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What is the Privacy Policy for the Montana Role-Playing Calendar?

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All these forms ask for my email address, and I am concerned about my email address getting on spammer's lists. What is my email address used for and who does it get shared with?


There are several places where the calendar will ask for your email address: when you ask a question, when you request information, when you create an admin account, and when you subscribe for game or campaign notifications.

When you ask a question, your email address is required so that an answer can be sent back to you when I get a chance to answer questions.

When you request information about a game or campaign, your email address is required so that the member the question is sent to can respond to you. This is the only time when your email address will be given out to other users - when you specifically send a request to a member about one of their games.

When you create a member account, your email address is required. This email address is used for several purposes.

  1. This is the address to which your activation code will be sent to. Without this activation code, you will be unable to activate your member account.
  2. The email address associated with your member account will also be used to send you a notification two days before a session of any game that you have privileges to edit. This reminder is sent so that you can make sure that the information about this game session is correct and to give you an opportunity to update this information before any subscribed individuals receive their reminders the day before the session.
  3. Reminders are also sent to gaming event and game session owners the day after a session of any game that they have privileges to edit. This reminder is sent to remind you to log in and update the previous day's session with some information about what happened and to allow you to enter your next session if you have not done so, or to update your next session if necessary.
  4. This email address is also used to send daily notifications if comments have been posted to any games, events, or game sessions you have privileges to edit.

To quit receiving reminders before and after game sessions, you will need to have your account removed by the calendar administrator, remove your permissions to edit those games, or quit scheduling games in the calendar. This email address is also used to send your password to you if you loose the password.

When you subscribe to receive reminders before sessions of a specific game, your email address is required so that you can receive these email reminders. If anyone tries to use your email address to subscribe you to a game, you will be immediately sent a notification by email and this notification will include your password so that you can update your information. You will also be sent notifications if anyone alters your subscription account - other than deleting it. To quit receiving game notifications before sessions of a game, you can update your profile to not include some or all games, or you can delete your profile at You can also have the calendar administrator remove your profile. Game administrators or GM's can also send messages to their players through the admin interface. The game owners cannot see the addresses they are sending email messages to, the message is sent blind.

Other than as noted above, email addresses are not shared or distributed.