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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

Alternate Wednesdays from about 6 to about 11:30

Cost: Pitch in for Pizza

Regular Location:
Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

About the Game:

This is a fast and loose SRII game set in Australia, primarily in Sydney, though travel has been an option. We currently have a Giggy, a Physical Adept, Rainbow, a Rigger, Michelle, a Street Samauri, Nigel, an elven Street Mage, Jack, and troll Physical Adept, and Atilius, an elven Physical Adept.

Check out the history of this game in the calendar to get an idea of what play is actually like (between bouts of random silliness and an overabundance of derailments...).

Here are song lyrics about this game form one of the players:

I'm no good at asking questions,
I'm no good at finding clues,
nor disguise nor stealth nor business
but I'm not singing the blues.

I don't waste my time complaining,
I don't waste my karma too.
I spend all my actions aiming,
Turning bad guys' heads to goo.

I kill him! I kill him!
I shoot him in the head.
I kill him! I kill him!
I make him really dead.

Someone threatens good ol' Buckwheat,
Someone points a gun at me,
Someone casts a spell at Giggy,
I make him dead, you see.

I shoot him in the mellon,
I shoot him in the heart,
I shoot him in the stomach,
Making entrails into art

I kill him! I kill him!
Don't even need to aim.
I kill him! I kill him!
I never shoot to maim.

( Bridge )
Some people call it overkill,
They don't like my caliber,
But I'll keep shooting, yes, I will.
At the bad guys far and near.

I've no need of Giggy's contacts,
I've no need of Buckwheat's spells.
I've no need of Michelle's money,
Or what Timmy does, as well.

My trusty van is over there,
Sitting in that parking lot,
Its turret's always free and clear
and it really hit ths spot!

I kill him! I kill him!
Until the ammo's gone.
I kill him! I kill him!
And soon the battle's done.

I kill him! I kill him!
This is the job I do.
I kill him! I kill him!
Turning bad guy's heads to goooooooooo!!

Lyrics/poetry by Phil DeKoning

And another set of lyrics, this time to the tune of Rainbow Connection.

Why are there so many jokes about Rainbow
And all of those guys who died?
Rainbow's a rigger, and there's no confusion
That van is sure hard to hide.

There goes his drone, and those rockets which leave it
It causes such terror to see
To each he extends out his eager protection
The phys-ad, the street sam, and me.

Of tact and subtlety, I don't think he's heard
He's happy just driving a car
His charisma is fine for him, and he believes it
It's worked out for him, so far.

It's so amazing, to see his gun blazing
He's smiling and laughing with glee
Each day he is there to give us all protection
They phys-ad, the street sam, and me.

All of us give him such hell
And yet when he leaves it'll be tragic.

Have you been angry and questioned his choices?
But he is not always to blame
After all, he is still around, not playing a sailor
I guess he's not bad at the game.

He's rescued me and I really adore it
He'll always be there, wait and see
I'll always be happy to have his protection
The phys-ad, the street sam, and me.

Lyrics/poetry by Luke Renner.

Characters we have lost:

  • Bob(Tim), a very complicated chemist.
  • Ben, an elven, um..., psychaitrist.
  • Nova, a Physical Adept stripper.
  • Timmy, a drunken frat-boy who may have eventually become a Street Samurai. Lost to a successful recruitment meeting into a religious cult.
  • Micky, a bodyguard-type Street Samurai. Lost to his player moving to another state.
  • Quicksilver, another Rigger. Lost to his player moving to another state - and even though his player is back, we got a cool new character out of it.
  • Buckwheat, another Street Shaman. Also lost to his player moving to another state.
  • Quithus, yet another Street Shaman. Quithus was only temporarily part of this campaign, while his player was visiting Bozeman for a couple of months...
  • Raven, a Street Samurai. Lost to a Triad cranial bomb.

There are currently 0 upcoming sessions of The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun scheduled.

Rules Modifications:

The game is pretty fast and loose, so lots of things get changed all the time, depending on how much time I want to dedicate to figuring out how to do something right.

One change I have made is that Physical Adepts get to a point of magic to apply to adapt abilities as soon as they initiate. In other words, an uninitiated phys-ad gets magic rating points, but an initiated phys-ad gets magic rating+initiate grade+1 points, as opposed to only getting magic rating+initiate grade as described in the Grim II and SRII.

Game Details:


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