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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, December 7th, 2006

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December 7th, 2006, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Michelle received a call from one of Mr. Sama's secretaries, requesting her to have her group meet Mr. Sama at three that afternoon. Michelle promptly called Giggy, Sonny, and Nova, and the four of them prepared to head to the Hippogryph.

"What attire?" Nova asked when Michelle called her.

"Business casual," Michelle replied.

"OK," Nova replied excitedly.

"Wait," Michelle called before Nova hung up, "not your business."

"I know," Nova replied.

Michelle picked up Nova and they met Giggy and Sonny at the Hippogryph shortly before 3. They had ordered drinks and were sitting at the bar when Michelle jumped, almost spilling her drink on Giggy because Mr. Sama came and sat down next to her.

"We need you to pick up a visiting dignitary this evening at six and accompany him until you drop him off in Gosford tomorrow evening," Mr. Sama said.

"What is this dignitary's name?" Michelle asked.

"Nishio Makai."

"Where do we meet him?" Giggy asked.

"He is coming in on a cruise liner at the Pacific Adventure, Inc. pier in their facility."

"How much third party resistance or interference is expected?"

"None," Sama said, "of course."

"Is he expecting to come with us," Michelle asked, "or are we going to have to convince his current escort?"

"He will be expecting you."

The finished their drinks and left the club. Sonny took Nova back to her place to get ready,and Giggy rode with Michelle, sending his bikehome.

Nova and Sonny arrived at the location at about ten 'til six with a sign with Mr. Makai's name on it in both Japanese and English. They approached the one of the two large entry doors. As they walked up the side walk, they noticed that Michelle and Giggy had arrived a few minutes earlier and were already waiting by the door. They could see that the ship had arrived a few minutes early, and there were already throngs of people at the series of customs desks which ran down the center of the forty-foot wide room, waiting to be processed.

Nova raised her sign, and began to look around while Michelle admired the architecture through the doorway. The vaulted ceilings with the series of high arches atop internally buttressed walls was surprisingly echo-free.

Standing next to her, Sonny raised his hand to point to the group of Japanese men in business suits waiting at one of the customs desks, just as Nova noticed a problem.

"Oh, drek," she said, switching on her radio. "We're made. Two at the other door, one at the corner of the restaurant behind Sonny."

One of the men at the other door raised his gun and shot at Nova. The other shot and hit Sonny in the left shoulder. Sonny ducked and drew his pistol with the explosive rounds from his ankle holster.

Michelle turned to face their assailants and drew her gun from her purse. Sonny took a shot and dropped one of the samis. Nova turned and ran toward the man who had been standing at the corner of the building behind them.

The remaining guy at the other door shot Nova, but she shrugged it off. Michelle and Sonny both took shots at this guy, and he dropped.

Nova closed with her target and punched him as he drew his sword. Giggy took a shot at the swordsman past Nova and hit him in the leg. The swordsman sunk his blade into Nova's shoulder.

A limo pulled up to the curb at the end of the sidewalk and two guns popped out of its hood. Michelle was hit by gunfire from the limo. After a second shot hit her, she dropped prone in the scattering crowd. A security guard from the facility took a shot at the limo as Giggy began to run toward it.

A shot from the limo slowed Giggy, but not as much as the shot from a guard behind him who had just jumped over Michelle's body. There was additional gunfire inside the building.

Sonny took a shot at the swordsman again and missed, defacing the building behind. Nova punched the swordsman again, while Giggy slid up against the fender of the car, under the arc of its turrets. Another shot from the limo hit Nova.

The limo shot at the two guards that had come out of the building, and they both dropped, while one of Mr. Makai's current bodyguards, who had jumped over the customs desk shot Sonny. Two customs agents shot at this shooter, dropping him while another of Mr. Makai's bodyguards took down one of the customs agents.

another series of shots from the limo hit one of the bodyguards and a customs agent, while missing Sonny.

Michelle speed dialed Mr. Sama from her prone position. When the secretary answered, Michelle asked to be put through to Mr. Makai, but the secretary did not have a number to connect to, and Mr. Sama was unavailable.

The limo took a shot at Nova, but Nova was still able to land a final punch on the swordsman. The limo also took a shot at the second bodyguard and a customs agent, both of whom had come into the frame of the doorway above Michelle.

Giggy reached up from his position along the fender of the limo and was able to break one of the guns. Sonny fired a burst into the windshield of the limo, shattering it, and Giggy followed that with a grenade.

The limo again shot at Sonny and the remaining customs agent, then Giggy's grenade went off.

Michelle looked around as the gunfire seemed to stop. She cautiously got up and looked around. there were several bodies around, and people taking shelter where they could, just starting to look around and realize what happened.

Michelle summoned up as much dignity as she could, and applying pressure to the worst of her wounds, walked calmly over to where Mr. Makai had last been standing. She calmly put her gun back in her purse, then looked over the - not unstaffed - customs table to where Mr. Makai being held down by another Japanese man.

"Mr. Makai," Michelle said, "I'm Michelle. A business acquaintance sent me to pick you up this evening."

Mr. Makai looked at her blankly. The bodyguard looked at her sternly, leveling his gun.

"I'm here with Nova, Giggy, and Sonny," Michelle clarified.

"You are with Giggy-san?" Mr. Makai asked.


Mr. Makai signaled the bodyguard to lower his gun, and turning to him said, "If you will hand me my bags, you are dismissed. Thank you for your service."

Mr. Makai stepped through the turnstile and walked through the room with Michelle. They got outside and Sonny and Nova fell into step with them.

As they approached the curb, Giggy stood, and Nova took a shot across the parking lot.

"What was that?" Sonny asked, shocked.

"Mage," Nova replied. "I jut couldn't find him earlier."

Hearing that, Giggy and Sonny both took shots, seeing the mage's body heat against the shrubs behind him, and the mage dropped.

"Sorry about that Mr. Makai," Michelle coughed. "But we should now get you to your hotel."

Michelle and Giggy started across the parking lot with Mr. Makai between them.

"Maybe I should drive," Giggy said, looking at Michelle.

"Sure," Michelle said.

"We'll follow you," Sonny said as they got to the cars.

So, what is in store for next time...

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