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Zoe: The Faery Return

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Friday nights; approx. 7pm-12m

Cost: --

Regular Location:
Scott's House
6937 Green Meadow Drive
Helena, MT 59602

Interstate 15 to Exit 200 (Lincoln Road, HWY 279), West on Lincoln Road to Green Meadow Drive (4-way flashing light. about 1.5 mi W of I-15).

Left onto Green Meadow Drive. Straight about 1.5 mi to 6937 Green Meadow Drive (number is on mailbox).

From Helena, go West on Custer Avenue to Green Meadow Drive. Turn right onto Green Meadow (Capital High is on SW corner of intersection). Drive 4.7 mi to house (0.7mi from MilePost 4 on Green Meadow).

About the Game:

Berkeley, Calif., 1990:
The Faery have returned to a world in peril. The Fae have allied with Gnostic orders worldwide to thwart those who would plunge the world back into the abyss of the Dark Gods, and a return to the Wars of Religion.

No "sugar plum fairies", just determined Fae with guns! Some Cthulu Mythos, lots of Manichean and Mithraic back story. Imagine John Constantine (HellBlazer) working with Galadriel (LOTR) That is the feel of this campaign.

Beginners welcome!

There are currently 0 upcoming sessions of Zoe: The Faery Return scheduled.

Rules Modifications:

Sanity levels as per DSM Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF). Have fun role playing this ;-) Chart/details available at sessions.

House-rules magic system. Mana based, spells based on many sources including Western Ceremonial magic.

Game Details:


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