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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, September 14th, 2006

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September 14th, 2006, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Michelle and Giggy left the meeting. Michelle went over to Jake's to see how Fixer was doing, and said that she would meet him back at the Hippogryph later.

When she got to Jake's, Fixer was half conscious and rather drugged up. Michelle went over and talked to him, but she could overheat Jake talking to someone around the corner. It sounded like Jake was buying something - probably supplies for his quasi-legal clinic.

A few minutes later, Jake came over with a tall blond man.

"Michelle, this is Sonny," Jake introduced them. "You two should probably get to know each other. You're in the same line of business, and Sonny's new in town."

"Really," Michelle said, somewhat surprised by Jake's forwardness.

"Hello. Pleased to make your acquaintance," Sonny said.

"Your accent?" Michelle asked. "C.A.S.?"

"Actually, no. Caribbean League. Miami mostly."

"Well, why don't we get out of here. I know a nice little club downtown where we can talk to each other and not be disturbed," Michelle said. "The smell of antiseptic makes me nauseous after too long."

Giggy, meanwhile, went directly to the Hippogryph to see what was happening, and to wait to hear from Timmy, Rainbow or Michelle.

He went in, past James at the door and ordered himself a drink. After standing at the bar for a few minutes, he had convinced himself that nothing that interesting was happening, so he ordered another drink and went out to talk to James.

While he and James were talking, the elevator doors opened, and James' attention was immediately riveted on the elevator door. Though he usually glanced at the door when it opened, this was different, and Giggy could smell the change in James' demeanor.

Giggy slowly turned to look at the elevator, and saw two women getting out. One was dressed in tight fitting evening wear, but the other immediately stole his attention. She was wearing deliberately unrevealing and definitely out of fashion clothing, but this did nothing do hide her highly exaggerated figure.

Giggy took one look, looked at James, then looked back at the breasts, shook his head and, picking up his drink, walked back into the bar.

A few minutes later, Giggy looked up from his drink to see that the two women from the foyer were standing at the bar just a few feet from him. He flipped open his phone and called Ming.

"Ming, do you see those two women, one in black and one in grey?" he asked, sending her a video feed.

"Yes," she replied. "Why? You aren't brining anyone else home until you clean up after last weekend."

"I know. I just wanted to make sure they were real...." he said. "I think they're following me."

He hung up the phone and turned to the two ladies.

"Hi," he said, putting out his hand toward the extremely busty woman in grey, "I'm Giggy. You must be new in town. May I buy you and your friend a drink?"

"Sure," she said in her cultivated English accent, gently taking his hand, "that would be lovely. I would like a nice white wine, and some cheese or fruit, if they have it. My name's Katherine."

"Nova," the other woman said by way of introduction. "I'll have whatever you're having."

Giggy flagged over the bartender and ordered their drinks, as well as a cheese plate, then suggested that they take a seat at a large table that just opened up against the back wall.

They made small talk for a while until Rainbow showed up and took a seat next to Giggy.

"One of the cars from the meeting finally arrived at the compound about an hour ago," Rainbow said quietly. "The pulled into a garage, but nobody came out.

"Have you heard anything from Timmy?"

"Um, Rainbow," Giggy said, gesturing across the table, "This is Nova and this is Katherine."

"Yes," Rainbow continued, staring across the table at Katherine, "but, have you heard from Timmy? It's been three hours."

"No," Giggy replied, "but right now we're talking with Nova and Katherine. Nova's a dancer, and Katherine is in town from Seattle for an Archaeology convention."

"So, you're concerned about a friend?" Katherine asked.

"Well, yeah," Giggy replied. "He went off with some people from a fanatic religious cult and we haven't heard from him since."

"He's probably all right. He may just be spending an evening with them. I'm sure he'll call when he wants to."

"No," Rainbow said. "It's been over six hours since his last drink. And he's definitely not drinking with these people."

"So?" Nova asked.

"You don't know Timmy. I don't think he's been this long without a drink since he stopped breast feeding."

They spent some time talking about Timmy, and eventually Michelle came up to the table.

"This is Sonny," she said, sitting down next to Katherine and gesturing toward Sonny who had followed her to the table. "I see you are already talking about a way to figure out where Timmy is. I gather this means that you haven't heard from him either."

"Yes," Katherine said. "If you can show me where this compound is, and you provide me with a sufficiently accurate description of your friend, I can go in and see if he is there."

"Yes. That sounds reasonable," Michelle replied.

"Well," Rainbow said, "we can go over there now and have you take a quick look."

"But," Giggy interjected, "no offense, but can you be subtle?"

"Look. Unless they have a mage who is really actively paying attention, no one will know I was there unless I want them to."

They left the bar after finishing their drinks, and went down into Rainbow's van. Rainbow drove them over to the compound, and pointed it out to Katharine. He then drove another couple miles down the winding country road until he had looped back around behind a ridge and somewhat southeast of the property.

Katherine pulled a short wand out of her skirts and gestured. A small imp appeared on her breasts and declared, "Nice tits!"

"Yes, thank you," Katherine said.

The imp started bouncing.

"Stop that," Katherine said sternly. "I have something for you to do."

"OK. What?"

"Watch my body and let me know if anything happens to it."


The imp sat down on Katherine's chest, and Katherine leaned her head back into the head rest. As Katherine's body went limp as she sent into astral space, the imp looked menacingly at each of the other five occupants of the van.

After a moment of silence, Sonny said, "That was interesting."

"Yeah," Giggy replied, "mages."

"So," Michelle inquired, "if Timmy's in there, how do we propose to get him out - or at least get in touch with him?"

"I've flown over this place three times, and driven by it twice," Rainbow said. "It looks like we have two choices. The first would be to enter through this property just to the south of the compound, then climb over the south wall. The disadvantages are that it's over a mile, and we have to break into another property and then cross quite a bit of open land in the target facility. The other best option is actually to come in through the front gate. It's probably better defended than it looks, but it's clearly the weakest point in the peremeter.

"Just a moment," Rainbow interrupted himself. "There's something going on at the compound."

Katherine's nose started to bleed slightly, and the imp disappeared.

Nova's eyes went glassy and she said, "We've got company."

"I don't see anyone." Michelle said, looking out the window.

"Neither do I," replied Sonny, drawing his pistol and looking out the other side of the van.

Katherine's body convulsed.

Rainbow said, "There's a lot of activity at the compound. Guards, floodlights, probably about a dozen."

Katherine fluttered her eyes open. When the imp appeared, she shood him off and he disappeared.

"Well, they had a mage," Katherine said between coughs, dabbing the blood off her mouth.

"Yeah, and they had about nine more guards and a communications array that they don't have any more," Rainbow chimed in, "but now I'm out of missiles."

"What?" Michelle asked.

"There was a group of them together. I had an opportunity and I took it."

"But now they're going to be on guard, watching for something to happen."

"So, lets go in now."

"I think I need to lie down for a little bit," Katherine said.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Rainbow replied.

"Here, let me check you out and see what we can do to help," he continued, pulling out the medkit from under the seat.

"I think I should go back to my hotel and rest," Katherine said.

Rainbow started driving, while Nova and Michelle worked with the medkit.

"So, now that you started something," Michelle asked, "are we going in or not?"

"I think wait 'til morning. We'll have more of an excuse to show up during the day," Giggy said. "Maybe we can actually still get them to let us in.

"If we say we want to talk to Timmy, they may let us. That way we'll be inside."

"Well, once inside," Michelle asked, "how do we get back out with the money?"

"What money?" Nova asked.

Giggy and Michelle looked blankly at each other briefly.

"Well, at this point, it probably helps if you know," Giggy started. "We're actually supposed to be collecting back tithes from these people for a church downtown, and destroying the rest. Timmy was supposed to be going in to get an idea of the layout and security. We were concerned because he had not gotten back to us, and we think something may have happened to him, or maybe his cover was blown."

"So, do we go in now, or try to bluff our way in in the morning?"

"Lets try for tomorrow," Rainbow said. "That will give me a chance to get more missiles, and will give the rest of you a chance to get stuff together as well."

The next morning Michelle went out and got another cheap, disposable phone. She called the Giggy, Rainbow, and Sonny from her other phone, and gave them the number, but asked them not to call unless it was urgent, so that there were no calls to or from that phone unless necessary.

Rainbow called his fixer to get replacement missiles, and arranged to pick up two at noon, and another two at the end of the week.

Giggy called Lois, his highway cop contact, and found out that the compound was definitely armed, but there had never been any complaints from the neighbors, though last night there had been a report of a fire, allegedly started by 'accidental heavy weapons fire.'

Giggy then called Jacoline, a fixer he used to date, to look into getting some non-lethal weapons - smoke grenades, tear gas, etc.

Michelle came by and picked up Giggy mid-morning. She had already picked up Nova.

"Sonny and Rainbow are already heading out there. They are going to park a couple of miles away and wait for us to call them," she said as Giggy got in the car. "Katherine is with Rainbow."

They drove out to the place, and Michelle pulled into the driveway and up to the gate. They spotted the call box mounted to the wall beside the gate, and Giggy got out to page someone.

"Hello?" a male voice asked over the intercom.

"Yes, Hi," Giggy replied, "My name's Harry, and I was at the meeting last night. And, you see, my friend Mary really feels that she needs to talk to someone. We were wondering if we could talk to someone."

"I'll have someone come down to the gate to talk to you in a moment," the voice said.

Michelle and Nova watched quietly from the car, observing that a gun had deployed from a turret hidden in the top of the wall, and was pointed at the car. Giggy stood by the gate and watched, not noticing the gun above his head.

A few minutes later, a pale blue armored car pulled up to the gate from within the compound. A man in a black armored jacket wearing a helmet climbed out and leveled a gun at Giggy.

"Well," Giggy said, raising his hands, "you sure know how to make someone feel welcome."

"Well, hello Harry," another voice said - a breathy female voice.

Giggy looked up. Tracy was getting out of the armored car. She was again wearing a skirt suit.

"You can put the gun down, John, he's harmless," she said, walking toward the gate. "What brings you out to our humble abode?"

"My friend Mary. After last night's meeting, she's having some horrible misgivings and really wants to talk to someone."

Michelle and Nova had gotten out of the car and were approaching the gate.

"Mary," Tracy said, "Larry says that you are want to talk to someone?"

"Well, I don't know."

"Who's your friend?" Tracy asked.

"I'm Janice, I'm a friend of Mary," Nova replied.

Tracy looked them over for a couple of minutes, then gestured John back to the armored car.

"Why don't you three come in for a few minutes. We can have some tea."

They got back into the car, and the gate opened. Michelle drove in, following the armored car which was backing up the drive in front of them. When the drive widened into a parking area in front of a garage, Michelle parked the car beside the armored car.

John and Tracy got out of the armored car and walked around to Michelle's car.

"Mary," Trady said, "you won't need that gun in your handbag. In fact you probably don't need the handbag here."

Michelle looked at her handbag and dropped it on the front seat of the car.

"You too, Larry," Tracy said turning toward him, "no need for the gun in your waistband."

Giggy looked at her, then shrugged and took his holdout pistol out of the back of his jeans and dropped it in the car.

"Follow me," Tracy said. Giggy fell into step behind her, and Nova and Michelle behind him. John brought up the rear. Michelle was wondering if they were going to get tea, or just going to be shot or locked up. Maybe this is what happened to Timmy. At least she still had her cheap plastic phone, and for some reason, they hadn't taken Nova's knives or her gun. Were they being set up?

Tracy led them into the house through the front door, and then to the right to a dining room. "Have a seat," she gestured to the table, then walked on and through a door. John stayed with them.

They sat at the table, and a couple of minutes later, Tracy came back.

"May I use the restroom?" Giggy asked.

"Sure," Tracy said. "John, show him."

John led the way to a restroom just down the hall, then gestured inside. Giggy stepped in and then got his earpiece radio out and switched it on and put it in.

"Rainbow?" Giggy asked.

"Yeah," came the reply. "we're ready. Where are you."

"In the restroom, then back for tea. There doesn't seem to be much of anyone about."

"All right. Just tell us how much you love your grandmother when you want us to come in."

"All right." Giggy washed his hands and came back out. John gestured toward the dining room, and followed Giggy back.

Tracy and Michelle were talking about something, and Nova was quietly sipping her tea.

"So," Giggy interrupted, sitting back down and smelling his tea, "can we see Keith? We haven't heard from him since the meeting last night."

"Keith's not here right now," Tracy said. "We're here to help Mary, lets focus on that for the moment. Then we can talk about other things later."

Tracy and Michelle continued to talk quietly, and after a couple more cups of tea, Nova turned to John, "Would you mind showing me to the restroom?"

Tracy gestured for John to go.

Getting bored with the conversation, Giggy again asked if he could see Keith.

Tracy looked at him, and a smile played across her lips. "Look Larry, or should I say Harry? Keith is unavailable currently. I've already told you that."

"Well, when will he be available?"

"I do not know."

"Then where is he?"

"He's not here, Larry."

Giggy swung a punch as Tracy across the table. She ducked and reached into her suit jacket.

"Drek!" Michelle shouted, "She's got a gun. Janice, we're fragged!"

"That's close enough. I'm on my way in," Rainbow said. Rainbow started the van and pulled away from the shoulder of the road. A few seconds later, Sonny followed in his Eurocar.

Tracy drew her gun as Giggy took nother swing at her. Michelle dove under the table to knock Tracy's legs out from under her.

Nova came out of the bathroom and punched the unsuspecting John in the face. His helmet made the punch ineffective, but he raised his gun and shot her in the arm. She shrugged off the pain ad punched him again, and he took another shot at her, but missed. However, that became irrelevant when he suddenly burst into flame. Nova started backing down the corridor back toward the dining room.

Tracy swung at Giggy with her gun, but Giggy landed a good, square punch on her temple and she crumpled. he took the gun from her hand, and turned to run toward the bathroom to see where Nova was.

There was a crash over the radio as Michelle got hers out and slipped it in. "What the hell was that?" she asked.

"Sorry," came Rainbow's reply. "Just opening the gate. By the way, thanks for telling e about the turret next to the gate. It would have been nice to know about in advance."

"Well," Michelle retorted, "how about, 'There's an armored car.'"

"That's helpful. I see it."

"Is the fire elemental being too destructive?" Katherine interrupted.

"Is that what this pillar of fire is?" Giggy asked, almost running into Nova as he rounded a corner.

"I think it killed John," Nova said to Giggy. "Where's Tracy?"

"She's in the front room, resting."

"Considering the fire, I think we should get out of here," Nova suggested as they reached the front room and rejoined Michelle.

Michelle opened the door only to see the front lawn grab a hold of it and rip it off the hinges. "Holy drek!" she shouted.

"There has to be another way out," Giggy suggested.

Nova pointed out another corridor leading off the main room.

Sonny whipped past Rainbow's van as soon as the gate was down. The armored car was busy exchanging fire with Rainbow's van, so it was easy to get past. Sonny swung his car into a space behind Michelle's and got out of the car. He ducked as a shot was fired at him, but Rainbow quickly dispatched Sonny's assailant with his sniper rifle, having taken out the weapons on the armored car and disabled the driver.

To be continued?...

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