told that the place was going to be crowded and hectic, and that they should be careful in their execution for that reason.

They were to collect her and then proceed to the Centennial Cathedral off of Centennial Square at Oxford St. and Moore Park Rd. When they neared the Cathedral, they were to call back for further instruction.

Buckwheat relayed this information to the rest of the team, as well as the photo he was sent of their target.

Giggy checked into Ms. Lin's background to find that she was a researcher who had most recently been published as an employee of Shiawase studying the effects of implanted cyberware on magically active people and creatures.

The team decided to send Ming and Giggy on a suborbital to Munich for some shopping, and to get them on the same return flight that Ms. Lin would be on, so they could follow her off the plane and out of the airport, and inform the rest of the team what kind of bodyguard detail she had.

While Giggy and Ming were preparing for their trip, Rainbow checked with the various rental car services, limo services, and taxi companies to see if there was a car booked for her. Unfortunately, he came up dry.

The time came, and Giggy and Ming were preparing to board the sub-orbital in Munich when Giggy saw the target in another line. He quickly took a picture of her and her three bodyguards with his wrist phone and sent them to Rainbow and Timmy.

On the flight back, Giggy watched the bodyguards behavior, and came to the conclusion that they were pretty incompetent. he even went as far as to throw a peanut at one of the bodyguards while the target was in the restroom, which elicited no reaction. (Well, no reaction from the bodyguard, but Ming got pretty upset over it.)

As they got ready to disembark, Giggy called to let Rainbow know they were in.

By the time the plane landed, the rest of the team was in place. Buckwheat had turned Michelle invisible and had summoned a city spirit and was waiting in Rainbow's van, parked near the exit of the short term parking. Timmy pulled up in front of the airport in the passenger pick-up lane on his motorcycle and watched the doors that they had flagged as the target's most likely exit. Michelle took up a position next to that door, and waited for a signal from Giggy.

When Giggy called, Rainbow pulled out of the garage and swung around into the passenger pick-up lane near Timmy.

"Found her ride," Michelle whispered over the radio as a large black limousine pulled into the parking space immediately behind Rainbow's van.

"Got it," Rainbow and Timmy replied simultaneously.

As the limo pulled to a stop, the rear door opened and two burly armed men stepped out and took up positions on either side of the open limo door.

Giggy came over the radio, "Lost her at customs."

"Not a problem," Timmy replied, "She's here."

Michelle stepped forward, confident in her invisibility and put a chloroformed rag to the target's face. At the same time, Rainbow deployed his turret and took out the two guards at the limo door, while Timmy took down one of the three guards around Ms. Lin.

Michelle, still invisible, took hold of Ms. Lin's shoulders and started puling her limp body toward the van.

A turret was deployed from the roof of the limo, but Rainbow was able to take it out and then quickly take out the driver before the gun could fire.

Timmy took down a second guard, while the third dove for Ms. Lin. Michelle collapsed under the extra weight, but Buckwheat reacted quickly, having his spirit incite fear in the remaining bodyguard. The guard witlessly turned and ran through the open doors into the airport, where Giggy clocked him.

Buckwheat quickly checked the limo for other life signs, and then helped Michelle get Ms. Lin into the van.

Giggy ran out of the airport and ripped the main antenna off of the limo, as Rainbow climbed into the driver's seat.

"Get in the van, it knows where to go," Rainbow said over the radio as he started up the limo.

They pulled away from the airport before airport security could even begin to respond and proceeded via a circuitous route to Michelle's storage unit and dropped off the limo.

They then left for the Cathedral. Buckwheat called Mr. Brockhaus and was told to enter through a rear entry to the cathedral to exchange the target for payment. They were to only have two of them enter the building with the target, and were to meet two elves to complete the transaction.

When they arrived at the cathedral, Giggy and Buckwheat took Ms. Lin into the basement and had no problem finding the two elves that were waiting for them. Meanwhile, in the van, Rainbow was calling one of his contacts to work out disposal of the limo.

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