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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, November 30th, 2006

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November 30th, 2006, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Rainbow headed over to Jake's one afternoon for a friendly game of chess. When he got there, he headed into the clinic, because Jake was almost always in the clinic unless he had a reason to be somewhere else.

When he walked in, he could see Jake, with his back to the door, talking to a tall, red-headed elf with some kind of scroll-work looking tattoo on his face. The elf had a very subdued manner, especially for someone so young, but a very striking appearance. He seemed to almost glare at Rainbow for a moment before Jake noticed that Rainbow had come in.

"Rainbow," Jake started with the introductions. "This is Nigel. He's just come in from London.

"Nigel, this is Rainbow, a sometimes good customer.

"Rainbow, Nigel's a mage, so I thought you might want to get to know him, since your other friend has been gone for a while...

"Nigel, why don't you join us upstairs for a bit. I can take turns beating you two at chess."

Rainbow followed Nigel and Jake into Jake's apartment over the clinic and sat at the table while Jake got out a couple of beers.

"So," Rainbow started, "you travel a lot?"

"Not too much," Nigel replied.

"Well, what brings you to Sydney?"

"A need to not be in London."

"Would you be interested in India?" Rainbow asked as Jake returned to the room.

Jake sat t the table and started setting up the chess board. "I would be interested, Rainbow, in knowing if you and your friends might be interested in helping us out a bit."

Rainbow looked sidelong at Nigel, then back to Jake. "What is it?"

"Fifty K to divert a package across town."

"I can talk to people, but lets play, all right?"

Rainbow called Giggy after he left Jakes (after losing a game of chess), and let him know about the opportunity - and Nigel. They decided that they wanted to meet with Jake to get more information and that they also wanted to meet with Nigel first to see if they wanted to get involved with him. Whether you need a mage or not, you don't want to fall in with the wrong people...

The meet with Jake was set for 9pm at the Split Rail, so they decided to get together with Nigel at 8 at the same place.

Rainbow picked Nigel up in front of the Beverly Park Golf Club and took him to the Split Rail. The Split Rail was a somewhat seedy looking bar on an arterial next door to one of the old light rail to tube conversion stations in Hurstville, near the Bexley Golf course. When Rainbow and Nigel walked in, Sonny and Giggy were already up at the bar, and Giggy was examining a green shot. Michelle and Nova were making their way to a table near the dart boards when they spotted Rainbow and waved him over.

Nigel followed Rainbow over to the two women, and Giggy and Sonny joined them shortly.

"So," Giggy asked, "what brings you to Sydney?"

"I really had to get out of Europe."

"Rainbow said you were from London, I haven't been back there for years. We'll have to talk about old haunts and what's left of the dome some time," Giggy responded. "So what have you done the last couple of years?"

"Well," Nigel replied, "I've mostly been locked up."

"Really?" Michelle asked. "What did you get nailed for?"

"Not really incarcerated... More institutionalized. I had some issues. But that's been dealt with."

"So, how'd you learn magic?" Sonny asked.

"One of the doctors, Jake's friend, helped me with that, then helped me out and got me down here."

They continued the small talk, and eventually a few games of darts over the course of the next hour.

At about five 'til nine, Michelle got up and got a new drink, and then walked back to the large booth in the back. A few minutes later Jake walked in and headed back to the booth. Sonny, Nova, and Nigel joined them shortly, and then, when they finished their game, Giggy and Rainbow followed.

"Tomorrow, between nine and midnight, there is a shipment coming in from Canberra. We need it diverted to 10833 East Yorktown in Blacktown," Jake said.

"How big is it?" Michelle asked.

"It's about a meter in length, and less than half a meter in height and width. It probably weighs about 120kg."

"What is it?" Nigel asked.

Michelle, Rainbow, and Sonny all glared at him. "You never ask what's in it, son," Giggy said.

"Who's hauling it?" Sonny asked.

"Can we assume you'll deliver?" Jake asked.

There was nodding from around the table.

"It's being hauled by a private courier - The Rondello Group."

Michelle pulled out her pocket secretary and looked them up to find out that they were reasonably secure, not not a high-end security transit group.

"When you deliver the package, ask for Carl. Tell him you have the package from Roberta. Carl will pay you.

"How will we be able to identify the package?" Giggy asked.

Jake slid over a piece of paper with a tracking number on it.

"Do you know where it's being shipped to?" Nova asked. "We'll need to try to figure out their route through town."

"Yes. Prince Henry Coast Hospital."

Jake finished his beer, got up, and left.

"If they're coming in from Canberra, they'll be coming in on the South Western Freeway. If we can choke that down from three lanes to one, we can just stop them there and get it taken care of easily," Rainbow said.

"So, we'll need an excuse for the blockage," Michelle suggested.

"Not really," Sonny replied, "you won't be able to see anything, it will be night. And whose going to look anyway. We just need some cones, some flashing lights, and a stop sign."

"Someone should also scope out the intended delivery location to see if that is a better place to grab the package," Giggy suggested.

"Why don't you come with me, Giggy," Sonny said, "and we'll check out the hospital, while the rest of you look into supplies."

Giggy and Sonny got up and left and Rainbow followed them, leaving Nigel at the table with Michelle and Nova.

When Rainbow got out to his van, he called James, his mechanic.

"James," he said, watching Giggy and Sonny pull out in Sonny's Eurocar, "could you get me a bunch of traffic cones?"

"What do you think I am, a fixer?" James asked. "I suppose I could, but you can probably get them at a better price through other channels. Do you want me to try to put you in touch with someone?"

"Oh, no," Rainbow replied, "i have someone else to try. Thanks."

Rainbow called John, to see if he had any of the supplies they needed.

"Hey, John, I'm looking for traffic cones," he said after the phone was answered.

"That's quite interesting," John replied. "Do you want cones, barrels, or little pylons?"

"If you can get them, barrels would be nicest."

"Of course. When do you want them?"

"Tomorrow at 5."

"Oh, really?" John queried. "That changes things. Tomorrow by 5 I can have ten traffic barrels barrels. Anything else you need?"

"Yeah, what's the price on those?"

"Thousand each. That is rush delivery on something very bulky."

"How about cones or pylons?"

"Cones I can't get for you in that time line, you'll have to go pick your own. Pylons, though, I can get as many as you want at about 30 each."

"What about reflective vests, helmets, and one of those hand held stop signs?"

"Vests and helmets at 50 a set. 180 for the sign."

"Cool. Get me the sign, two vests and helmets, and fifteen pylons."

Meanwhile, Michelle had asked Nova if she had a - or knew where to get a - police uniform.

"I have one," Nova replied, "but it's not that convincing."

"Would it pass from a distance?" Michelle asked.


"Here's what I'm thinking," Michelle started. "If you and I dress like police officers, we can pull the truck over and then while we keep the driver occupied, we can get the package out of the truck."

"So, how od we pull them over, and how do we get the package out of the truck if we're distracting them?"

"Well, you should be able to distract the driver, then I can get the package."

Michelle called her mechanic and was able to track down a removable flashing light that they could power from the cigarette lighter in the car.

Giggy and Sonny drove over to Prince Henry Coast Hospital and looked around. It was close enough to the coast that they could drive the package down to the water, get it on the boat, then float it into the harbor and then upriver to Blacktown, transfer it to a truck and drive it to the drop point.

The security for the hospital seemed pretty reasonable at first glance, but Giggy wanted to be sure. despite the fact that it was after 10pm, he walked in the front door. The receptionist, Shaunna, greeted him.

"Hi there," Giggy started. "I need to bring my mother in for some tests, and she is really concerned about safety in hospitals. I'm sure you've seen the trid specials, and many of the horror movies that have come out recently."

"Yes," Shaunna said, "you can assure your mother that we take every precaution to insure the safety of our patients and staff. You can see that there are security personnel stationed at each entrance."

Giggy had already checked the security listing of the hospital and seen that it used Sydney Regional Security and Monitoring for security, rather than one of the larger contractors, but the security seemed more than accurate. Nothing had been reported on the facility for several months. "My m9other is also concerned about the quality of care and the competence of the staff," Giggy said matter-of-factly.

"Here's a brochure," Shaunna said, handing the paper over to Giggy. "This goes over all of our policies and procedures, as well as providing a complaint form should anything come up during your mother's visit. Please feel free to browse through that, as I think it will answer all of your questions."

"It would be a lot nicer to browse through over a cup of coffee with a nice girl like you. Would you like to grab a cup after your shift ends in the cafeteria down the hall?"

"That would be really nice, but I'm not off for another half hour, and then my boyfriend is picking me up. But the cafeteria is open if you would like to get a coffee for yourself."

Giggy went and got a coffee and then came back and continued to make small talk with Shaunna about the hospital, security, and the joys of her work. It was a relatively quiet night, so they did not run into any interruptions. Meanwhile, Sonny was able to scope out a couple of routes to the water, as well as double check the security.

They got back together and decided that they would first try Michelle and Nova's idea of just pulling the truck over and then keeping the driver distracted while unloading the cargo. Nova and Michelle would work on this, and Nova knew where to get another police outfit for Michelle.

If this did not work, then Rainbow and Nigel would be down the road a ways to get set up with a road block of sorts.

Giggy and Sonny would be waiting on Sonny's boat near the hospital, so if they were unable to get the package before that, they could hit them at the hospital and run the package down to the boat.

The next night, Michelle and Nova were set up in Michelle's car, in uniform and ready to go. After waiting for a couple of hours, they say the van go past, and Michelle put the light on the roof and pulled out of her hiding spot. Traffic was relatively low, so there was no problem in getting the truck to pull over.

When the truck pulled over, Michelle and Nova waited a minute in the car before Michelle looked to Nova and got out and started walking toward the truck. Nova then noticed the second truck pulling over behind them as she got out of the car.

"We've got a second truck," Nova said quietly over the radio, hoping that Rainbow was listening.

"You want us to come down there, or do you want to pass them on?" Rainbow asked.

"A hand here would probably do it."

"On my way."

Michelle looked across the car at Nova, and then turned to head to the truck that was behind them. Meanwhile, Nova came up on the truck in front.

As Nova approached the truck in front, the driver rolled down his window.

"That uniform doesn't look regulation," he said as Nova got to the window.

"Why don't you step out and take a look," Nova replied, opening the top two buttons on her uniform.

The driver got out of the truck and stepped toward Nova.

Meanwhiel, Michelle was not receiving as warm a welcome.

"Look, miss, you gonna' get back to your silly little car and let us go, or are we gonna' get rid of your silly little car so we can be on our way?" he aske, rolling down his window.

"Look, this shoudl just take a minute, and hten your friend will be on his way. You can go ahead and leave if you want to right now - just let me get out of your way."

The driver of the first truck reached out to grab Nova, but she nimbly maneuvered out of his way, lightly batting his hands away as she would an over-excited customer. She twisted around and finished unbuttoning her shirt, letting it fall open.

Michelle returned to her car, and began to open the door as the truck behind her started to pull out into traffic.

Nova rolled her shoulders and let her shirt fall to the ground. "Music woudl be nice," she called back to Michelle.

Michelle leaned into the car and turned on the stereo, blasting one of the latest club tunes, just as tehre ws a crash behind her.

A speeding motorist had failed to swerve to get out of the way of the truck pulling back into traffic, and had slamed into the side of the truck at full speed. Bits of glass and plastic lense came flying under the truck, clattering around Michelle's feet. Looking up, she saw that the truck had deployed a turret, which was now aimed at Nova.

"Rainbow, where are you, there's a gun on this turck," she said over the radio.

"I'm coming," he replied.

Michelle hadn't seen the passenger get out of the second truck, but now she saw him running back over to the back of the truck which was now stopped in traffic.

Rainbow now say the group of vehicles on the other side of the freeway. He slowed and got into the right lane, then dove across the median. he took a shot at the man running behind the trucks, then turned his attention to the thr truck in traffic. He straffed the window with minigun fire, but did nto see the driver.

Nova suddenly tured on the driver of the other truck, punching him twice in rapid succession. with her magical enhancements, that did significant damage. However, the fourth man had slid into the driver's seat of the front truck and started the engine again.

Michelle took a shot at the tire, past Nova and her target, only to discover that the truck was running with run-flats.

Rainbow got a clear shot at the driver of the front truck with the sniper rifle, and he was out of the equation.

Nigel turned himself invisible and ran to the back fo the second truck, but he didn't see the other man. he quickly ducked over to Michelle's car as Rainbow came aroudn back with his van.

Nova took another couple swings at her target, while Michelle ran to the back of the truck. Fortunately it was not locked, and she threw open the door. Jumping up into the truck, she was able to quickly find the package and identify it with the tracking id they had gotten from Jake.

Rainbow took another shot at the rear door of the second truck as he swung by just for good measure, then around into the ditch to where Michelle was struggling with the package.

Rainbow got out and helped her with the parcel, while Nova landed a final punch, dropping her opponent.

Nigel jumped back into the van and dropped his invisibility spell while Michelle got into her own car. She quickly pulled in the light and shut it off - the real cops would be here soon enough.

"Rainbow, pick me up in front of the truck," Nova said, heading that direction.

Michelle swung out into the ditch in her car - which was poorly suited to it - following Rainbow, and after picking up Nova, they headed down the freeway into Sydney.

Making sure they didn't have a tail, they headed up to Blacktown and delivered the package.

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