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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, October 26th, 2006

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October 26th, 2006, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Michelle called her decker contact back to have him look into the Illuminated Order again, this time looking for records for "Keith" as a new recruit - Rainbow had corrected her on the name Timmy had used when he signed in.

Rainbow, meanwhile, went back and wet up to watch the house where he had spoken with the teenaged girl a few days earlier. After watching for a day, he was pretty sure that the home was occupied by a family of three, though there had been a few other visitors during the day. None of the people he observed appeared to be Father Bob or anyone else he recognized from the Illuminated Order meeting they had attended.

Giggy and Sonny spent the day looking up information on the Illuminated Order, and managed to find a meeting listed for the coming Monday at the Newtown Center.

Rainbow spend much of the next day watching the other Illuminated Order property they had found in Sutherland. This one was in a gated community, but though there was a gatehouse, the gate appeared to be unmanned and open all the time.

This house housed about 8 college aged people. One female ork, one male dwarf, and the rest human, one of which was female. Rainbow did not observe any other visitors to this house while he watched it.

Giggy called the Newtown Center that morning to confirm that the meeting was still on. He made his voice sound nasal and scratchy wen placing the call to make it less likely that he would be recognized. He was able to confirm the meeting time and date, as well as learn that it was in the 'Poplar Room.'

Saturday morning, Giggy went to a flower shop in the middle of Sydney. He walked in, looked around, and then ordered 500 nuyen worth of flowers to send to Ming. He inscribed the card with "Yes, I too like the grout this clean."

He looked around a little more and then walked back up to the counter.

"Do you have a phone I could use?" he asked, waving his pocket secretary to the coed behind the counter "my battery has died."

"There's a pay phone right out side the door, if you need a phone," she politely replied.

"I'm sorry," Giggy said, sliding 200 nuyen across the counter to her and nodding to the phone beside the till "I was wondering if you had a phone I could use."

"Oh," she replied, her eyes lighting up a little. "What was the number?"

Giggy gave her the number for the Newtown Center.

"Hello, I'm a contractor working with that religious group you have meeting there on Monday, and I need to confirm some specifications with them," Giggy said when the line was connected.

"I'm sorry, but I can't help with that. You'll need to speak directly with the group you are working with," the clerk at the other end of the line said.

"Yes," Giggy replied, "I know that. The thing you can help me out with is the phone number. I've lost the number and just need to check one quick thing with them before Monday."

"Well, I'm sorry, but I can't give that information out without confirmation from our client."

"Oh, no problem then," Giggy responded in a light voice. "Why don't you call them and have them call me back?"

"I'll try. Can you be reached at this number?"

"Yes, at least for another half hour or so."

Giggy hung up the phone and spent the next forty-five minutes making small talk with the clerk at the flower shop and waiting for a return call.When the phone did finally ring, Giggy put on his best imitation of Tracy's voice.

"This is Simon," the voice on the other end of the line said, as Giggy slipped the clerk another 200 nuyen.

"Hi, Simon," Giggy replied. "My name's Duane. I'm trying to find my cousin, Tracy. I've been worried since she didn't show up at my birthday party last week."

"I see."

"Well, I heard that you were having a meeting on Monday, and I was thinking I could bring flowers to commemorate Tracy. She was such a beautiful person and she so loved flowers."

"That would be very kind."

"Thank you. You see, I have spent my inheritance on flowers for this, I have about 20,000 worth of flowers to bring over. Will anyone be there so I can stop by early to make sur we get all the flowers inside before people begin to show up?"

"We'll have people there from about 5 on to get set up," Simon responded. "People won't start showing up until about a quarter to seven."

"Thanks Simon. Which loading dock should I have the van come to with the flowers?"

"The Newtown Center is a small center, there is no loading dock for the conference rooms, but the room is near the front entrance, so it is easy to find."

"OK, then. Will you be there, Simon, or who should I talk to for assistance with the flowers?"

"Duane, I'm afraid you'll have to provide your own labor for moving the flowers in."

"Oh," Giggy replied. "Please pray with me for Tracy, and I'll see you on Monday for the Tracy commemorative meeting of the Illuminated Order."

Giggy passed the phone back to the girl and she hung it up.

"Here's 5,000 for flowers. Pick something nice that we can pick up Monday afternoon. However, day-old stock will be fine," Giggy said to the girl. "Also, make that stretch to cover framing two pictures of Tracy."

"All right. What size are the pictures?" the girl asked.

Giggy took a couple of sheets of paper off a printer behind the counter and drew a stick figure on one, and a smily face with big curly hair on the other.

"These are the two pictures," Giggy said, passing them back to her. "And here's another thousand for you - I never used that phone."

Nova, meanwhile, set up a meeting with her travel agent to learn about trips to India - in particular any medical concerns and any legal issues with magically active people. The travel agent assured her that there were only issues with magical people if it was not declared on the passport or if you were working in India. She also provided Nova with a list of immunizations to be sure she was up-to-date on before going to India.

Michelle spent the evening with James, having a nice dinner and talking about the pharmaceutical industry, and the impact of new import laws into Europe, Japan, and the NAN.

Rainbow spent the day watching the Chatswood property registered to the Illuminated Order. This one turned out to be a small apartment building. Perhaps 20 units in all. Observing it for a while from the end of the block, it seemed that there were more women going in and out of the building than men, but he still wasn't seeing anyone he recognized.

He got out of the van and walked up to the building. The front door was not secured, so he went in. Adjusting his hearing to target human voices, he started slowly walking along the hallway in the first floor. As he was turning back at the end of the hallway, he was startled by a young woman who had walked up behind him.

"Can I help you, sir?" she asked.

"I was trying to find my wallet. I lost it here a couple nights ago at a party."

"A party?" she asked. "Here?"

"It was a pretty wild night. The party wasn't here, but I came here afterwards with some people," Rainbow explained. "I think I passed out, but in the morning when I left, I didn't have my wallet."

"And you were in Tommy's apartment?"


"Here," she said, pointing to the door they were standing in front of. "This is Tommy's apartment."

"Oh, no," Rainbow clarified. "There was this mark on the floor, in the pattern in the carpet. It reminded me of a birthmark my brother used to have. I was looking for that mark. I don't know which apartment it was."

"Well, we can see if Tommy's home," she offered.

"No, no. This isn't it. I'll just keep looking. Thanks."

Rainbow walked off down the hall, slowly, looking at the carpet and listening intently. He continued on to the second floor of the building, and paused briefly in front of another apartment where two men were talking about the meeting coming up this Monday night. However, they did not make any comments about Timmy - or Keith.

As Rainbow was walking away from this conversation, someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned to see two Lone Star officers standing there.

"Can we help you, sir?" the darker officer asked. "We understand you lost your wallet."

Rainbow looked at them, momentarily confused. "Oh, yes."

"Can we get your name, please?"

"What? Yes. Carl Manson."

"Would you mind coming outside with us, Mr. Manson?"

"Oh, sure," Rainbow responded, gesturing for them to lead the way.

They walked down the stairs and outside before the officers began asking questions again. They got a description of the wallet, and assured Rainbow that there was no mark that looked like a birthmark in the carpet in the building. Rainbow was politely asked to leave, and informed that if the wallet was found, he would be contacted.

Rainbow left and proceeded to the last property listed for the Illuminated Order in the Sydney area. This property was an older home with a large, vine covered, white, wooden fence around the perimeter. It sat on a ridge overlooking the South Pacific across the street from the Prince of Whales Hospital and Medical Center in Randwick. Since he could not reasonably park in front of the hospital and watch the property, he parked a few blocks away and deployed his drone. He then walked down to the property himself and looked to see what he could see walking by that he could not see with a fly-by from the drone or a drive by in the van. Unfortunately, though he took several passes over the property with the drone over the next several hours, he did not see anyone come or go from this property.

By Monday afternoon, Giggy had everyone up to speed on his flower delivery plan, hoping to take one or more prisoners and torture them until they revealed the location of Timmy.

Giggy and Rainbow went to the flower shop and picked up the flowers, then Sonny, Michelle, and Nova met them on the way to the Newtown Center in Michelle and Sonny's cars, and they proceeded to the Center in three vehicles. When they got there, Giggy made sure everyone had their radios on, and got out of the van to go inside and find out where the meeting room was. Michelle and Nova followed Sonny over to meet Rainbow at the side door of the van.

Rainbow opened the door and Sonny leaned forward to grab a bunch of flowers.

There was a loud report from a gunshot, and Sonny dropped to the ground.

Nova scrambled for the van, while Rainbow tried to get Sonny in. Michelle ran for the door to the convention center.

Another shot hit Rainbow in the left arm, but he and Nova were able to get Sonny into the van. Rainbow scrambled over nova to get to the front of the van and jacked back in. While he deployed his turret, there was another shot, which hit Nova while she was closing the door.

Rainbow immediately took down one of the gunmen on the roof with his minigun, while deploying his drone from the back of the van.

Michelle and Giggy, now inside ran toward the conference room. They stopped short, not wanting to cross the doorway.

The second gunman on the roof was making a dash for the rear of the building and the access ladder when Rainbow's drone crested the building. Rainbow sent the drone to crash into the gunman, knocking him off his feet and knocking him unconscious.

Once this gunman was down, Rainbow recalled the drone and parked it back inside the van.

Inside, Giggy peaked around the doorway. He saw one man kneeling behind a table to the left of the doorway - as long as they did not cross the door or enter the room, he would not be able to shoot them. He didn't see anyone else in the room. Realizing he was unarmed, he looked around for something to use as a weapon. He spotted the fire extinguisher on the wall next to the directory sign he and Michelle has just passed and headed back for it. Michelle drew her Predator.

Once the two gunmen were no longer shooting at them, Nova grabbed one of Sonny's guns out of his ankle holster and grabbed Giggy's shotgun off the front seat, opened the door and ran into the building after Giggy and Michelle.

Rainbow, still jacked in, climbed in back of the van and hooked Sonny up to the stabilization unit. Almost at once he had Sonny's bleeding under control.

Nova ran in and turned the corner just to see a shot come through the wall and into Michelle's shoulder. Giggy ran past Michelle and fired the fire extinguisher into the room.

"Giggy!" Nova sharply whispered as she ran up.

Giggy saw her with his shotgun and threw the fire extinguisher into the conference room, turning to catch the shotgun Nova was tossing to him. They could hear someone swearing in the room.

Giggy took the gun, slid the choke open, pointed it into the room, vaguely toward the left, and fired. They heard the swearing stop, and someone drop to the ground.

Giggy, Nova, and Michelle all surveyed the room. There was no evidence of anyone else in there. The bloody body at their feet in the yellow and white fire retardant, with the pool of blood growing from under it indicated that there was little chance of him answering questions.

"Guys," Rainbow's voice came over the radio, "there's sirens approaching. They're still a ways away, and in this traffic, they aren't moving fast, but neither will we."

Giggy, Michelle, and Nova ran back outside. Nova jumped into the van, while Michelle got into her own car. Giggy looked at the van, then at Sonny's empty car, and ran over to Sonny's car.

"Meet at Samoan Joe's in two hours," Giggy said over the radio as he pulled out.

The three of them pulled into traffic and headed off in different directions. After a couple of minutes, Rainbow was distracted by a light flashing in his eyes. He blinked an looked over to see they were being paralleled by a DocWagon ambulance. The man in the passenger set of the ambulance had a high powered flashlight in one hand, and was pointing to the shoulder of the road with the other. Rainbow slowed down and pulled over.

"We're here for Sonny," the EMT said. "He has an extraction contract."

"Yeah," Nova said, leaning over Rainbow's lap and showing plenty of bloody cleavage, "he's in back and for now, he's stable. I've got a contract too, do you think you could spare a minute to look at this?"

Over limited protesting from Rainbow, the EMT treated Nova. Then took Sonny, stabilization unit and all into their ambulance. "You can pick up your equipment or a replacement at our facility in 24 hours," the EMT said, getting back into the ambulance before they took off through the traffic.

Sonny spent the next 22 days in in the DocWagon hospital recovering from his wounds.

So, what's next?

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