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Harnmaster - The Six Sisters/Space 1889

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

10:00 AM Once a month


Regular Location:
Greg's House
1114 Hollins Ave
Helena, MT 59601

Drive to Carroll College. Turn north on Benton, driving by the college, then turn west onto Hollins and drive until you are one and a half blocks past the elementary school. It is the BLUE house, with a hedge.

About the Game:

A once a month gathering of gamers from all around South West Montana. The game actually consists of two sessions run by different GMs. Currently, Greg is doing HARN and Kirsten is running space 1889.

There are currently 0 upcoming sessions of Harnmaster - The Six Sisters/Space 1889 scheduled.

Rules Modifications:

Greg has added a few rules to account for high Harn skills and giv eth game a slightly more high fantasy feel. These include: Additional abilities for stats above 18 Called Shot rules Player options for MLs above 95

Game Details:


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