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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, May 27th, 2004

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May 27th, 2004, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

This week, our group - or what was left of it, made it to Darwin.

After the mana storm, Mickey and Giggy carried Buckwheat and Quicksilver’s unconscious and severely injured bodies back to the limo. After a fair amount of coaxing, they were able to get the autopilot to agree to take them up to the road, then in stages, down the road until they got to a point where they could get a tow.

After getting towed to Katherine, the Giggy went an hired a nurse (Katie) to try to care for the two nearly-dead party members and Mickey began explaining to the mechanics that what they needed with the car right now was to get it into a condition that the autopilot could, with some coaxing, get it to Darwin in less than two days (Mickey, at least, remembered that they had a deadline to meet).

Katie really wanted to get Buckwheat and Quicksilver to a good facility where they could be properly treated, but Giggy was able to convince her otherwise.

Eventually, our group was able to get to Darwin, where they got Buckwheat and Quicksilver to a better medical facility. Buckwheat was able to be magically healed by a medical spell caster and was released the next morning, but Quicksilver was in need of long-term hospitalization.

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