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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, July 20th, 2006

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July 20th, 2006, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

James got back with Rainbow quickly in reference to the stolen limo.

"I can move it for you in just a couple of hours, but I'll need 75% of the take on it."

"Seventy-five percent?" Rainbow asked. "You've got to be kidding. I can't authorize that, I'll need to talk to people."

Michelle and Giggy agreed that they could do better, so Rainbow called James to bow out while Michelle called Fixer. A few minutes later, Fixer called back, "I can give you 500 for it, but I'll need to take it and make the transaction and get back to you."

"All right. When?" Michelle asked.

"You home?"

"Not quite."

"All right," Fixer said. "Swing by here and I'll give you a ride. We can pick up the limo and I'll go cash it out. You'll have my bike so you know I'll be back for it."

Michelle went over to Fixer's shop and gave him directions to the storage unit where the limo was parked. Giggy and Timmy were waiting for them when they arrived.

"Fixer's going to take the limo and cash it out for us," Michelle explained.

"Cash up front," Giggy said.

"Well, I don't..." Fixer started.

Michelle interrupted, "No, he'll be back for his bike. I'll call him in an hour and a half to find out where to pick him up."

"I'll go with him," Timmy offered, walking over to the limo.

"No," Michelle replied, "he'll have to go alone. We wouldn't want to scare off the buyer, after all."

Giggy walked up to Fixer, and pulled two hairs from his scalp. "If you try to cut out on us, we'll track you down," Giggy threatened.

"Fine, whatever," Fixer said. "Now, I have a deadline and a delivery to make. Call me at 3." He got into the limo and backed out.

"Now we have to do something with this van," Giggy said, while watching Fixer drive away.

"Lets blow it up," Timmy suggested.

"No not something so harsh," Giggy said. "We could just drive it into gangland and put a sign on it and see how long it lasts."

"Or," Timmy offered, "we could drop it on frat row and see what becomes of it."

Giggy and Timmy took some time cleaning out the van and wiping it down from fingerprints, then drove it over to the frat where they had hosted a party a couple of months earlier. They left the doors open and threw the keys on the floor. Giggy left a note:

Have fun guys - Hambone

They rode back over to Fixer's shop, where Michelle could pick up her car, and Michelle decided to call Fixer.

"Hey, how's it going?" she asked when he answered.

"It really sucks!"

"What do you mean?"

"Turn on the news."

Giggy brought up the local news on his pocket secretary. The local channel was showing a fount of blue and orange flame billowing from a crater in the middle of a street. The announcer was saying something about corporate warfare and a limo being targeted by some kind of rocket.

"Where are you?"

"I'm in an alley. I'm trying to put more space between me and that. That limo was a lot hotter than you let on."

"All right. Keep your ass covered," Michelle said. "I'll call back."

Giggy called Rainbow and Buckwheat to let them know what the situation was. Rainbow said he'd pick up Buckwheat and meet them downtown near the scene shortly.

Timmy, Michelle and Giggy proceeded down toward the disaster area in Michelle's car, but parked a few blocks away in a church parking lot. They then walked toward the police line which had been erected around ground zero.

Giggy called a restaurant he knew to be inside of the perimeter, and with a great deal of finagling talked the crew into preparing (but not cooking, the gas main had been turned off) a very large carry-out order.

Rainbow picked Buckwheat up started driving downtown. On the way, Buckwheat spotted a hoverdrone that seemed to be taking an interest in them. No sooner had he pointed it out than it took a shot at the van with one of its missiles. Rainbow deployed his turret and returned fire. A second shot from the drone, and Rainbow had to fight for control of the van, but two rapid shots from him took out the drone.

Rainbow made his way into a nearby parking garage and retracted his turret. He got out and inspected his vehicle for damage, and then manually deployed his own rotodrone.

Buckwheat called Michelle to find out what was going on in their neck of the woods. She let him know that Fixer was actually outside of the perimeter and that she had returned to her car to try to get over there.

Michelle followed the detour around the police perimeter and found her way to Mary Street behind the Centennial Plaza. She started to turn onto Mary when she stopped short. The street was blocked by several police cars. She proceeded another block to Commonwealth. There were only two Lonestar prowlers on this stretch of Commonwealth, so she carefully drove past. She could see several officers out of their vehicles in the alleyway as she drove past. She called Fixer again, and there was no answer.

"Rainbow, can you get over here?" Michelle radioed.

"Probably. Where are you?"

"I'm just turning off of Commonwealth onto Foveau. I think Fixer's in an alleyway between mary and Commonwealth, and it's swarming with Lonestar."

"We'll figure something out," Rainbow replied.

"Where did Fixer say he was?" Giggy asked.

"He said he's in an alley off Mary behind Centennial Plaza, but he didn't answer last time I called," Michelle replied.

"I have a drone overhead. I do think that's him. I can't tell if he's unconscious or just cowering," Rainbow said. "Buckwheat and I will be there shortly."

"Did you say you called him again, Michelle?" Giggy asked. "And he didn't answer?"


"Michelle," Giggy continued, "you work on losing that phone. Rainbow's on his way, but your phone may be compromised."

"All right. I'm out of here," Michelle replied.

"Buckwheat?" Rainbow asked, turning off his radio.


"Can you conceal this van? I need to get through a police blockade. Then you'll probably need to get out of the van and grab Michelle's friend."

"All right." Buckwheat concentrated and summoned a spirit, then waited until the most opportune moment to conceal the van as Rainbow went around a corner. Then Buckwheat turned himself invisible.

Meanwhile, Rainbow had buzzed the police with his rotodrone, and then, once the cops were distracted, avoided their fire, using the nearby buildings for cover.

"Buckwheat?" Rainbow asked to the empty van.


"There is a belt of gel rounds in the access hatch for theturret. Switch the belts going to the sniper rifle."

Buckwheat went about rummaging through the hatch, finding changing the ammo much easier than he had anticipated.

Rainbow deployed the turret and hit the officer who was shooting at Rainbow's drone as they drove past Mary Street. He turned onto Commonwealth and pulled around just as one of the two police cars on Commonwealth pulled into the alley. Rainbow turned into the alley just behind that car to see two officers supporting Fixer between them waiting for the Lonestar patrol car to stop so they could deposit their prisoner.

As the cop slowed down, Rainbow accelerated to rear-end the cop. He simultaneously dropped his drone off of the roof and launched a Missile toward the opposite end of the alley. In the ensuing chaos, Buckwheat jumped out the side door of the van and grabbed Fixer, while Rainbow took out the two cops holding him with gel rounds from the sniper rifle.

When Buckwheat slammed the door of the van, Rainbow quickly backed out of the alley, sending his drone off in the other direction.

Avoiding the unoccupied Lonestar vehicle at the entrance to the alley, Rainbow carefully made his way down Commonwealth and merged with traffic on Albion, then being very aware that he was concealed, carefully drove with the flow of traffic. The fact that it was so early in the morning made this easier, as the traffic was light.

While Rainbow drove off, Buckwheat dropped his invisibility spell and did what he could for Fixer. Rainbow called Jake, hit street doc contact to arrange to drop Fixer off for care.

Meanwhile, Timmy and Giggy had managed to pick up the food from the restaurant, even though they no longer needed a reason to get past the police line.

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