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One-shot Live Action Sessions - Friday, October 6th, 2006

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

October 6th, 2006, 6:30pm - 11:30pm

Carroll College Campus Center
Campus Center
199 Ralph St
Helena, MT 59601

Larger map and driving directions

South West Corner of the Carroll Campus, down the stairs to the bottom level of the building.

The Hand of Fate

The Queen of Avalon sails from her shores to the land of the Seven Princes, the land of Voddacce. If rumors hold true, the visit is to arrange a marriage, and an alliance, between Avalon and Voddacce. They seem strange bedfellows to those who watch from the shores of other countries, but the news seems to have reached most ears - James McDuff, King of the Highland Marches will soon be betrothed and married to one of the four daughters of Alberto Lucani. The daughters are a valuable commodity - some day they will some of the msot powerful fate witches in the land. The other Voddacce princes, who usually have no fear of Lucani, have taken an interest in this little game and have decided to pay Lucani a visit at the same time. What does fate have in store for Avalon? For Lucani's daughters? Only the players will decide.

This event is set in the world of 7th Sea published by AEG. The world is an Elizabeathen Era fantasy world. That means you have muskets, pirates, rapiers, swashbuckling, large poofy dresses, corsets, sorcerors, witches, fae, magical arifacts, and normal everyday people trying to make a living. All needed background information will be provided.

This event is played on October 6th at the Carroll College Campus Center. The game will start at 6:30 PM and continue until it is done. This is a pre-event for the Montana Game Faire and will have an entry fee separate to the Game Faire (although the specific details are still being decided.) The fee is to help justify having the Faire location for another day and so that Balck Shield Gaming actually gets to run something during the event they are helping organize.

This event is for Twenty players.

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