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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, January 11th, 2007

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January 11th, 2007, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

They pulled out of the parking lot as Giggy asked Mr. Makai where he would like to go.

"It appears that you would need a hospital," he said, indicating Michelle.

"Yes," Giggy replied, "In due time. First we need to insure that you are somewhere safe."

"Then we should go to the hotel," Mr. Makai stated.

"Do you have reservations anywhere?" Giggy followed.

"Arrange for something."

"All right," Giggy replied, then switching on his radio, "Nova, find us a hotel."

"Sure," she replied.

Nova got out her pocket secretary and got online. She quickly tracked down a highly praised hotel and made reservations for an executive suite and an adjoining room. She then galled Nigel.

"Hey," she started when he answered, "could you meet us at the Harbor Overview Hotel? We could really use a healer."

"How urgently? It will take me a while to get there, my car's in the shop," Nigel replied.

"Well, the sooner you can be there the better."

"OK. I'll do what I can," Nigel hung up.

Nova got back on the radio, "I've got reservations for us under the name Smith at the Harbor Overview. Nigel's going to meet us there, but he said it will take him a while. His car's in the shop."

"OK," Giggy replied, "Let me work that out."

Giggy called Nigel and found out where he was. He then called Ming, and after a brief dissertation on the condition of the tiling in the kitchen, got her to give Nigel a ride. He called Nigel back, and gave him a description of Ming's Land Rover, as well as the license plates, and told him to wait there.

The two Eurocars arrived at the hotel, and Giggy got out and went in to check in. He extended their reservations for another day, and paid up front. Offering a tip to the clerk, he asked about the facilities, and checked on the availability of a discreet entrance.

Returning to the car with two keys for each room, he informed Michelle and Mr. Makai that they would have to enter through the main lobby.

They went up to the rooms, and Michelle excused herself to the smaller room to clean up while Giggy stayed in the larger suite with Mr. Makai.

Pacing around the room, Giggy saw Ming's car pull up out side, and Nigel get out. Nigel looked over his shoulder toward the car, then walked into the building looking a little dejected.

Giggy called Ming to thank her for picking up Nigel and bringing him to the hotel, but had to cut her short when the phone in the hotel room rang - the concierge was calling to let him know that they had a visitor, and that someone should come down to pick him up.

Giggy checked on the other room, but Michelle was still unavailable. He then gave Mr. Makai one of his Predators, making sure to give him the one with gel rounds. "I have to go let the mage past security downstairs. We will be right up," he said. "Feel free to shoot anyone else who comes in here."

"Who was that demon woman?" Nigel asked when Giggy got downstairs.

"That's a long story," Giggy began, as they headed back up in the elevator. "Right now, you need to take a look at Michelle. Sonny and Nova went to see Jake, but they should be back shortly."

They got up to the room, and Giggy slotted his passkey, then stepped aside and, signaling Nigel to do the same, opened the door. Peeking his head in, he decided it was safe, so he walked in. Nigel followed and shut the door behind.

"Nigel, Michelle's in there," Giggy said, gesturing toward the door to the other room.

Nigel looked at Mr. Makai and then walked through the door to the other room. He knocked on the door to the bathroom, and Michelle opened it, wearing one of the complimentary robes. Her bloodied business suit was lying in the tub.

Nigel took a look at her wounds, "Thos one doesn't look too bad," he said. "Lets start here." He spent the next fifteen minutes chanting and cleaning the wound, until he had erased it. Then he started on her other wound.

About an hour after they took off, Nova called Giggy, "we're on our way, we should be back shortly."

Giggy called the front desk and with an affected German accent, informed them that his business colleagues would be arriving shortly. The man at the desk thanked him for letting them know, and informed him that someone would call up as soon as they arrived.

"Well," Giggy said to the room at large, "at least we know the front desk doesnt let just anybody by."

Michelle called down to the concierge to have a nice kevlar-laced suit sent up from the hotel shop, while Nigel started looking into Giggy's wound.

Giggy answered in his German accent when the concierge called to let them know that Nova was there, but since Nigel wouldn't let him leave yet, sent Michelle down to get her. Since her clothing had not arrived, Michelle went down in her robe, but she made sure to take her handgun with her.

When Michelle's clothing arrived, they decided to go to dinner. Mr. Makai wanted French food, so they got a couple of recommendations from the concierge and hired a limo.

They spent dinner with Michelle and Nova trying to cover for Nigel's lack of tack and etiquette in Mr. Makai's presence. Then Mr. Makai recommended that they adjourn to the club where Nova worked. They got back in the limo and Giggy called Sonny to join them. It was late when they returned to the hotel, and Sonny returned to his boat.

The next day they woke late, had breakfast sent up to the room - which Giggy inspected carefully, then went to the zoo in the rain. They took turns holding Mr. Makai's umbrella.

While wandering the zoo for the afternoon, they decided that they would head to Gosford separately.

When Mr. Makai declared that it was time to go, they returned to to hotel, but Sonny again returned to his boat. Nova walked up to the concierge and requested that a limo be called. They went up to the room.

Sonny called when he was on his way, and Nigel turned Mr. Makai and his bags invisible. They walked into the bar and took a seat at a table, where Nigel was visible from the door. Sonny pulled up to the private dock behind the hotel, and informed the dock watch that he had a delivery for a guest.

Sonny walked into the lobby of the hotel and into the bar. When Nigel saw him, he walked up, took an envelope from Sonny, and allowed the invisible Mr. Makai to take Sonny's arm. Sonny left the lobby and went back outside with his hands in his pocket, and Nigel watched until he was in the boat again.

"If you're not inside, tell me now," Sonny said as he prepared to close the canopy of the boat after disengaging from Mr. Makai toward the end of the dock."

"I'm in," Mr. Makai said from nowhere. "Where should I sit."

"Take the far seat," Sonny said, "Then I know where you are."

Of course, Sonny didn't have to be concerned for long. As the canopy closed and the boat pulled away, Mr. Makai became visible.

Back in the hotel room, Michelle and Nova got Giggy looking as much like Mr. Makai as they could. when Nigel got back, they went downstairs. The concierge had already called to let them know that their limo was ready.

Nigel and Giggy got into the limo, and Nova and Michelle got into Michelle's Eurocar. The two vehicles headed to Gosford, the limo following Michelle.

"Where do we need to go in Gosford?" Michelle asked over the radio.

"I don't know," Giggy replied. "When we get closer, we'll have to call Sonny and find out where he's docking and where we need to drop Mr. Makai."

On the boat, Mr. Makai asked, "How long will it take us to get to Gosford?"

"We could be there in another ten minutes," Sonny replied as they cruised along the coast, "but I need to hear from Giggy or Michelle to know when to dock."

"Where will you be docking?"

"I'll probably use a private dock about two kilometers south of Gosford, on the west side of the bay."

Mr. Makai picked up his phone and made a call. When he hung up, he turned to Sonny, "Be there in ten minutes."

Sonny shrugged, "OK."

They sped north through the bay. As Sonny slowed down to approach the dock, he saw four people standing at the end of the dock.

"You know these people?" he asked.

"we'll see," Mr. Makai replied.

They reached the dock and Sonny opened the canopy. Mr. Makai immediately got out and started down the dock. Sonny threw a lop over the nearest bracket and jumped out after him, calmly drawing his gun.

The people at the end of the dock were two human men and two ork women. The women were heavily armed. One of them, obviously seeing Sonny draw a weapon, casually hefted her much larger fire arm and smiled at Sonny. Her tusks make the smile look almost like a sneer.

Sonny's phone rang. He looked from Mr. Makai to the two orks, as one of the humans approached Mr. Makai.

"This had better be important," Sonny said quietly, answering the phone.

"Sonny, it's Giggy," Giggy said cheerily over the phone, "where do you want us to meet you?"

"Give me a minute," Sonny said and dropped the phone into his pocket.

Mr. Makai was talking to one of the men. They bowed to each other, and Mr. Makai turned around and handed Sonny a credstick.

"You may go," he said.

"Thank you," Sonny replied and got back into his boat. Pulling in te line and closing the canopy, he turned around and headed back out into the inlet.

"We're done," he said into the phone, picking it back out of his pocket.

"What do you mean, 'we're done'?" Giggy asked.

"Mr. Makai has been picked up and we have been paid. See you back home."

"Well," Giggy said over the radio after he hung up, "find someplace to drop me off."

Nova found a reasonably likely and reasonably public building, and gave Michelle directions to it. They pulled over in front of it, and Giggy and Nigel got out and headed into the building. Nova got our and went back and paid the limo driver. The limo pulled out to return to Sydney, and Nova got back in Michelle's car. They drove around for a few minutes, then returned to pick up Giggy, looking a little more like himself, and Nigel, then returned to Sydney.

So... what's next?

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