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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, September 28th, 2006

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September 28th, 2006, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Rainbow got out of his van and went over to the driver of the armored car. He confirmed that the driver was unconscious, and then tied him up with duct tape. Dragging the body out from between the two vehicles, he tossed the duct tape to Sonny, who was checking the security guard who was unconscious on the ground.

Meanwhile, inside the burning house Giggy, Michelle and Nova headed through the door in the north wall of the front room. This door opened onto a study. Giggy started looking around the desks as soon as he got into the room. Michelle started for the back door to get out of the house, but Nova grabbed her arm and stopped her.

"Check out that," Nova said pointing to the paint that was blistering and peeling off the east wall.

"Giggy," Rainbow asked over the radio, "can you get upstairs?"

"Right now I'm in the study. I found a safe under this desk," Giggy replied.

"I'm coming in," Rainbow announced.

"Do what you want," Sonny stated, looking over the bodies at Rainbow, "I'm not into running into burning buildings."

Rainbow got up and had his van drive around the armored car. As it passed, he reached in and grabbed his Mini-Ultra Deluxe fire extinguisher from the mount behind the passenger door. He then took off for the building, running and jumping over the broken timbers and debris littering the area where the front porch used to be.

Michelle, against her better judgment, helped Giggy pull up the floor safe. "You think it's open?" she asked.

"I doubt it. If only Timmy were here," Giggy said. "I'm sure he could blast it open."

Giggy reached over and grabbed the handle on the safe. The door came open without resistance.

"I stand corrected," Giggy said, looking up to Michelle. "Of course, it's not only open, it's empty."

Rainbow leapt into the living room, then cut across the dining room where Michelle, Nova, and Giggy had just sat down to tea with Tracy, to the fire in the back hallway. He filtered out the arbitrary noise from the file, allowing him to focus on human voices.

He started working on the burning floor and walls, making his way into the burning hallway. When he could see the back wall through the flames, he leapt through.

There was a door on his right, which he opened, hearing voices other than Giggy, Nova, and Michelle coming from up stairs. Sure enough, this door opened onto stairs - up and down. He decided to follow the singing and music upstairs.

Meanwhile, Nova opened the back door and stepped out, followed by Michelle, looking a little disheveled, and Giggy, looking somewhat forlorn about the empty safe.

They stepped away from the the house, and looked at two large dormitory buildings.

"Rainbow, where are you?" Michelle asked over the radio.

"I'm heading upstairs."

"We're outside now."

"OK. I want to see what's up here."

"You do realize that the building is burning, don't you?"

"It's all right. I have my Mini-Ultra Deluxe fire extinguisher."

rainbow started going through the rooms on the second floor - where he could get to them around the fire. the first two he looked in were bedrooms. One of which had a small jewelry box on the dresser. Rainbow grabbed this before moving on to the next room.

The second room on the floor didn't seem to have anything of value in it, so he quickly went on to the third. This room was rather acetic, and Rainbow quickly determined that this room must have been some kind of chapel. From here he went outside onto the west-facing deck and then went through a door in the middle of the west wall of the house. As he entered this room, he heard a loud crash from, the center of the building.

This room had a couple of nice paintings on the wall, but Rainbow decided they would be too complicated - or at least too bulky to take.

The door from this room to the hallway was extremely hot, so rainbow went back out onto the deck and came back into the end room from outside. This was a bunk room. It's door was also hot. However, since he had not found anything of significant value, he went back out to the deck and launched a grenade at the far wall of the room. Through the opening created by the grenade, Rainbow was able to step into the burning hall.

Meanwhile, Michelle, Nova and Giggy ran around to the front, where Sonny was sitting on the hood of his car. After a few moments, they decided to check out the other buildings, starting with the garage.

The garage doors were all closed, but the side door was unlocked. They opened it to reveal enough space for about 8 cars, but the garage was empty apart from four riding lawn mowers and a bunch of assorted tools.

They went on to the two dorms, approaching the east building first. This building was apparently newer than the other building, and was not nearly as ornate in design.

Rainbow was inside the house on the second floor. The hallway was burning at one end, so, rather than looking for the door, he just stepped back and launched another grenade at the opposite wall of the hallway. This opening went into another bunk room. A third grenade opened the far wall, and water started spraying out from the wall.

Stepping through the water and the wall, Rainbow found himself in a communal shower, similar to what might be found in a locker room. Through an archway he could see toilet stalls, and from there, around a corner, he could see a counter and sinks under a mirror. The far wall was too hot, so he turned around.

Rainbow ran out through the broken pipes, and then through the two other holes he had blasted through walls. From the bunk room, he returned to the deck, and quickly lowered himself over the rail and to the ground, without even checking to see what condition the chapel room was in.

Seeing the open door to the garage, Rainbow ran over there to get a larger fire extinguisher before returning to the back door of the house.

Nova watched Rainbow go past the dorm while Giggy and Sonny messed with the door. Giggy tried the knob to confirm that the door was locked, then tried to break down the door. when this was unsuccessful, Sonny shot the lock.

Giggy then broke through the window, but the security wire in the glass prevented access, though the window broke easily enough.

Michelle, meanwhile, had walked around the back of the building to the other side to try the door facing east. Unfortunately, this was also locked, so she finished her cycle of the building.

Michelle got back just as, at Nova's suggestion, Giggy shot out the window to the room adjacent to the door.

"Pizza's here!" he called as the glass fell to the floor.

Giggy and sonny cleared the glass shards off the window sill, then boosted Michelle and Nova into the room.

The room was empty, except for a heavy coating of dust, and the curtains hanging in the window. They looked through this building for a while before deciding that there was far too much dust on everything for anyone to have been in here in the past several months.

Rainbow has gotten back inside th building, and was again trying to put the fire out. He got enough of the fire out to find the doorway to the stairs he had used earlier, only to find that the staircase was engulfed in flames.

As Rainbow left the building, the lawn sprinkler system came on, soaking him again. He walked through the sprinklers to where the others were gathering between the two dorm buildings.

Giggy reached over to open the door of this building, which happened to be unlocked. They entered to find that, though the building was much older, the layout was nearly the same. On the first floor were just dorm rooms, which showed evidence that they had been vacated in a hurry.

On the second floor, however several of the rooms at the north end had been used as offices. Though there were two safes in these rooms, they were also open and empty.

The third floor had several rooms that had been used as armories. Two of the large gun safes in these rooms were closed and locked. Giggy and Sonny tried moving one of these around, before deciding to go up to the fourth floor.

"Guys," Rainbow called, "our two prisoners have regained consciousness and are heading for a car."

"Well," Nova replied, "you can see them, can't you stop them?"

"They're down, but one of them is bleeding pretty bad."

Sonny and Nova followed Rainbow down to check on the two guards, while Michelle and Giggy continued on t the fourth floor.

The north end of the fourth floor was unused, but the south end - what hadn't been blown away by Rainbow's missile last night, showed evidence of being used as additional office and storage space.

Rainbow got the medkit out of the van and brought it over to where the two prone men were. He first tried to help the guy who was bleeding worse, and was eventually able to get the bleeding stopped.

"I wonder what's in the van," Sonny asked.

"What?" asked Rainbow.

"Their armored car," he gestured. "What do you think is in there?"

Nova and Sonny checked the guards for keys, and found that each of them were carrying keys. with some fumbling, they found th key to the ignition of the armored car, but it would not start. They could not, however, find a key for the back of the armored car.

Giggy and Michelle came up after looking quickly through the fourth floor of the older dorm building. Rainbow was carefully applying plastic explosives to the lock mechanism on the armored car.

They ducked behind the van as Rainbow detonated his charge. With the armored car opened, they got in. On one side of the car were cages with large articles, including a couple of computers. On the other side were safe deposit drawers, which all seemed to be locked. Though they had a key to the large cages, they did not have a key to the drawers.

Rainbow went into the garage to get some tools, accompanied by Michelle. She walked around the garage looking for an acetylene torch or something else they could cut through the bars with. As she was walking around, she came across a trap door in the floor.

"Giggy," she said over the radio, "I think you'd better come check this out."

While Rainbow went back out with a drill and some other tools, Giggy came into the garage. Giggy and Michelle opened the door cautiously and started down the stairs. Michelle had her flashlight out and her gun held leisurely in the other hand. Giggy walked beside her with his heavy pistol at the ready.

Sonny and Nova were transferring items from the armored car to the van when Giggy called.

"We have another door down here," Giggy said over the crackly connection. "Sonny, you want to come down here with us?"

Sonny looked from Nova to Rainbow and decided that they could handle what was left of the cargo. "Sure," he replied, heading for the garage.

Sonny joined Giggy and Michelle at the end of a dark hallway. There was a door to their left which, based on the heat radiating from it, probably opened into the basement of the burning house. However, set into the concrete wall at the end of the hallway was a heavy metal door that was currently open, Michelle having opened it earlier, revealing a staircase heading down.

The three of them headed down the stairs to find another heavy door at the bottom, another 40 feet or sow below the basement of the house. They opened this door to reveal a store room with racks of canned foods. A door across the room led to a bunk room, and doors off this led to kitchen, toilet, and air water filtering equipment. Though this area was clean, there was no evidence of recent use, and there was nobody present.

Sonny, Giggy, and Michelle came out of the garage as Nova and Rainbow finished loading the van. They got into their vehicles, after putting the injured guards into Rainbow's van, and headed back into town.

On the way, Giggy called the elf to let him know they were coming in. They met at the church half an hour later. Rainbow, Michelle and Giggy went in, while Nova and Sonny waited by the cars. After getting approval, the two guards and the other gear were unloaded and taken into the basement of the church.

With everything still locked up, the elf convinced them that they would need to wait until the value of the take could be determined before they could get payment.

So, what for next time...

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