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Power, Politics and Magic - Live Action in Harnworld

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

Cost: Free

Regular Location:
U of M Roleplayer's Club (University of Montana)
32 Campus Drive
Room 11 (In the basement)
Missoula, MT 59802

Larger map and driving directions

The Liberal Arts building is just off the Oval. (The building shaped like an E.

We use the East Entrance! If the doors are locked there should be instructions on who to call, and where the nearest phone is pasted on the door. In winter months we DON'T recommend coming early, as weather may be poor and it can be a cold snowy wait.

The main stairs to the basement is is in the center of the building, there is a side set of stairs on the east end behind the Coke machine.

About the Game:

Live action politcs in teh Harn Fantasy world. Uses a homebrew LARP system somewaht based on Over the Edge.

There are currently 0 upcoming sessions of Power, Politics and Magic - Live Action in Harnworld scheduled.

Rules Modifications:

Live Action

Game Details:


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